To Stack or not to Stack?

So I have been spending some time on Pinterest looking at planning ideas for our new laundry room, and I have a ton of ideas in my head. 

Cy is needing to know where I want the washer and dryer so that he can run the plumbing lines before we pour the concrete. 

I know which wall I want the washer and dryer on, but I haven’t decided if I want to have the washer and dryer side by side, or stacked on top of each other?

I know that stacking the washer and dryer would save space, but for some reason I was thinking there was some reason that stacking the washer and dryer is not such a good idea?  Am I just making that up?

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I kind of like the idea of saving space, but do you think I would like our washer and dryer stacked?  Do anyone of you have your washer and dryer stacked?  

Could you let me know the pros and cons?

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Of course, I could always do them side by side.  This is what I am used to.  And one big blessing of this renovation is that I am getting new energy efficient front load washer and dryers.  My current washer is about to bite the dust!  

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But if I do them side by side, I am trying to decide if I want them to be on the floor, or if I want Cy to build me something so they are more at eye level?  Right now, I am leaning toward not having them on the floor.  

What are your thoughts on this?

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Decisions.  Decisions.

I can’t wait to read your comments!  I really need your help deciding. :)



    1. I’m curious as well as we have a small laundry room coming in from the garage and I think the space could be used so much better if the washer and dryer were stacked. But I’ve heard from so many people that their front load washer always stinks with mildew and the smell is hard to control. So I haven’t wanted to go that route yet since I have a large washer that is still top loading.

      1. I recently read that the LG washer has a tendency to stink of mildew. My frontload washer has never had an odor. The reason may be that I leave the door open to dry out after I finish washing clothes. The washer and dryer are side by side front loading which are a pain to load, unload and transfer wash.
        I had a stacker which often needed to be rebalanced so it wouldn’t dance right out of the closet. My personal choice would be side by side top loaders.

      2. If you use powdered detergent instead of liquid it won’t slime up and mold or smell. Liquid detergents have surfactants aka fat and it accumulates on outer drum and collects lint, hair and other debris and then it stinks. Since switching to powder detergent my machine is clean!

    2. Definitely raise both of them. That is the worst part of a front loader is having to bend down to see in them. Good luck

  1. I have had both ways…stacked and unstacked. I hated stacked….I just thought it was a pain switching things out. I like the idea of having them side by side but elevated so you’re not always having to bend over.

  2. Do not have them on the floor. Even if they are stacked, one will be on the floor. I prefer them side by side but at eye level.

  3. Hi Traci~ Mine are side by side and off the floor. Better on your back with all the laundry we do. I have a friend who has them stacked and she says she regrets it. Whenever they need serviced, they have to send 2 men, in order to get the top one down. It costs more money that way. Can’t wait to see all your progress! Thx for sharing ;-)

  4. I saw in Brother vs Brother they did 2 washers and 2 dryers, stacked! Talk about a dream! I don’t think I would like them stacked. I vote for the eye level option. Easier than bending all the time…plus who couldn’t use that extra storage! LOVE IT!

  5. I like the side by side off the floor as well but wonder about servicing. If they pull them out to work on them, will they have to lift off the platform as opposed to just sliding out?

  6. My choice would be side by side on a base assuming you are getting front loaders! My thought is if any repair work is needed down the road, it would be easier to work with side by side.

  7. I would not stack unless you have to. Appliances on the floor will make it easier for your younger smaller kids to use when they start washing. Anything totally built in may cause a remodel when they are replaced. I like my front loaders low so I can use the top for sorting and folding. I also use it for drying items that need to be flat.

  8. I had a front loading washer & dryer that I hated because: mold is a real problem in the washer; the clothes never came out as clean; and it took much longer to dry the clothes. I was so happy the day they had to be replaced! I have a stackable washer and dryer in our now permanent home, due to the lack of space. I really like them stacked! As you said, they take up less space, but they also prevent so much bending over.
    Good luck with your decision!

  9. Side by side on the floor makes repair and maintenance so much easier. (Setting them on drawers also makes them very difficult to work on.) By the way, I love your blog!

  10. I have never had a stacked washer dryer but I kind of like that eye level choice. A lot less bending over. Easier on the back. I think there is no right or wrong choice here just whatever suits your families needs. Good luck.

  11. I have a stacked set at the beach and I like it that way. I don’t have to bend over to put clothes in or take them out of the dryer. I read the comments about possible repairs down the road, but I’ve never had that problem. I, also, like your idea of having them on some sort of platform to have them at eye level.

  12. I have mine on the drawers that you can get with them side by side. Was thinking about going stacked but now I am not sure with the comments about servicing. Going to keep watching and see what everyone says. I do like the idea of stacked for more room but……

  13. I have front loading washer and dryer and I am not fond of them at all. They were the first new appliance we purchased in 2008. If I had it to do all over again I would buy a top loading washer. The front loading dryer is fine but the washer is another story. Someone mentioned mold. Yep… moldy smell and you have to leave the door open on it to prevent that. I don’t like having the door open where I can whack myself on it all the time. It uses less water to be energy efficient and to me it doesn’t clean the clothes as well. That’s just my 2 cents. When my set wears out, I’m going back to the good ole top loading washer. That being said, I had my stacked when we first moved in for saving space. I kept it that way for about 6 years. Then I started seeing the cute idea to make a wooden counter top on the top of front loaders so you have a place to fold clothes and set decorative items. Down my stacking set came. I’ve never regretted it. I love mine on the floor vs stacked.

