Favorite Laundry Rooms on Pinterest {and still undecided}

Y’all, I thought I had totally decided on the top loaders, but now I am considering the front loaders.  I had a long convo with my SIL about her front loader, and a lot of the research she did before buying hers.  I am so clueless, that I didn’t know that top loaders do not use a lot of water, just like the front loaders.  I thought they filled up with a lot of water just like my old top loader does.  #hitforeheadwithpalm

So I have been doing a little more research, and I will let you know what I decide.  Until then, I have been making plans for our new laundry room, and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite inspiration pins from Pinterest. 

I love the way this laundry room has shelving for baskets.  My boys, and now Sania Louise, put their own clothes away after I fold and put them in their baskets.  It would be nice to have nice shelving to hold all five of their baskets. :)




There are two things that I love about the picture below…the butcher block counter tops, and those adorable rolling laundry baskets.  I would love several of those for our dirty laundry.




My blog friend, Shayna from The Wood Grain Cottage, has a beautiful laundry room!  Shayna was in my mentor group at Haven!  It was so good to see her. :)   I love the wood plank walls and the way she hung her ironing board.  And that chicken wire light shade is tooooo cute!  




And then there is this beautiful laundry room from Jenna Sue Design.  It is the most pinned laundry room on Pinterest!  I love absolutely everything about it!




If you have any other great laundry room inspiration that you would like to share with me, please do!  
I’d love to see it!


Have a blessed day!

As a side note….did you ever see my laundry room in my previous home?  We built a laundry/mudroom inside of our two car garage.  I absolutely LOVED this room!  Although I am cracking up over my pictures.  :)   It is nice to see that my photography skills have definitely improved over the past five years!

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  1. Yes,yes,yes to the shelves with laundry baskets. I need a new washer also. I will get a front loader again. Hope I have a good one,like my first.

  2. I have a GE set (front loader washer and dryer) and we’ve had nothing but problems with them. I don’t know that all brands are created equal but I would avoid a GE set if at all possible!!!!

  3. Hey Traci- I am on my second set of front loaders. I know there is a lot of controversy about them but I’ll tell you my experience. The first time I got front loaders, I loved the idea of them but didn’t love the brand I had. I did eventually have a small problem with the washer getting “smelly”, but that was only toward the end of its life. The second set we have now I love! The big difference with this washer that I think helps with the smell issue is the way the drum is designed. It is on a slight angel tilting down toward the back of the machine. I think this helps so all the water drains away from the front and doesn’t create mold under the rim. Just my opinion. I’m very happy with them this time. But whatever you chose will be great for you!! Thx for sharing your projects!! Excited to see all the outcomes ;-)

  4. Traci, I know you have ALL the time in the world to do this 😜 But maybe you can find someone who has the front loaders and try them out. Go help them do their laundry and see how you like it. I’m sure you will have several offers.

  5. Bought a water efficient top loader and it was the worst. THE WORST. it only filled a few inches of water and the clothes never ever got clean. My Samsung front loader does the job right. Occasionally I need to clean the rubber around the opening but if I leave the door open it doesn’t smell. Also a steam dryer is super nice. Toss in something wrinkled and in 15min it’s good.

  6. There are still a few top loaders that use a full tub of water, or at least almost full. That is the kind I have. They are the ones that are not he.

    1. I have a HE top loader & HATE it! It does NOT clean well. Mine also does not have the center agitator! What brand/type of washer do you have now, and does it have an agitator?

  7. My neighbor thought she was doing a good thing when she bought a top loader that had no center wringer stem. A lot of the new ones do not. Well…big mistake!!! The clothes are all twisted together when done. That center piece helps keep them apart.

    1. I totally agree with this. We also bought a top loader because of all the negative reviews for front loading machines. I HATE mine! Yes, the clothes are always a tangled mess and because of this they are much more wrinkled even after coming out of the dryer immediately. Also, the new ones were supposed to get clothes much cleaner which I totally disagree with. I think this is due to the fact that not enough water goes into the drum. I constantly find pieces of clothing that have dry spots on them, and I keep my loads small. I realize most people are much taller than I am, but at 5’0″, I can not reach the bottom of my washer without a small stool:(. I wish I could go back to my old school Maytag set that lasted 21 years. Just my 2 cents worth 😕

  8. Well, I have a he top loader and I don’t like it- I don’t feel my clothes are as clean as when I had a washer with an agitator and a full tub of water! My clothes have gotten all twisted up- I hate my washer! As soon. As this washer goes kaboom my next washer is going to be a speed queen with an agitator and a full tub of water!

