Thank You

Well, you guys know that my heart is feeling extra full now that Sania Louise is officially and legally ours. :)  I stand in awe of all that God has done over the past year and a half.  Even through the darkest times, He was there.  His faithfulness never ceases to amaze me.  


I found this song on youtube and wanted to share it with you.  It is simply called THANK YOU.   On this beautiful Sunday morning, take a few minutes to listen to this song, open your hearts, and give thanks to The One who loves you so much!


Thank You for Your kindness
Thank You for Your mercy
Thank You for the cross
Thank You for the price You paid

Thank You for salvation
Thank You for unending grace
Thank You for Your hope
Thank You for this life You gave

There is no one like You
There is no one like You, God
All my hope is in You
Jesus, Jesus

Thank You for Your promise
Thank You for Your favor
And thank You for Your love
And everything You’ve done for me

There is no one like You
There is no one like You, God
All my hope is in You
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

To Your name
We give all the glory
To Your name
We give all the praise

You’re alive
Our God everlasting
So let Your face shine on us

There is no one like You
There is no one like You, God
And all my hope is in You
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus








  1. What an awesome God we serve! So happy for you and Sonia Louise!! Gods faithfulness never ceases. Praising Him with you today on this glorious Sunday. ;-)

  2. Would you please agree with us in prayer that my Husband will find work in Kalispell, MT so that we may move there and be with our children and grandchildren. We want to be with them so very much and the sooner the better.

    Thank you !

  3. Like the song says … Great us HIS Faithfulness! Praise the Lord that He is,akwaus faithful to us – even when we one times falter.

    I am praising God that Sania Louise is now officially yours! :-) 💖

  4. Yikes – so many typos! Sometimes I really don’t like it when my phone replaces words. Lol. At any rate hopefully what I said was understood. Ha.

    God bless everyone!

  5. Thank YOU for sharing this beautiful song and for sharing your heart with us. Thanking God for answered prayer regarding that precious little girl who now “belongs” to your family forever and always. Though we have never met, I have grown to love you and care deeply about your family. There will be challenges ahead, but we share a God who is big enough to see you through them.

  6. Haven’t heard from you since November. Is everything okay? I just realized this as the start of 2017 is upon us. Hope you have a very blessed new year.

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