  14. Traci…I would opt for side by side for repair purposes, plus it will give you a counter space to fold your clothes on. If you choose to stack, I would make sure to put the washer on the bottom, should you have a possible problem with a broken water pipe, flooding etc. in the future.
    Can’t wait to see your new laundry room! Good luck!

  15. I am tall and like having the pedestals under the appliances. However, I live in a condo and am going to stack them so that I have extra space. By the way, mold is not an issue if you leave the door of the washer open after the last load. Liquid detergents contain animal fats, build up in the back of the drum and keeping the door closed with the tight gasket needed on the front load washer creates the smell one gets not drying out the washer after use. Use powder HE detergent or find a recipe to make your own. Its much cheaper!

    1. Do not use powdered laundry detergent if you live in the country and have your own septic system. A major cause of drain fields failing.

  16. I have mine on pedestals. Great on back. I have never had mold. Just leave washer door cracked after a wash to allow time to dry out.

  17. I love the picture of the washer and dryer on the floor side by side with the wooden counter top for folding :) I would be hesitant my self to have them off of the floor at eye level with any cupboards or drawers underneath because what kind of potential damage could there be if you had a leak or something? Just a thought.

    1. I agree. If I was going off the ground, I would have something like a tall shower basin so that if there was a leak cabinets wouldn’t be damaged. That silly 1 inch plastic tray will not protect your cabinets if a real gusher happens.

  18. How tall are you? For me it would be simple, because of my height, keep them both on the ground. It would save space for you to stack them but is it reachable?
    Thank you for sharing your life with us, love reading your blog daily. Such a sweet family you have.

  19. I did not like my front loaders at all was so glad when we replaced them. I can’t speak for stacking them, but if you chose front loaders. Definetly get them on risers, great for extra storage too.

  20. I say side by side… BUT… I have also done a lot of research as we replaced our washer…. Front Load washer / dryers have a lot of issues… including mildew / mold and they do not seem to clean as well… They have the appearance of commercial heavy duty appliances ( like in a laundry – mat ) but do not seem to perform as well at all !! I absolutely love the “Speed Queen” brand!! Heavy duty … large capacity and has an extremely overall high rating in every area !!!! But…. either way Traci, I love the look of the side by side !!!!!

  21. I would call the manufacturer and ask if stacking will cause extra wear and tare/ shorten the lifetime of them because of the extra weight from being stacked (even though most are built to be “stackable”). And I would 110% recommend if you have them side by side that you put them on petastoles or build-ins. I have mine on petastoles, my mother in law does not (she hates it). Also keep in mind that you will WANT to leave the washer door open when not in use to prevent that “mildew” smell. Love your blog and thank you for sharing your life journey with us.

  22. I’ve had both and preferred side-by-side. The eye-level is a good option, assuming you have somewhere else to put/fold clothes. All that being said, when I sold my condo last year I let the front loaders go with it – I HATED the front load washer for the same reason others have mentioned. Agree that powder HE detergent is better and helps with the mold smell/buildup, but having to leave the door open irritated this OCD girl to no end – HA! I now have a HE top load washer that I like much better BUT, when it dies I will go back to a simpler top-load machine. Less water use is good, but I don’t feel my clothes get as clean..but that’s just my opinion.
    Good luck deciding – and please keep the posts coming!

  23. Side x Side :)
    1. Stacking puts you on your tippy toes for the washer, and makes the dryer like a cave you have to tunnel into.
    2. Side x Side allows for creating a “tablescape” across the top for extra surface area / folding, etc. and allows you to easily maneuver clothes in and out.
    3. Cleaning the trap from the outside of the washer (front) will be easier if it is not elevated, as water will need to be drained.
    4. If the washer malfunctions, you can risk your dryer being affected, and repairing the washer will be more difficult if it is suspended.
    5. You daughter and youngest son will most likely have to use chairs to reach the washer :)

  24. I have the Samsung front loaders on the matching pedestals purchased about 6 years ago. I have cabinets above them for detergent, bleach and softener a. For me, this is a great arrangement as I am 5’6″. I can reach the lower shelves. I keep extra cleaning supplies and paper towels in the top shelves, but do need a step stool to reach the upper shelf.
    My friend who is only 5′, just put hers on the floor without the pedestals. Consider your height when making a decision on what to do. Also, my Lowe’s salesman told me not to shut the washer door and I have never had an issue with smells. You cannot buy washers now that use a lot of water, even if you get a top loader. The:comments on the washers not cleaning: there are lots of cycles on the new ones. The quick wash (35 minute) cycles are fine for routine washing, i.e., sheets, towels or non-stained items. For stained items, you need to use the steam cycles. With kids’ clothes, steam is a necessity! You can change the spin to extra high for towels and jeans for a much shorter dryer time or to low for permanent press (less wrinkles.)