  9. Traci, I love the laundry room with the shelving as well. It makes me want to do laundry. I must admit that I would go with the front loader simply because I am so short that it’s sometimes difficult to remove the laundry at the bottom of the top loader tubs😕

  10. We got the top load washer and dryer. We are super happy with them. All of the new units are a big adjustment…longer wash times, less water and less detergent.

    As far as the front loaders, I knew that we would not wipe them out and might forget to leave the door open after each wash. I polled a bunch of people and talked to sales people at Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc prior to our purchase.

  11. I too did research before purchasing our front loaders, and what I found in Consumer Reports was that companies had created the model of the top loaders after the popularity of the front-end loaders, but that new technology was not being researched on them as much, because sales of top loaders doesn’t warrant the cost, so the front loaders are the models that have the “latest and greatest,” so to speak. With that said, I will never be convinced that an agitator-less washer is equal to the oldies.

    1. The agitatorless top loader is NOT as good as the oldies. Why do they always have to mess up a good thing? My husband does automotive body work and his clothes get VERY dirty. It takes the machine 2hrs to do his laundry, and it still does not come out clean.That to me is NOT High Efficiancy! Sorry about the 2 venting posts.

  12. I have a large top loading Maytag that continues to do a great job! My husband’s aunt had one in her garage in SC for over 35 years that was still working great. Mine is 12 years old and running strong. I did purchase a front loading dryer on a pedestal a couple of years ago. I like the fact that it is easy to unload at that level and the extra storage in the pedestal is always great. I haven’t seen a combo configuration of the top loading washer with the front loading dryer but if anyone can come up with a great design I think it would be you! :)

  13. I have a large top loading Maytag that continues to do a great job! My husband’s aunt had one in her garage in SC for over 35 years that was still working great. Mine is 12 years old and running strong! I did purchase a front loading dryer on a pedestal a couple of years ago. I love the fact that it is at a higher level and the extra storage in the pedestal is always great. I haven’t seen a combo configuration in a laundry room with a top loading washer along with the front loading dryer but if anyone can come up with a great design I think it would be you! :)

  14. I purchased a new top loading washer and dryer from sears .it was on sale for $750.00 for the set,company by the name fisher paytel.best purchase I ever made and great price.it is now 6 years old no problems,washes and dries like a dream. Had a front loade combo, would never buy again and that set cost me $2400.00 what a waste of money.you will be sorry. If you decide on the front loader.it may look pretty but buyer be aware.

  15. I had a front loader – went back to a HE top loader and am so much happier with it. The choices are endless and I hope you land on something great! I did a ton of research and am thrilled with my decision to go back.

  16. Crazy thing I notice ? How many folks tell you they’d buy their fro t loader…again… Really ? How many times do you want to buy a washer and dryer… Having said that ,if you do, buy white. If one piece needs to be replaced, you don’t need to worry about discontinued colour.

  17. We have a Samsung top load washer (no agitator) and I find that it does fine as far as cleaning the clothes. Yes, the clothes are tangled when you go to remove them but it’s really not a huge deal. I used to spend a lot of time untangling them before putting them in the dryer but lately I haven’t bothered. Guess what? The dryer untangles them for me.

    Now the mold smell…that’s a big issue. Yes, even my top loader developed that nasty smell pretty quickly! I had no idea this was going to be an issue or I would have taken precautions from the get go. Too late now. No matter what I do, it stinks every time it gets wet.

    Our Samsung dryer has also been an issue. We are in the process of replacing the heating element for the second time. It seems to only last 1.5-2 years before breaking and they are a little over $100 a pop. Thankfully, my husband figured out how to take care of this so we don’t have to pay for someone else to do it!

    I really don’t know what I’ll choose when we need a new set again.

  18. I know you must have missed your laundry room from the old house–it was one of my favorites!

    I’ll give you my opinion on washing machines. If you want a top loader, go for an old-fashioned agitator washer, NOT for a high-efficiency one. I thought I was going to love my h.e. top loader but I ended up hating it. First of all, you can’t use one for soaking or for dying things. That was an unpleasant surprise to me. The capacity was huge, which sounded awesome, but it just didn’t use enough water to get the clothes clean and rinsed. My white clothes starting turning an ugly gray color, so I talked to an appliance expert. He told me I was using too much detergent and it wasn’t being rinsed out. So I started using a tiny amount of h.e. detergent, but that didn’t help. Not enough water + top loader = clothes that don’t get clean. And while my top loader did not develop visible mildew the way front loaders can, it DID develop a funky smell that would permeate the clothes, so I had to clean it with Affresh pretty often. Ugh.

