Unique Ideas for Plant Stands

This past week, my sweet daddy got me some ferns for Mother’s Day.  (It’s a tradition.)  :)

I wanted to put them on my front porch, but I didn’t have any plant stands to put them on.  However, we have been rearranging Jonathan and Luke’s room, and the red bar stools that used to be with their sawhorse desk had to go.  They were hanging out downstairs until I could find another place for them, or I could put them in storage.  


So I thought, I wonder if my ferns would look good on these bar stools?  I took them outside to try them, and I have to admit that I love them!  They add so much color to our porch, and I love their shape.  

front porch plant stands


And I love the red stools with my red geraniums!  You can never have too much red, right?!  :)


Adding these plant stands to my front porch had me thinking about other unique plant stands we can use in our home, inside or out!

Here are some fun ideas I found on Pinterest…

I know the plants are not very springy, but how cute is this old milk can?  It would great with some fresh Spring blooms coming out of it!  :)  (I couldn’t find the source.)




We have some trees that fell down because of a major wind storm a few weeks ago.  I am thinking I should cut up the base and use it as plant stands like The Art of Doing Stuff.



This beautiful striped plant stand is a DIY project featured in the Home Depot Style Challenge.4d1b8bcb8d7b4011c89dd7e81d5b23e7




How cute is this drawer plant stand from Beyond the Picket Fence?



Got an old tricycle that your kids used to ride around on?  Why not pull it back out of storage and use it as a colorful plant holder like Remodel Survivor Mode.



Check out these beautiful DIY plant stands from Tiny Sidekick!  




Aren’t those fun?  


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 2.52.35 PM


Thank you so much for your prayers!  

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  1. Love the red of the stools – they make perfect plant stands. Thanks for all the other ideas too. I’ve been looking for something different fir my front porch. May try one of these. ;-)

    Bought my two grandsons a tshirt from Layla last week. Continuing to pray for a quick completion to the adoption of your sweet girl.


  2. I love the stools as plant holders! Looks great! I’m using an old wheel barrow in my side yard seasonally and it’s been a hit with the neighbors! Now I feel pressure to out do myself every chance I can! I also bought an old rusty wheel yesterday that is going to hold a pot! I have a wood stoop I need to level off to put another pot on. Love the drawer idea! 😊

  3. What a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day and what a genius idea using the stools for your plants.

  4. Could you please tell me where you got you porch lights. I’ve been having a time finding nice ones that I can use by my front door.
    Thank you.

  5. Traci, Love the idea, it looks fabulous on your porch. I was just looking at ferns for my patio the other day and as alway, you have inspired me! ( although I must ask, where WILL the boys sit to do their homework? Lol!) so happy to read you got to speak to your baby girl! Still praying for her safe journey to you. God is wonderful and we will keep the faith. XOXO

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