  25. It’s all about how much you want to work out your back and abs! I recommend the side by side and elevated off the ground. Just be mindful of how high they will be with the dimensions of your washer/dryer because if you plan to store anything above them that may be difficult to reach (laundry soap, etc), especially younger kids who may be learning to do their own laundry. Also, plan a designated space for folding laundry – I love that in my laundry room. I have storage underneath for baskets, etc and fold on top. It’s wonderful! I just got a designated laundry room myself a little over a year ago and doing laundry isn’t such a ‘chore’ anymore. Good luck to you and can’t wait to see the changes!

  26. I did not like our front loaders either, not even with a drawer pedestal. We never saw energy savings using them and they took longer in fact to run. I left them with the house and in our new home I opted to buy a top loader washer without the internal agitator. There is a LOT more room in this washing machine and I like it better by far! With a top loader you will need the room on top clear on that side for opening the lid. There is a lot to consider but I would listen to sound advice from front load owners. Once you make the decision to stack you are basically stuck with that and no other option, something to think about. Good luck – I personally love being able to decorate even my laundry room!

    1. I completely agree with this answer!!! I have mine stacked and keep the washer door open to prevent mold. If you have a narrow laundry room, you are always going to have the washer door in the way. We’ve had to replace the door once due to children swinging it open too far. The new no- agitator top load washers are so nice! Imagine washing a bedspread or comforter! That’s a “no can do” in front load. The water level doesn’t get high enough to really clean it and can’t open up and agitate. Good luck with your decision!!!

  27. I guess I am the odd man out here but I have front loaders and love them – I run a cycle of vinegar and baking soda on the hottest setting once a week and have no issues with smells or mold. We live in a tiny bungalow built in 1940 and have only one teeny bathroom with a teeny laundry area inside. We stacked our front loaders to save space since storage is at a premium and the other half of the laundry area needed to be used as a sort of linen closet. I have no doubt whatever you chose to do will look fantastic! Good luck on your newest remodel adventure :)

  28. I have front loaders on the floor with a (removeable) counter over the top. You do have to keep the washer door open to avoid mold/smell (we use a little bungee hook so it is only open about 3″)–and it bugs me, too. We are currently having plumbing work done and the plumber says front load washers are not a good choice–not enough water to move things through the pipes. I would not want mine up high or stacked. We have had to move them in and out for various reasons and it has been easy with them on the floor. Pretty sure I am going back to top loaders the next time I need to buy for what that is worth ;-). Enjoy your new space!

  29. I would rethink the front-loaders for all the reasons mentioned. It’s a shame because they are so pretty and having a counter across the top of them is so handy but they just aren’t effective.

  30. My favorite is the side by side with countertop for folding. I was planning to do that when my washer bit the dust, but we ended up getting another top loader. It is HE and so huge that it holds 3x the clothes my old one did. It was really hard for me to give up the idea of a front loader but so many of my friends had trouble with mildew in theirs it persuaded me to go top loader again.

  31. Mine are side-by-side on the floor. I wish I had pedestals, but I’m glad they aren’t stacked. My six-year-old helps with laundry and he wouldn’t be able to reach if they were stacked.

  32. I have scrolled thru some of the other comments and I have had different experiences than most of the others. About 5 years ago, we replaced our washer and dryer with HE front loaders. Due to space constraints with the laundry area doors, they had to be stacked in order to use the front loaders. Dryer is stacked on top of the washer. Absolutely love them this way and love the washer and dryer! I have never had a problem with clothes not being clean and have never had a problem with mold inside the washer. My washer has a magnet that will hold the door closed but it isn’t sealed at that point, must push it more to seal the door. Valid points are made in other comments about children helping with the laundry but this doesn’t affect us. I do laundry usually 5 days a week and my setup works great for me.

  33. Please consider carefully before getting a front load washer. I had one for 2 years, a Samsung brand, and absolutely hated it. Sure it uses less water, but you simply can’t get clothes clean in the tiny amount of water it uses. As for energy saving, in order to get my laundry clean (especially towels but other things as well) I had to run the washer on the heavy duty, extra clean, extra rinse cycle. That took almost an hour and a half to wash one load. How did that save energy? I had to towel off the door and rubber seal after finishing laundry and prop it open, but still after all this my towels never smelled clean. I finally sold it, but had a $150 repair bill on it before I could get it sold. I was never so happy to see something go out of my house.
    I purchased a top loading (he) washer, but returned it after discovering some energy efficient top loaders can also use less water and are computer operated so once the cycle starts you can’t stop it. After much searching, I finally found an old fashioned top loader with the dial control (Estate, by Maytag). I can wash a load in less than 30 minutes and no longer have smelly towels and clothes.
    I know you only asked for opinions about stacking, but couldn’t help myself after my terrible experience with a front loader.

