8 Organizing Life Hacks That Won’t Kill Your Style

Before I get into today’s post, can I just say that I love your guts!  Like seriously!  You guys overwhelmed me with your comments on yesterday’s post.  You filled me up with love and encouragement, and I feel so much more confident about which direction I want to go with my blog….which is basically…..don’t change a thing! :)
I love that you love hearing from my heart, because those are my favorite posts to write.  And I love that you like to read a mixture of posts.  Me too!  So I am just going to keep plugging on, doing what I do, and sharing it with you.  
And I pray that you know how much you are treasured in my heart.  Many of you said when you read my posts, you feel like you are talking to an old friend!  How cool is that?!!  ‘Cause when I’m writing to you, I feel like I am talking to my dear friends too!
Okay, so I’m excited about the new year now, and I THANK YOU!!
Now to today’s post….
With the New Year hear, I’m focusing on keeping organized, but doing it in style.  I love a clean home where everything has it’s place… and sometimes for that to happen, you have to get creative in what you use.  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite “life hacks” to show you some organizing ideas that don’t compromise your home’s style. 


Keep the kitchen counter clutter away with a charing station for all iPhone, iPads and other electronics. Plus, if you’ve got little ones, this will ensure all electronics are kept out of the bedrooms at night.

Style tip: Pick a basket or this organizing DIY project that is the same as the hardware on your cabinets. (Typically black, silver or gold) |Found on Hometalk 

9616daf23c87e44871d176e0ad1943a7Turn a file sorter into a hand and wash towel holder in the linen closet of your bathroom.

Style tip: Go with a metal file sorter, it will hold up longer than plastic and will give a clean look. | Found on Goodhousekeeping.com


Don’t miss the tiny space behind your bathroom doors to hold towels. As the momma of four boys, I know towel hanging space is prime real estate in keeping organized.

Style tip: Much like the charging station basket, pick towel rods that are the same as the other hardware in your bathroom. | Found on SASINTERIORS.NET.


You might have seen how I’ve used pegboard in my office craft closet, but for the kitchen, the possibilities of keeping organized are unlimited! 

Style tip: Paint the pegboard a darker color that pairs well with your kitchen.  Using a darker color paint will help hide the scratches and wear from all the use. | Found on huffingtonpost


All the men rejoice with this organizing “hack”! Keep your clutches and small handbags organized with a kitchen pot lid rack. | Found on buzzfeed


Go vertical with your bathroom counter.  Add a tiered tray to hold all the little things that usually get left on the bathroom counter space.

Style tip: Add an accent color to your bathroom with this tiered tray to bring a pop of color to the space.| Found on lizmarieblog 


Add a magnetic strip to hold all the bobby pins and little grooming tools.

Style tip: Paint the magnetic bar strip any color you’d like! | Found on diyready.com


Ladder up! Who knew storing bathroom towels could get so easy. | Found on funkyjunkinteriors.net 



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  1. Great ides Traci! We have a pegboard hung in our kitchen with all of our pots & pans on it. We love it! I am going to get a metal mail sorter for our washcloths and hand towels.

    God Bless!

  2. Thanks for all the great tips. I love the metal file holders for wash cloths and hand towels! The magnetic strip was cool too.
    God Bless, Melesa

  3. I am in desperate need of some organizing around the house!!! Thank you for these great tips that also look great.

  4. These are great! I have been on an organizing frenzy this year. That clutch organizer sooo stinking cute!! I don’t have that many clutches, but I sure thought the idea was fantastic. I finally purged a bunch of handbags and I am down to three total. That’s really more than I need.

    Thanks for sharing these ideas sweet friend.

    Marilyn C.

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