Favorite Farmhouse Finds

Happy Friday, friends!

THANK YOU so much for all of the comments you left on my post yesterday!  I had almost 100 comments to read through, and I read each and every one.  It was so interesting to see what all of you thought about the side by side vs. stacked and the front loader vs. top loader.

Right now, I am leaning toward getting a top loader and putting them side by side.  Although I really would like the dryer to be on a little pedestal, but not the washer.  I would love for the dryer to be a little higher so I didn’t have to bend down so much to get my clothes out.  Has anyone ever seen a picture of this?

Anyway, thank you so much for all of your help.

Today, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite farmhouse finds. Oh my gosh, I adore so many of these items! Especially the soup bowls! I LOVE making vegetable soup and chili in the fall, and I know I would get a lot of use out of them. The red, green, and white are my favorite colors, but they also come in navy blue and yellow.

And the little “gather” tray is precious. :)

Just click on each picture to visit each shop.

Have a blessed weekend, y’all!

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  1. Before you put a top loader on a pedestal, go to the store and check out the height and depth of the drum. My new top loader is SO bi/SO deep that if it was even higher, I wouldn’t be able to reach the bottom to get those pesky socks that always stick to the bottom out

  2. Good decision… Cy is so handy, that I’m sure he could figure away to raise the dryer and tie it all in to look great. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with…
    Best of Luck,

  3. I must say, I have a top load LG washer (a big tub) and dryer. I regret not getting a front load. I don’t feel the top load agitates or washes the clothes as well as a top load with an agitator would do. At least the front load tosses them around. I’ve been disappointed in that.

  4. I agree, the top loaders without agitators just do not clean as well. The front loaders clean so much better, just remember to wipe the door and the gasket when finished for the day. Recently bought a new front loader with pedestal and matching dryer with pedestal and I love them! Wash time is so much easier!

  5. Our son and DIL have their washer and dryer on a raised platform. It is nice for getting clothes on and out; the only draw back “for me” is its hard to read and press the buttons on the machines. The kids are taller then I so they don’t have that problem. I bought a front load after having a top load for years. I regret my decision as I don’t think they get our clothes as clean as my top load agitator did. Maybe I notice that because we are farmers so have a little more dirt and stains to get out. Big decision for sure!

  6. I got a high efficiency top loader 9 months ago. It is the worst washer I have ever owned in my 26 years of marriage. I called a service man out to look at it because almost every load we launder has dry spots where the clothes never get wet. The repair man said it is working fine and what I need to do is always use the heavy duty and deep water settings so everything gets wet. I told him that doesn’t seem very efficient. What I have come to realize is the laundry does not submerge because it is missing the center agitator. It is really bad when trying to do a large load like towels or sheets. Btw I have the whirlpool Cabrio. I woul not recommend a top loader!!!

  7. I have both on pedestals, which places them both at a great level (I am 5’5″); Not elevating the washer creates the same problem as with not elevating the dryer…just a thought.
    I think it would probably make me crazy to have them offset, as I do appreciate symmetry lol, but maybe there is a pic out there that balances the look :))

  8. Do you by chance have the recipe for the chicken dish you have photographed on your Farmhouse Finds page….it looks YUMmie!

  9. I would not stack. If u were to have problems with one it would not be good to stack them. Like a water leak etc. I love my bright red. I researched them all. We did invest in the pedestals and I have no regrets. They r eye level I barely have to stoop over to get my laundry out. Had them for 3 1/2 yrs. Love them. I wish u the best.

  10. I know my comment doesn’t belong with this post, but I think you’ll extend a little grace to me ;). We purchased a big fixer upper last summer. As we are in the process of remodeling every room, I’ve been following your blog. I just love your style of writing, your honesty, your inspiration, and DIY projects/tutorials. Thank you for sharing your life, your struggles, the amazing Voice & adoption journeys and your home with us.
    You wrote the other day how you knew there would be many phases of your home renovation when you bought the house. And how, after 4-5 years, you’re still going. I want you to know how encouraging this was for me to hear! After a year of hard, hard work I can look around my house and see that we still have 3+ years to go. It can be a bit discouraging especially as it seems so many bloggers are able to hire contractors or have bodies that require no sleep and are as strong and durable as Superman.
    But I was re-inspired to keep plugging along after reading your garage post. You’ve worked long hard and I’m so excited for this new beginning of a long-awaited Reno phase for you! Complete with a bigger laundry room. Yay!!! God bless y’all

  11. After reading all the comments on your blog yesterday regarding stacked vs top loader machines, I’m more confused than ever!! Luckily, I don’t have to make a decision any time soon. Good luck with yours. I’m anxious to see what you come up with. I will undoubtedly want to copy what you do, so make a good choice. Lol!

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