  34. We have an old Sears Kenmore top load washer/front load dryer set. Service guys far prefer our old machines!! In their words, “They are like working on an old volkswagon motor, easy to work on, no computers, parts are STILL made because they are just good, old, reliable machines.” The service calls we have had have been due to age and just replacing some old parts. We don’t have very many service calls, but when we do I always ask the repair guys, “What kind of machine do you have?” The only service guy that had a front load washer said he hates it and he’ll never get another one. He said lots of the problems they have that warrant service calls for front load washers is because people use the wrong soaps and it breaks down something with the seals or something. I forget the specifics, but the gist of the conversation was, front loaders aren’t all that great. He also said they are difficult to diagnose and fix because everything is computerized. As far as the level….. if you go with a top load washer you are pretty much stuck with floor level. But you have a house full of kids that can help with getting things out of the dryer. That is where we started “laundry chores”. The kids would pull things out of the dryer and hand them to me. They matched up their own socks and laid their undies flat while I folded shirts/shorts/etc. Then when we were finished with that load it was their job to carry the basket to their room. When they whined, “But I don’t LIKE doing laundry chores!” I replied, “I don’t either. But we are a family and this is part of our family work. And when you help with family work it gives Mommy and Daddy more time to do fun things with you later.” And then we plan our next fun thing to do. Thanks for being so “real” and sharing the process with us!!! I love reading everyone’s feedback!

  35. I dont know how tall you are but that stack wudnt work for me im 5ft 4in and i wud need a stepper to reach. Plus if they are stacked the kids can use the excuse that they cant help cause they arent tall enough. I like the side by side for access. We just got a top loader and i hate it i alway feel like im going to fall in .
    Blessings Nicole

  36. I would do side by side because of the reasons others have mentioned. Also I am not a fan of front loading washers. Mildew is a problem and it’s going to be just one more thing to have to clean. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  37. Personally I would go with side by side on pedestals or base Cy could buid. My husband built one for of our daughter with room for detergent, softener, basket with hangers stored underneath. Much more economical and can be built to your needs. Our laundry is small, and I don’t have a table for folding, but I just don’t care for stackables. Our son and his wife had them and I found reaching into dryer and using setting knobs difficult for me. The front loader will smell if not dried out after last load, I just leave cracked a bit for while after, and close the door since my laundry is nothing special to look at, just a nice functional space. An appliance repair friend told me to use powdered next time I shopped and this will lessen the odor problem. Can’t wait to see your new laundry, and how you design the room…

  38. I have front loader and as soon as I switched to powdered detergent my machine didn’t have the smell problem that most people talk about. I wipe out the front seal monthly and leave the door open after my last load (although when I’ve forgotten to do this I have not noticed the smell like I did when using liquid detergent.) I have not had my machines stacked but they are up on pedestals and it saves you from having to bend over.

  39. I have Samsung front loaders on drawers that fit the units.
    We are debating the same thing in our new house: to stack or not to stack. ::sigh::
    Regarding a moldy smell others have stated, I run a washing machine cleaner every month or two and use vinegar instead of fabric softener.

  40. I agree with what most have said. No to a front loading washer. No to stacking. Big old yes to an agitator free top loader. It will be easier to do big items like bedding. My serviceman said as long as you can repair, keep the old ones. They’re made with metal parts instead of plastic so they last longer and are easier to repair. If you decide to go with a front loader (NO, don’t do it!), go with a small base.

  41. I have my front loaders stacked and love it. The washer is on the bottom and dryer on top. My four boys all do their own laundry (the 8 and 5 year old get help) and the older boys don’t have any problems reaching in to get their laundry out of the dryer. My washer had a smell until I switch to powder detergent. Now it doesn’t smell at all. I love the space saving aspect of it and it allows us to have an extra freezer in our laundry area.

  42. I love the eye level design. Its so much easier on your back. I have a couple of friends that have the stackables and after a few years the love affiar is over. One friend had to have the washer replaced and then 2 months later the dryer went out. I have a HE top loading washer that I absolutely love. Much success on whichever you choose.

  43. A couple of thoughts if you haven’t purchased your new appliances yet:

    When I replaced my steady old Kenmore w/d about six years ago, I did a lot of research online and discovered so many complaints about mold/mildew with front loaders that I finally chose a Maytag agitator-free top loading washer. It’s been great and is big enough to easily wash comforters BUT unlike the old reliable Kenmore, it works from a computer. If you get this type of washer – or any kind other than the simple agitator style that’s made without a computer – seriously consider buying the extended warranty because chances are you will need a computer-related repair. Over 20 years of use, I think I had the repairman two, maybe three times, with the old Kenmore set. With the new computerized duo, I had to have the motherboard in the washing machine replaced before it was three years old.

    So my washer is top loading and both washer + dryer sit on the floor and that means bending over to drag stuff out of the back of the dryer. I pondered getting a drawer pedestal for the dryer only BUT they run about $249 and doing more research online I learned that the drawers aren’t tall enough for most liquid detergents and fabric softener to stand up. That seemed like a bummer. Just this week I bought a 36″ grabber tool on Amazon for around $19. It has round rubber cups on the grabber end and I think it will work great for getting those back-of-the-drum wash cloths and socks. It arrived yesterday and will be put to use today.

    Bottom line, I like my side by side because I utilize the top surface for a variety of things. If your creative hubby can find a way to raise a side by side w/d combo without having to buy those expensive drawers it would be a double win.

