Fall Farmhouse Favorites

It’s Day 3 of my #write31days challenge! 


Y’all don’t fall out of your chair, but I actually have a post for every day in October already planned out!  I know!!  WHO AM I?!   

Most of them will have touches of Farmhouse, but some won’t.  But again, I accepted this challenged to help me be more disciplined in my writing.  And if y’all like it, maybe I will try to keep writing more in November too!  (If I’m still alive after this month. ha!)

So today, I am just sharing some of my favorite Farmhouse style decor for the fall season.  I had already created this collection of goodies before I decided to write every day in October, but it fits in perfectly!

I don’t know about you, but I just get giddy when I decorate for fall!  I love it all, and these items are no exception.  How cute are those pillows? And I love the  pumpkin monogram sticker for a “yeti” type cup.  And did you see the pumpkin decals for your front porch? Ahhhh…I want it all!  

Happy Fall Shopping!  :)

I’ll see you tomorrow when I will be sharing the Fall Room Refresh that I did on my living room!  

Have a blessed day, friends!

xoxo, Traci


  1. Hey Missy…do you know what I miss? Those Friday Favorite posts you did. I know you said you had everything planned, but I do hope you throw in a couple of those. Love them!!!!

    1. Well, thank you for letting me know, Dawn! I didn’t have a Friday Favorites planned, but I will add one in for you. ;) I miss doing those too, but I stopped doing it mostly because I heard that some people were getting sued for sharing other people’s pictures in their posts without permission, even if they linked to the source. Bloggers don’t usually mind being shared, but some designers and businesses do, so I got a little nervous. I may try to start doing it again some though and just make sure I pick pictures from people who don’t mind. :)

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