America vs. Latvia Bowling Challenge (VLOG #4)

Hey friends!

It is 11:44 am (for me) on Saturday morning, and I am sitting in a little cafe in the Amsterdam airport waiting to board our second plane to America.

That means it is 5:45 am back at my sweet ol’ Kentucky home.  :)

If you follow my Instagram feed, you know that our last day in Latvia was as crazy as our first day.  You know, we just had to bookend our trip “Hutcherson style.”  #crazyalltheway

I’ll share more of our last day in an upcoming post, but for now, I want to share with you the BEST DAY we had in Latvia!

It was on Tuesday, and we didn’t have Cy and Jonathan’s luggage yet, but we DID get to spend the day with the most wonderful people in all of Latvia, Sania’s foster mom and sister, Anita and Sabine.  Words cannot express how much we love this family!!!  Spending time with them is ALWAYS the highlight of every trip to Latvia.  They will forever hold a very special part of our hearts. 

Jonathan captured this day in his latest vlog.  Check it out! :)

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!  




  1. It looks like u had a wonderful day ! What a beautiful place. @ Jonathan from my experiences living around ppl from other countries Americans are one of few ppl that have those courtesies please Thank you , excuse me. Cy is to funny ! Have a safe trip home !

  2. Wellllll, didn’t Cy give me my morning giggle and answer a lot of questions I’ve been harbouring for the past few days!!!

    What a terrific trip and an opportunity for Jonathan to enjoy seeing Sania homeland!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Loved the vlog Jonathan. Looks like you all had a great day! I hope Cy’s “crunchy crotch” is all better now! :-) HA!!

  4. I have loved following your long, long….journey to finally bring beautiful Sania, home. Always the videos make it so real . Jonathan’s videos and narrating of this trip has been fantastic. Being able to see where you are and hear of your daily experiences has made me able to connect where Sania is from and how kind the people have been. I have loved every video of this family but it was Cy’s last comment that I just burst out laughing with. I can so relate to all of your families great sense humor and family life. We have 5 married adult children and Grandchildren the ages of your children. So you know the range that humor and love fly here! Safe traveling back to Kentucky.

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