  44. I love the last photo, eye level side by side. I love the option of the storage above and below. I think it would be easier on the back when putting and pulling clothes in and out of the washer or dryer.

  45. I like side by side off the floor. I have mine like that, it’s easier on my back and I’ve had front loaders for 9 years now and have never had to have them repaired. I’m sure what ever you decide will be loverly.

  46. I have front-load washer/dryer and LOVE THEM!! Tip: Leave the washer door open once finished and you won’t have problem with smell. Occasionally use the TIDE washer cleaner packets and you are good to go!

    I am 5’3”, so I like them side by side. I don’t have the base that they sit on (which I would still like), but it’s not that big of a deal.

    Hope that helps!

  47. Oh sister….side by side….top loader washer. I still have the “old style”. However, both my daughters have front loader washers with the “less water needed” concept. They both hate them. Soap built-up is bad making the clothes “smelly. The dryer takes forever to dry your clothes.

    I love the idea with the folding table on top but then again that would require a front loading washer. Perhaps a narrow folding area or a rectangle/ square folding area somewhere in a nook that you haven’t thought of. You might be surprised where a “spot” for folding can be guilted into.

  48. Hey Traci :)
    I have a front load washer and dryer and mine are stacked. I’ve never had any issue with them being stacked, and I love that I have all the space to the side for some shelving for my laundry baskets and hanging spaces for hangers. As far as everyone talking about a moldy smell, I find if I keep the door ajar on the washer, and wipe down the rubber gasket every once in a while, I don’t have any problems. I also run it empty on the hottest setting occasionally to just wash out the washer. I do use some smelly crystal thingies in each load of laundry too, and our laundry smells wonderful. :) I’ve had my washer serviced and they didn’t have to unstack them to service the problem I had, so I imagine that isn’t that big of an issue unless you have a major problem. Hope you figure out which way works best for you and your crew! :)

  49. Side by side, but raised…if you EVER have ANYONE in your family with shoulder or rotator cuff issues, the “forever” rule is “NO REACHING ABOVE YOUR HEAD”. As my 5’2 mother lamented, “EVERYTHING is ABOVE my HEAD!”

  50. Side by side, and definitely don’t put them on the floor! I hurt my back recently and bending down to put clothing in the washer and dryer really aggravated my injury. I’ve never had back problems before but I mentioned to my husband I now understand why they have the pedestal bases to purchase.

  51. I have the old fashion top trading side by side. I have resisted the HD for all the reasons everyone else has said. I’ve used them and my clothes didn’t seem as clean and the mold/door open thing just won’t work for me. With your ideas I don’t like the stacked. Lifting to the top machine, repair access and kids reaching it along with lack of top for folding would be a no go for me. I like the raised side by side look and drawers but the repair access and folding area would be a factor. I would feel like I needed one of those rolling carts to transfer laundry and I don’t want that taking up space. I would prefer on the floor side by side and a counter above for folding if I went with front loaders. Clean look and works. I would prefer to bump my knee on that door open than my face! Good luck deciding!

  52. Hi Traci,
    Speaking from experience. I now have a stackable set, but my next won’t be. I had to have my washer replaced, so we had to unstack it. I have a gas dryer, so that meant having a plumber come in. it was an added expense. As long as you have the room, I’d do a side by side.
    Good Luck!

  53. I’ve had my Frigidaire front loaders for over TEN years now and still love them. I had them stacked in a closet in my previous home and have them side by side in my current home. I built sturdy platforms on heavy duty locking casters for each machine and love how easy they are to slide out to clean now. They are super sturdy and I haven’t had a mold issue. I leave the door open and run a cleaning cycle a few times a year. They aren’t at eye level but up enough that it makes loading/unloading easy as well as folding. I prefer them side by side – the door open opposite – so transferring from one to the other is easy. As for cleanliness – I think its the machine in combo with the detergent. My clothing / towels get super clean – most of the time, I just run the Normal cycle. We’re talking white rags sparkling after scrubbing floors or outdoor furniture. I also found a restaurant closing up shop and get a stainless still commercial kitchen sink complete with built in side counter, with twist lock drain and faucet super cheap. The basin is the size of a laundry sink, super easy to clean and the perfect compliment to the machines! l Best of Luck!

  54. From a practical point of view and to save a lot of bending I personally would have them side by side but at eye level. Storage drawers underneath could be used for detergent etc.

  55. If you stack them, then the top appliance will be very hard to reach for short folks. Keep this in mind if you are trying to teach your kids to do laundry. If they can’t reach the buttons easily they will have the perfect excuse not to learn.

  56. I have front loaders that are side by side on the 16″ manufacturer pedestals. The washer is too tall for me (at 4’11” almost everything is) to put in bleach or detergent without standing on a stool and “inconvenient” for my 5’5″ brother. The mildew smell in the washer happens occasionally. It is only when I miss wiping between the door gasket and drum or emptying the cleanout monthly (thankfully mine is located right on the front). I do make my own laundry powder.

  57. Hello,
    I had mine stacked when I got new ones. Within a week I had to have them un stacked . I’m 5’3″ I could not reach the buttons, could not see inside the top one nor could I reach the back of the machine. So I vote eye level. It looks beautiful.

