Lowe’s Fall Makeover Mood Board

Well, it is a new week, and it is going to be a busy one!

Tomorrow we start on the bathroom makeover with Lowe’s, and I am so excited to get started! :)

But before I share with you the mood board for the project, I wanted to do a little “housekeeping.”

I wanted to thank you for all of your support during my #write31days challenge, and I wanted to make sure you are not missing any of my posts.

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One of the things that I have been sharing in my newsletters is a little blurb at the bottom about essential oils.  {Yes, I still use them and still love them.}  :)

My oils daily amaze me!  For about 2 months, I have been dealing with daily pain from plantar fasciitis, especially in the morning.  I decided two days ago to see if there were any oils to help, and yes there were!  I’ve used them the past two days, and I haven’t had any pain at all in the morning or throughout the day.  That’s crazy, y’all!  And that is why I love sharing them.  I don’t really do the “business” side of essential oils, but if you aren’t interested in trying them, I just found out last night that the Premium Starter Kit is 10% off until Wednesday and you get a FREE bottle of Oregano oil.   This rarely happens, so I wanted you to know.  And if you sign up through me, my good friend Emily has an amazing FB group called Dream Catchers that I am a part of, and it will give you all the support you need on your oily journey…with no pressure at all!  

psk-octoberCLICK HERE to get this offer!

(and if you have any questions, just ask!)



Now to the mood board! 

Tomorrow, Cy and I will be working on a bathroom makeover with some great employees from Lowe’s.  You can see the before pictures HERE.

It is for a very sweet family with four girls under the age of four!  I KNOW! :)

We will be renovating those sweet girls’ bathroom, and making it extra special for them. 

Here is the mood board I created for the space…


Courtney said her girls’ favorite color is purple, so she sent me the color swatch with some purples and spa blues that you see in the top right corner.  This is the color palette that we will be working with in the bathroom.  The shower curtain and blue tufted stool are just a possible ideas, but we may not be using the exact ones. 

Tomorrow, we will  be starting on the makeover bright and early, and I will be sharing updates throughout the day on my Instagram Stories, so be sure you are following me on Instagram HERE. 


  1. Hello from CT! I enjoy your blog so much, and am so grateful for your love for the Lord. This bath makeover looks very exciting :). A question – I have considered essential oils for years, but can’t swing the kit at this time. How would I find out if I could just order Peace and Calming oil and find out how/when to apply it? Our daughter homeschool two and has two little ones as well. I am wondering if this would be appropriate and helpful.
    Thank you, Traci1

    1. Hi Pat! Thank you for your sweet words. :)
      Unfortunately, Peace and Calming cannot be ordered just by itself, unless you were a member. :) I may be able to send you a couple of sample packets if they are in stock. P&C is always in high demand. It is my absolute favorite and one I sleep to in my diffuser every night.
      P&C can be diffused in a diffuser or rubbed on the skin. I usually apply to my wrists and back of my neck. Some people do the bottoms of their feet. There are a lot of essential oils that help children with focus. Email me at beneathmyheart4@gmail.com if you want to give me your address and I will see if I can send you those P&C samples. GOD BLESS!

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