A Vintage Concrete Laundry Sink in the Laundry Room

Alright, Alright.  It’s day 24 of my #write31days challenge!  One more week to go!  WOOHOO!


Today, I wanted to talk about concrete sinks. 





I have a love affair with them right now, and I am thinking of trying to hunt one down to put in our new laundry room. 





I have been scouring craigslist and eBay to see if I could find one somewhat close to me that is in pretty good shape.  




Be still my old vintage-lovin’ heart!




I know that Cy could probably make me a concrete laundry tub, but there is something special about the old ones. 




What do you think?  Do you love them?  Hate them?  Do you think it would look good in my new laundry room?

I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I am not sure this will help in your search, but some of the old sinks that look like concrete are actually soapstone that hasn’t been rubbed with oil or treated. I recently learned that at an antique fair! Good luck with your search!

  2. I live in a house that was built in 1885. We had one in our basement and when we remodeled our laundry room down there, we tried everything we could to save it. It leaked horribly across the bottom, but it sure was cute!! Anyway, now I have a butcher block counter with a deep single sink in it. It works, but I do miss that old concrete sink.

  3. Just started reading your blog and love it. I read pt 1 and 2 of It Matters. I can tell your mom was a special lady. I lost my mom a year ago July. Jesus has our special moms with Him in Heaven. Love the concrete sinks. I want one!!!

    1. Hi Dee! Glad you found my blog and welcome! I am so sorry you have lost your mom as well. There is nothing like the love a mother! God bless you today!

  4. That looks like a soapstone sink. I am not sure they made Concrete sinks back then. I have a 3 sink combo soapstone sink in my basement. My house was built in 1886! Is the sink somewhat soft, can you scratch it with a sharp knife? If so, it is soapstone! I love mine.

  5. I was just reading an article in Houzz yesterday (?) and noticed a supplier that could certainly find a sink for you – oh my goodness, he has a massive inventory of vintage home “parts.” In the article, she mentioned having him hunt down double screen doors for her pantry, and he found the perfect set! His store is http://www.oldhouseparts.com just in case you can’t locate one ;)

  6. I would prefer Cy make one if he were my husband. It would be so special and probably much more service friendly. xo

    1. I agree with Dianne. it could be made to order and it ages fairly quickly with use. I am assuming that you intend to USE it.

  7. As a little girl, we lived in Ohio. The wringer washer was down in the basement. There was a set of concrete tubs… my mom called them the ‘stationery tubs’. Once the washer has done it’s job, she swung the wringer part over and put the clothes through the wringer and they dropped into the first tub (both tubs had been filled with water) for the first rinse. She had a 3′ long 1×2 stick which was worn smooth, and used this to swirl the clothes around. Then the wringer was swung to the second tub, and the process was repeated, finishing with the wringer dropping the clothes into the laundry basket, which she then had to lug up the stairs to the yard. Then she hung the clothes on the lines. There was a set of ‘clothesline poles’, which were used to prop the lines up to keep the clothes from touching the ground. Oh the pleasure of running between the sheets hanging on the line, smelling of soap and sunshine. That was laundry day in the 1940’s. As I got older, I had to go down to the scary basement every Sunday to wash my hair in the tubs. I had seen the movie ‘The Thing’ with my dad and it took a brave heart to go down there alone!

  8. Be careful if you do get one of those vintage concrete sinks. In my town, they have to be removed from a house if you buy or sell. They are a huge hazard because they are so heavy, if they ever fell off the stand or legs on a child it would kill them. Just an F.Y.I…

  9. I love old vintage cast iron/ porcelain sinks better. Had a concrete one but found it to be way to bulky , it stained and was hard to clean. If you decide on an old farmer sink, I have an extra one for sale.

  10. I have one!! Would love to put in my laundry room!!! My husband is not fond of this and wants to sell it! As we age we learn to pick our fights and I know it’s not worth that. So for everyone out there I have a soap sink for sale!!😞

  11. I actually have a really old concrete one downstairs in my basement that I’m looking at selling. The only thing that it’s missing is it stand.

  12. Our house recently burned hown and we are in the process of rebuilding. In the process my new laundry/mud room really needs the concrete double tub. My grand mother had one and I remember there was so many ways it came in handy in so many ways. I really don’t know WHY they ever went out of style. I am looking for one to complement modern, contemporary AND practical… IF anyone has one in the midwest please advise.

    1. I have one to give away. It’s very heavy – a two basin sink supported by a black steel stand. The stand is very ornate and great quality. I live in Sioux Falls, SD – Contact me if you’re interested. 3/3/18

  13. I have an old double slate sink that I don’t want . Our house is too modern and our camp too little. Any interest? I’m located in Maine!

  14. I’m looking for a double sink. With the stand would be great but I won’t be picky. As long as it holds water and can be reconnected to plumbing, I’m willing to drive to pick it up. I live in Northern Virginia and can be reached at edndiann@yahoo.com
    Thank you! Diann

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