  58. I finally figured out that my mold problem was coming from my detergent/fabric softener dispenser. I began using the Tide pellets & Downy softener sheets & no longer have that problem. I also leave my washer door partially open until it dries out. And I always wipe the inside of the washer door after my final cycle. I have a front loading Samsung & love it! My daughter has a Samsung top loader & hates that it tangles the clothes & the tub is almost too deep to reach. I think if you follow instructions you will be pleased. And don’t stack them. They have a high revolution cycle & I can just imagine the vibrations! Good luck! 😀

  59. I like side by side and we have the platform under them for additional space. Here’s my thinking… it’s more convenient as you get older (all the bending down or raising your arms over your head when its WET, with a bad back is killer) AND your kids can access the washer and dryer easier as you teach them how to do the laundry or have them help you out.

  60. I have mine side by side. While stacked does save space what if something happens (hopefully never the case) and repairs need to be done – then you have to unstack etc.

    In order to make mine a little higher we got a stand for it. My nephew made one that was pretty cool. But I can’t attach a picture. Cy sounds pretty “handy” so I’m sure he could make you one cheaper than buying one.


  61. Mine are stacked and I love them like that! I wasn’t going to weigh in since so many have already, but I keep reading that the front-loading washers get moldy. You have to leave the door cracked open (it looks like it is shut) so it can air dry. Also, when I do a load of towels, I wipe around the sealing parts with a dirty towel to catch anything. The salesperson told me both of these tips and they work perfectly. I have had mine about 4 years and have no mold issues or smell, and I have never needed service, so I can’t speak to any extra cost with taking down the dryer for that. I love having mine stacked. In my small laundry room, it gives me space for a laundry sorting system on the side that I would not have room for otherwise.

  62. Please, please get a agitator free (largest capacity you can find) Top loader …love mine and my friends have trouble with their front loaders…various problems! I think side by side is nice…maybe a hinged movable counter over the washer..? It will be great, whatever you do! Love your blog so!

  63. I have had at least five washers in my lifetime. Love the way the front loads look and the top surface for folding. (I’m a form over function sort of gal). However, I have really disliked my front load washer…smelly…takes too long…can’t add things late in cycle. Regarding stacked versus side by side, I would definitely do side by side because those puppies are going to need servicing!

  64. Side by side on a platform. I have stacked at my beach house . Had a problem with one and it took 2 men and my husband to get it down to work on it. I had no choice but to do it that way at my beach house….but have side by side at my home . Much better for me. Good luck…you will make the right decision.

  65. I have an older whirlpool duet front loader. It’s gross. It’s moldy. I think they make front loaders much better now. My daughter has a samsung top loader. Brand new, with the extra sink in the lid. It’s great for getting out stains from the kids, however, it’s so deep, I can’t reach the clothes at the bottom. I have to use a hanger or something. Lol. My daughter doesn’t seem to have an issue with it. It’s a beautiful machine though.

  66. I have front loaders and so far no problem with mold. I just pull out the soap dispenser after each wash and leave the door open. At least once a month, I run a cleaning cycle with 2/3 cup of clorox. I also have them on pedestal stands. Much easier on the back. Good luck!

  67. I love that you’re updating this area! I personally have side by side on the floor washer and dryer. Top-loading washer, cheapest brand I could find less than $400. Works well for me. No expensive washer dryers do I need. I hearthst the more bells and whistles are more problems and expense to repair. If I keep mine for at least 10 years and need a repair that cost 200 plus I just buy a new one then. Just my thoughts.

  68. I had my washer/dryer stacked and got tired of bending down to load/unload washer. Then I went to the pedestals and that was nice but eventually we built a platform that is the perfect height and has a countertop on top. I like that arrangement best. Hope that helps. I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful!!

  69. I really like the idea of having the set side by side up at eye level. We were too thrifty (cheap!!) to buy the bases for ours- it would be easier to have them up higher.

    I love my front loader! I have had my LG set now for 11 years and we have never had a problem with the washer or the dryer. Maybe we are just lucky because I hear plenty of horror stories about all the brands! I’ve also never really had a problem with mold either. I do keep the door ajar (it doesn’t have to be wide open) and I use the Tide washing machine cleaner occasionally. The biggest thing I disagree with is the ladies that are saying their clothes don’t get as clean with a front loader. I’ve haven’t experienced that! I have two kids in marching band and a husband that loves yard work. Everything that goes in stinky and dirty comes out fresh and clean :) just my 2 ¢ :)

  70. I have friends that can’t stand their front loaders. I went with a top loader without the agitator. I LOVE it! I would get another one someday!

  71. I love my front loaders! I always wipe mine out with a drying cloth inside and around the door!
    I use the Fabreeze beads in there after I am finished with last wash, Never smells or Mildews!
    I live in Ga and we have a lot of mold! I have had them 6 years!

  72. I had a front loading washer and dryer.most expensive mistake I made.clothes alway had a mildew smell.when I moved I purchased an inexpensive side by side from sear and love them. I am a senior and I place a small stool in front of dryer and fold my clothing. Also tried powder in the front load machines,still had mildew smell.would never do it again.this is my opinion.good luck to you.enjoy your posts.