    Bottom line: if you really want an h.e. washer, go with the best-rated front loader you can find. Otherwise, get a top loader with an agitator and enjoy all the things you can do with it!

  19. Just weighing in on the front loader washer. We’re on our second front loader and the current model has all the bells and whistles by LG but, goodness, it makes our laundry room smell like sewage! I have to drain a little tube at the bottom of the machine weekly so that no water stays in the lines – and my word, the smell of the water that drains out! There’s been a note on my kitchen chalkboard to “clean washing machine gasket” for months – but I can’t stomach the thought of have to clean all that black gunk off the gasket! Lastly, this particular machine has leaked a few times when the door hasn’t been securely closed.

    Nowadays, the washing machine manufacturers offer top loaders that are just as energy efficient and save as much water as the front loaders. Next time we’re in the market for a new washer, I’m going back to a top load machine.

    Just my two cents… :)

  20. I LOVE the space with the rolling barn door and all that space for storage and folding would be a dream! The ticking curtains under the washer/dryer are too cute! This would be amazing if you have the space for a room this size.

    What a great idea in your last home to combine the laundry with a mudroom. It looked great and convenient!

    You asked for some inspiration pictures, so here are a few that make my heart skip a beat <3




    This one isn't your style, but note worthy and AMAZING nonetheless! Love the copper farmsink!


    Have fun dreaming and creating!

  21. I’d go with a front loader. After lots of research and fear of a stinky machine (my mom was always fighting mildew) I bought an agitatorless top loader. Even though I love the idea of pedestals and a counter on top, I went with what I thought was heavy duty and huge capacity. I’ve regretted it since. It’s always off balance, and loads can take 2-3 hours because it tries to rebalance. I suspect, like my house, you do a lot of laundry! 2-3 hours per load is so frustrating. I know that whatever you decide, your laundry room will turn out lovely! Can’t wait to see it!

  22. I bought a Samsung front loader washer a couple of years ago. I now wished I had my original Maytag Neptune back but they do not make them anymore. If you do go with a front loader, the pedestals are a must. When I bought my washer I didn’t want to pay the extra $200.00, now I wish I had. I’m trying to get my husband to make me a set. That hasn’t happened yet. I am 5’7 and it is hard to get the clothes out of the back of the machine because it sets so low. I tried to get my husband to get the laundry out of the washer one day so he would know what I was talking about and why I needed the pedestals but I think he thought I was crazy and went in the other room. I’m sure you will be happy with whatever you decided to do. Just my two cents.

  23. The only top loader that still fills up fully and functions exactly like washing machines of old is the Speed Queen – the typical washer you will find in Laundromats. I replaced my 22 year old washing machine with the Speed Queen and have never looked back. Did plenty of research over the high efficency front and top loading machines but I just wanted what I had. I got it. FWIW.

    1. I too have a Speed Queen and it’s the best with its SS tank. It’s will last forever. I get really dirty clothes and soak things which is impossible with a front loader.

  24. I found ( after doing much research with a friend ) that there are still a few brands out there that are not the ” energy saver” type top loader… which simply means.. the washer will still fill up with water … with a family… it’s allll about soap and water !! Do not buy the type that has gears… WHO KNEW …. buying a simple washing machine would be so difficult!!! lolol…. I still hold to what I said in an earlier comment…. Speed Queen top load machines are durable , have an excellent reputation, and truly is a work horse!!! After all… it is ALL ABOUT CLEAN CLOTHES… right??? LOLOLOL…. I know the laundry room itself is going to be amazing !!!!

    1. I’ll have to take a look at the Speed Queens with so many good things being said about them. I’m also working on a laundry room Traci–you have some beautiful ideas and pics! Thanks for the inspiration.

  25. Hi Traci!
    I’ve been through so many washers, both the top and front loaders. I had been purchasing them from the big box stores. Since I had such bad luck with them I decided to shop at the local mom and pop appliance store where they also do repairs. I was given real advice by experienced salesmen/repairmen as they know what lasts and what breaks down easily. My suggestion: buy local from the experts in your area.

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