Small Town, Big Dreams (And a great adoption update!)

Hey friends!  Today has been a great day!

I was on my way to watch Eli perform in his second grade program at 9:00 this morning, when I got a GREAT email from our adoption coordinator.

Basically, the Ministry of Welfare got the updated medical diagnosis on our girl (which we have been waiting for,) and the Orphan’s Court decided on May 3rd that it is in the “best interests of the girl to be adopted in the Hutcherson family!”

So now, we are basically waiting on our referral and travel dates!  YAY!!  This is HUGE and GREAT NEWS on our girl’s 9th birthday!  We also got to call her at her boarding school and talk to her today!  She was so excited to talk to us!

We are feeling so grateful and hopeful today!  Thank you for your continued prayers!


Today I wanted to share with you a sweet little segment our local FOX channel did on Jonathan last night.  It is super fun to relive his time on NBC’s The Voice and dream with him about his future.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.52.19 PM

I thought you might enjoy seeing my family “in real life.”  :)   It’s only about 4 minutes long, so I hope you enjoy it.




  1. Traci, such great news!!! Of course, we could have told them long ago that it’s in her best interests to be adopted by your family! She could not have a better birthday present. Continued prayers that things come together smoothly and quickly from here on.

  2. Praise the Lord! Such good news. Between that and the sweet video I can’t help but tear up. You have such a sweet family.

  3. Awesome news about your daughter and awesome story on Jonathan. I don’t know how it can get any better today but I pray that it does.

  4. So happy to hear about your adoption. Wow!! Praise God. Can’t wait to see this continue to unfold. Great video about Jonathan too. I’m quite sure God has plans for your young man ;-)

  5. WOW!!! What a God given gift!! So… much to Thank God for!! You have a great family- that is soon going to be GREATER ;)))

  6. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! God is so great! I’m so excited for you and just praising the Lord in my chair!

    Wonderful story about Jonathan.


  7. Your entire family is an inspiration. Been following the makeovers, adoption, Johnathan’s success and the highs and lows. Love your spirit! Music is GOD’s instrument and it will lead him where he needs to be.
    So glad you are getting a girl in the mix of all the testostorone! All a blessing. Keep posting. Keep praying. – Carolyn

  8. Praise the Good Lord on your wonderful adoption news….I am praying daily that this work out according to God’s Plan for you..

    And the news story on Johnathan’s story was absolutely wonderful..I feel this young man is going places…Sending all my love, prayers & blessings to you & your wonderful & beautiful family …To God Be The Glory

  9. That was such a good news story. I pray all jonathan’s dreams come true! So excited for you hopefully your girl will be home soon. Im praying 🙏🏿

  10. Yes, yes, YES!! I am so glad, Traci. Lord, open the doors wide so that the Hutchersons can travel soon and bring home the other member of their family!

    LOVE the story about Jonathan. Such fun it is to see doors opening for him all over. I know you’re proud of all five of your children!

    Love you!

  11. You are so blessed. What a beautiful story, family and your son’s are amazing. Your family is in my prayers and I’m praying for your daughter as well..

  12. What amazing and wonderful news. I’m so happy for your family. God is so good and bigger than all our hopes and dreams. It was fun to hear more about Jonathan also. He’s such a good kid, praying that God will open up doors for him to use his gift for music to glorify Him even more. Hugs and blessings. :)

  13. Happy happy days ahead. I am so thankful your adoption is now on the go. I watched Jonathon. Very polite young man and cute.

  14. Such great news! Can’t wait until she is yours forever! What a blessed little girl to be loved by your family!

    It will be fun to watch Jonathan in the next few years to see exactly where his talent will take him.

    One of the preschoolers I taught in Sunday School, landed the lead in the Ms. Saigon revival in London, before she finished high school! The show will be opening on Broadway in 2017 and she will once again play the lead. Her name is Eva Noblezada. I said all that, to say that Jonathan has a great chance to make it BIG in music IF that is the path God has chosen for him.

  15. Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. (Ephesians 3:20 Thank you God that it is your good pleasure to give us the kingdom, the desires of our heart as we seek your kingdom we need not be ashamed or intimidated to ask of you the things we desire as long as we are obedient to your word. God is blessing your family!!!

  16. Sooooo very happy for you & your families great news on your daughter. Great video on Jonathan.

  17. Ah Traci! This is the best blog update EVER! Answered prayers about your girl, so excited for you all. I have a great feeling the rest will all fall into place now.

    I also want to say I LOVED the Fox 56 news interview, they did such a GREAT job on it! Way to go Fox news! I think they so captured Jonathan’s true spirit and who he really is, it was just perfect in every way. I loved how he sweetly blushed when the reporter asked him about “girls”. I shared it on my FB and so many of my friends at work saw it too, very, very cool! Love you all!!

  18. I got all teary about your adoption news AND the video of Jonathan!!! Looking forward to your family adding a daughter and also can’t wait to see what Jonathan does with his life. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I love reading your blog, Traci; your love for family & God shine brightly! Thank you for sharing the FOX piece. Your son is precious! And the news of your daughter’s adoption made me clap for you.
    Sending love & continued prayers from SD,

  20. Hi Traci, what wonderful news about your little.girl. It is exciting to hear how God is answering prayers for her future as a member of your family.
    God gave us two babiess to adopt, both right from the hospital nursery (I could not have children).. It was a miracle how God worked through both adoptions. Our oldest, a son, is now a Capt. In the USAF/Physicians Asst. He is married with three children. Our youngest, a daughter, is a mother to 5 children and is in the process of adopting two little boys (5 and 7) from a distant biological cousin of her’s. We are so excited to be adding two more grandsons to our family!😊
    Jonathan…we are so proud of you. We have been following your musical talent for about three years. You are an amazing young man. Not only will millions have the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful singing voice but as God continues to lead you, your testimony about how the Lord is most important in your life will be heard by millions too.
    God bless you all!

  21. So happy to hear this good news about your adoption!! I’ve been praying for you all. Enjoyed the video about your son as well, especially his testimony of waiting on and seeking God’s plan for His life.

  22. I’m so excited for you! I have been following your journey since you began sharing it – we have 2 children who came from the blessing of adoption – and we are hosting for the first time this summer!

    loved watching the video of your son!

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