  73. We have a laundry center stackable unit. If repairs need done, hubby pulls the whole thing out & takes off the back to service either the washer or dryer.

  74. Our laundry room is small but I still purchased new front loaders and placed them side by side. Having folding area on top is great. I wanted top loaders but my husband asked me if I could reach into the bottom of the large tub in the washer….and at 5′ I couldn’t!!! I can see by your beautiful family photos that you are much taller than me so that wouldn’t be a problem for you. My daughter bought a Samsung and has had nothing but problems/repairs!! Luv my LG’s. I love all of your house so am looking forward to seeing the progress of the laundry room.

  75. Hi Traci, here is my two cents. I’ve had my kenmore front loader since 1992. Never have I had a mold,mildew or odor problem. I rinse with vinegar (just the last few years) and leave the door open for ventilation. The reason I switched to vinegar was I think it helps cut soap film. I like the side by side on pedestals, but I like the look of the stacked. I don’t envy you having to decide. Good luck.

  76. If you are tall enough to read and reach the dials the stacking option would be a great space saver. We have stacking at our camp but they are actual “stacking”. The dryer controls are on the front at the bottom of the unit. The new models in your pics appear to be standard side by sides that are stacked and even though they stack are they a comfortable reach for you. As it is with my side by sides I have to stand on my tip toes to see to pour the detergent in. I’m 5’2″. I do not have any odor issues with my newer front loader. BUT I don’t feel it gets my close as clean as the top loader. I’m dissapointed. I used to stop my washer to let clothes soak and then restart and I can’t do that with this machine. Plus it’s a water saver and . . . I really don’t like it. My husband gets really dirty with his job and our son mows for college money. Even though he beats out his socks and whacks off his jeans the little pieces of grass are still stuck when they come out of the wash and the socks are green. So, I’m not that impressed. I have the LG models and both were purchased about 5 years ago.

  77. I like them side by side better. Don’t know how tall you are but I’ve lost 3″ over the years and would probably have trouble reaching the knobs comfortably.

  78. Why would anyone want a washing machine they had to wipe the seal on, or put something in it to keep it from smelling, or leave the door open, etc etc etc? Do I sound grouchy?? I just don’t want to spend any time figuring out and then implementing ways to keep my washing machine from smelling bad… :)

  79. SO excited about this next phase of your beautiful home! They do make energy efficient top load machines and 4 different friends of mine ended up switching from front load to top load!! For many reasons: mildew smells, noise, rattles/shaking of the front loaders, etc. Personally, if I ever get a new set, I will get energy efficient top loading. It’s a big decision for you…and I look forward to watching the progress of the addition!!
    PS – That recent little video on your Instagram of your family was adorable. And also, can you someday post a drawing of the layout of your home? I’m curious as to the flow of your home and love the pictures I’ve seen your blog.

  80. My in-laws had stackable and I HATED it the few times I had to do laundry at their place. I’m only 5’2 so I don’t know if that’s why but it just felt very inconvenient to me. Mine are side by side front loaders with a counter top over them. I much prefer this way!

  81. I have had two front loaders. Hated my earlier LG, which may be due to user-error on my part, but love my Kenmore that came with my new house.

    According to my repairman, the biggest mistake most people make is that THEY USE TOO MUCH DETERGENT!! It builds up in the lines and affects the efficiency and contributes to the odor. He told me never, ever use more than 2 TBSP in a load…no matter what it says on the detergent bottle…they want you to use more so you have to buy more!

    I now have no problems with odors or my clothes not getting cleaned. I do, however, leave the door open, which I wish I did not have to do.

    I have also owned a agitator-less top loader and I LOVED that baby!!!!

  82. Traci, I don’t have a front-loader washer (but mine doesn’t have an agitator…which I love). My daughter has had front-loaders for years and loves them. Hers are stacked. And let me throw something at you here….they are a family of seven also and she has two washers and two dryers. When her husband first suggested that she thought it wasn’t necessary, but over time she has come to appreciate that extra set. Just a thought….

  83. Love our Maytag 3000 series in RED!!!
    (Had for 6 yrs) Front loader not stacked. I wipe out around front seal once a wk but leave washer door open when not using. Haven’t had a real problem with smells or mold. Best dryer ever. Love the temp controls & timed settings. I looked for a long time & checked consumer reports too.
    Like front loader bcause I can wash my king duvet & also fits in dryer. I have used Whirlpool Cabrio series & did not care for them. Settings always stuck & hard to pause to add additional items.

  84. I have had all types: side by side top loader washer/front loader dryer; stackable front loader washer/dryer; and front loader washer and dryer on storage platforms side by side.

    My vote: front loader washer and dryer on storage platform side by side. I would chose the washer platform units as apposed to the cabinet platform. Washers, no matter which kind they are, will eventually leak. It’s just a fact of life. The washer/dryer platform storage sold with the units are cleanable and wipeable from water leaks. Wood is not.

