The Old and New Layout of our Home

Hey friends!

I have had several of you ask for the floor plan/layout of our house.  It is CrAzY how much it has changed over the past five years!!

This is what our 1400 sq ft brick ranch looked like the day we bought it…

(I wish I would have thought to have gotten a better picture than this!  The house looked soooo small sitting on our five acres, but I didn’t show any of the land on either side.)


I tried to create a layout last year when doing my series on our the transformation of our house.  Here is what I created in Picmonkey.  You can see what the layout of our home five years ago.  




After completely renovating every room of our interior, we built a two story addition.  As you can see in the picture below, we painted everything Dove White by Benjamin Moore (except our chimney because we knew that would be disappearing when we built the new front porch.)  And our house looked like this for a couple of years.  I knew that it just looked like a “ranch with an addition stuck to the side of it,” but I also knew that eventually it would start looking better once we added the front porch. 



Now you can see how the original floor plan was changed on the right side to accommodate our new addition…


Finally, we were able to build our front porch in the fall of 2014.  The front porch made a HUGE difference in the look of our home!  I could see that it was all starting to come together.

We built some DIY board and batten shutters to help tie everything together, and painted them Ebony Fields by Valspar.



And now we are building our two car garage with a bonus room to the left side of our house to balance out the addition on the other side. 


During this process, we are going to add on to the back of the house so we can have a larger laundry room. 

This is what the new layout of our house will look like in just a few months!  YAY!

Cy is super excited about the garage, and I am super excited about the laundry room!  We definitely need a bigger laundry room as a family of seven! :)

I am looking forward to sharing this process with you!  It’s gonna be fun, y’all!  

Have a blessed weekend!




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  1. Love it all! You and Cy have great vision and execution when it comes to your beautiful home. Thank you for this wonderful post. As a woman, I KNOW you’re excited about the new laundry room. ;) What a wonderful piece of land to raise your family. So many blessings all around! I look forward to every post you share. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. I love everything you’ve done and your ability wait and save for what you want. Your covered walkway see,s a little bit narrow? Especially worth rain blowing through it? Maybe you would consider make it a bit wider? Just my 2 cents. Thanks

  3. Absolutely love it. I’ve been following you since the purchase of this home and can’t wait to see the new addition to the left side.

  4. In the ranch before diagram, where is the bathroom? Im guessing it’s in the laundry room? I love the after pic. The white is beautiful.

  5. Looks great! I’m excited about the new garage you are building because we want to build a detached garage too. I’m curious about the windows on both sides of the fireplace and the kitchen window when you added the front porch? What does that look like from the inside now?

  6. It doesn’t even look like the same house! I know you are beyond thrilled with the additional space. What is the square footage of your house now? The porch looks amazing! Thank you for sharing your progress with us. Happy week to you! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  7. I’m a bit concerned….have you thought that perhaps too much info has been given? Thinking of children’s bedroom locations; especially your daughter’s room. As I had those thoughts, I saw a comment left asking where your daughter’s bedroom was located. Yikes! Safety for our kids….privacy of details required.

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