DIY Island Ideas for Small Kitchens!

I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest these days and seeing so many adorable kitchen island carts and little bar seating areas.  While I don’t quite have room in my kitchen for one, I just had to share with you all the amazing little ideas and creative storage solutions I’ve been finding. 

My favorite of favorites is this idea of adding a rolling cart that functions as an island with seating as well as storage… because who doesn’t need an extra drawer or two in their kitchen? And a quick spot for the little ones to have breakfast on school days while you pack lunches? 

I’ve seen so many of these in the stores, but for my DIY loving friends, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites! 

(Plus, don’t miss the end of this post, I’m sharing some of the latest open shelving snapshots I’ve been having my eye on lately!)


Build your own kitchen island from two sofa tables and a countertop. This custom solution sports plenty of storage, plus DIY bragging rights.  || Source 


FREE build plans for this DIY Kitchen Island with Trash Storage || Source

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.31.04 AM

Similar to a cart that IKEA sells, you can build your own! || Source


For a little extra seating, add a pop up top with a few colorful bar stools underneath.  Talk about a DIY project for any budget! || Source


Dreamy views out your window each morning? I love it! 




And could I even talk about kitchens without mentioning open shelving? I didn’t think so either… We know I’m no stranger to loving open shelves in my kitchen. 

Here’s quite a few designs for you to DIY in your home! || Source




This is one of the first times I’ve seen open shelving for your pots and pans… I’m LOVING IT! 


White on white on white… so fresh and clean! 


It’s amazing how these vintage candle sticks and small prints bring this space to life! 

What other DIY solutions have you found to work for your small kitchen? Comment below! 


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Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.49.41 AM


  1. I love islands, but I don’t love open shelving in the kitchen!
    All I would see is clutter and the dust on it would stress me out as well!

  2. ..I love doing this…DIY kitchen island.. . I have done a few myself, and I did another one for my kitchen just last year…even though I am STILL searching for the right ” top ‘ for it…lol. ( you can see some of it on Facebook, The Weathered Barn Studio) I like open shelving in the kitchen, although not for EVERYTHING. lol I believe open shelving/ display space breaks up what could otherwise be ‘ boring’ and brings ones’ personality and decor choices in play , to enliven the room.

  3. I don’t have room for an island either but these sure make me wish I did! Thanks for sharing, they are inspiring. Have a blessed day!

  4. That one in the window!!!! LOVE! do one in the upstairs for the boys room so they can do homework (or not, wink!) gazing out into your beautiful yard!

  5. I honestly can not even read one of your posts any more. There is no flow because of the ad between every few sentences & the ad at the bottom of every picture, & the ad at the top, bottom, middle, sides…. etc. Etc. Have you ever gone onto your blog from a device & tried to read it? And your posts aren’t worth it any more quite frankly. Wish you well. Your end dollar is obviously more important than any kind of quality post any more. I’m officially done coming here after several years as a faithful reader.

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