    Yes, it is true with the front loading washer, you will need to run it on the cleaning cycle at least once a month, and clean the rubber gasket and inside the door from time to time, but the advantage of these front loaders, in my opinion, out way these issues. They are much easier on your clothes than an agitating washer, and they are better for lifting out clothes and big blankets/ comforters. They save your back!

    Hope this helps, Traci!
    Looking forward to seeing your laundry room!

  85. One other tidbit…..

    Front loaders take very little detergent. This is a huge savings over time. If your water is soft or you have a water softener, they take even less detergent. I believe the mildew smell builds up when too much detergent/fabric softener etc is used.

    From time to time I do a load of whites with bleach. This, along with the once a month cleaning (like with afresh tablets) keeps things sparkly and fresh :). I haven’t had to leave my door open, but I do live in a dryer climate than where you are.

    That was more than ONE tidbit ;)

  86. HI Traci,
    Looks like everyone has an opinion on this topic, lol. Interesting what people experience…. I am in favor of the front loaders 100%. Clothes come out way cleaner (even though someone wrote that they are not as clean as in a top loader), stay nice longer (top loaders wear clothes out faster). I had front loaders all my life (in fact, in Germany they are standard vs. top loaders; when I came to the US I thought the top loaders were so yester-year). I now have mine on pedestals (the ones that go with the washer) and love the elevation! No more bending when your back is sore. We are only a family of three, so I wash only like once a week or so, but with five kids it makes such a difference! Side by side allows you to fold your clothes right on top of your machines. Definitely my preference. Love your blog!

  87. So many thoughts on the washer and dryer! I didn’t have time to read through all the comments. We have had a stacked set for the last 4 years- due to space. I have 3 kids and do a lot of laundry- I am 5’5. It works just fine for me! Our washer is on the bottom, dryer is on the top. I leave the washer door just cracked open- not all the way, but just enough to allow air flow. It seems to keep smells away. I also use vinegar in the softener compartment, so perhaps that helps too. The one down side is that my kids have a hard time reaching anything out of the dryer- if they are looking for a shirt, or to help with laundry. My oldest is 8 and still wouldn’t be able to unload a load of towels fully. We have had our machines serviced and it wasn’t an issue for the repair person to work on them while stacked. If I had a large laundry room I would probably do side by side with a counter top above for folding- I think depending on the space a stacked set with a pretty utility sink beside would be nice too! I would probably use mine for washing paint brushes. ;-)

  88. Miss my LG front loader so much. Front loaders really are better for your clothes, and what many people have mentioned about using less detergent is true. I did all towels on the sanitary cycle, and used affresh cleaning tablets periodically and never had a mildew problem.

    I never had a problem with laundry being too wet after washing. In fact, the spin cycle did such a good job that a full load would be dry (on low, even) in half an hour.

    I’m six feet tall, and having the machines elevated sounds wonderful.

  89. I’ve had mine stacked for years and I love it. It works in my home because I have room on the opposite wall for a counter. If I didn’t I would not stack them. I’m short, but I can still reach into the back of the dryer. Next to the stack I have shelving for laundry supplies. The area is my laundry room and pantry. Email me if you’d like pictures. I can fit a ton of stuff in the multipurpose area!

  90. Side by side, no pedestal. Just think of having to reach down a bit to use the dryer as a little exercise opportunity! :-)

  91. Tracy~
    I love my side by side Speed Queen front loader. This is the brand in the commercial laundromats. It has no ‘bells and whistles’, but I personally don’t care about all of the fancy options…I just wanted a workhorse of a machine that gives me clean clothes. We have well water and they use very little water, are gentle on the clothes and still get them very clean. In addition to detergent and softener, I use vinegar in all my loads except for the whites, then I use bleach. I don’t have my set on a platform. I like to use the surface of the machines for folding. It is true, you do have to wipe the inside of the rubber gasket and door from time to time, but I don’t find that a big deal at all. I leave the washer door cracked open all the time so it can dry out between uses and I have never had issues with mold or odors.
    Good luck in your decision!

  92. I researched, at great length, before we purchased our Samsung Front Loader. My mom has owned a Maytag (top of line) since the front loader first came out. I LOVE my front loader…BUT, it is imperative that you dry the rubber seal at the end of the day/after you’ve done all your washing for the day. I have had NO PROBLEM with mold/mildew or bad smells from my front loader. However, I have been in homes where that rubber seal looks and smells moldy or like mildew from the owner NOT drying the rubber seal consistently. Hope that help with your decision! I would NOT stack them…you would be constantly doing an “up/down dance”. My W/D are side by side and Dan built a wonderful “Pedestal”/table where I’m able to place my baskets underneath my W/D. LOVE IT!

  93. I realize that I am late to this game but will provide my two cents! We recently remodeled our laundry room and stacked our Samsung Front Load Washer & Dryer. While they look stunning in the custom cabinets, if you need to do any sort of repair – forget it. Yearly I normally clean the water inlet filters but unless my husband is in a great mood, the side cabinet door needs to be removed and you have to contort your body in all sorts of manners and I get exhausted after al of that!

  94. I have had both and my preference would be side by side. I understand that have it stacked would create more room, but I just feel that overall it would be more beneficial side by side. Less stress on the back and more than likely cost efficient if and when there is an issue!

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