How to Style a Farmhouse Living Room


Today is day 29 in my #write31days challenge, which means I have only two more days until I reach my goal!  


I almost missed it last night because my post didn’t go out until just a few minutes before midnight.  Whew! :)

Each Saturday this month, I have focused on one room in the house and how to get a farmhouse look in that space.  We’ve covered the kitchen, the bedroom, and the bathroom, so today we are going to talk about the living room. 

I know that many people say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and I will never dispute that, but I would have to say that personally, my favorite room in our home is our living room.  It is the hub of all the craziness.  :)

Our living room, or family room, is a relaxed and comfy place to gather together and unwind from the busy day.  We do homework on the coffee table, snuggle on the couch and watch movies, read good books, and tell stories from the day in our living room. 

The living room should be a place that fosters an atmosphere of spending time with family and friends.  The farmhouse style is the perfect way to create such an environment. 





Just like the other rooms in the house that we have talked about over the past four weeks, in the living room, the first place to start for a farmhouse style is with a light and airy color palette. 

Again, in farmhouse living rooms, we see a lot of whites, grays, browns, and touches of black.  This soft and neutral color palette are the foundation for the farmhouse look. 



Adding vintage or worn pieces of furniture or wall decor adds an element of coziness to your living room.  



But the farmhouse look does not have to be boring or without color.  Adding touches of color through plants and flowers brings the space to life. 


You can also add color to your living room through rugs, pillows, and throw blankets.




Adding baskets to your living room for storage is another way to add the farmhouse look.  We have baskets on the console table below our tv, like the picture below, to hold all of our DVD movies.  It’s a great way to hide clutter and toys as well. 



And of course, adding a touch of gingham to your living room can never hurt!  Instant coziness!




Getting the farmhouse look in your home is really not that difficult!  Just focus on mixing the old with the new, and you will be set.  :)






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