Still Alive in Latvia! (Vlog 1 & 2)

So friends, we are still alive after all of the craziness of the first couple of days in Latvia!

Things have settled down a bit, except we were supposed to get Jonathan and Cy’s luggage Tuesday, but it didn’t get delivered until yesterday. Over four days without luggage!! And four days of Cy and Jonathan wearing the same clothes!!

We still do not have Jonathan’s guitar. It is “supposed” to be here today. #fingerscrossed

Jonathan was wanting to make some videos of him singing with Latvia as his background, but we are running out of time. Hopefully we can do some filming on Friday.

In the meantime, he has been filming our adventures each day and creating a “vlog.” (video/blog)

Here is the video he made of our second day which is actually when we flew to Latvia.


And here is the video from the day we overslept and had no luggage at all!  :)


Stay tuned…



  1. Your family is so cute and Sania is adorable! You are doing an awesome job!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Have a great rest of your trip!!

    1. Beth, she has already started to lose her native language and will only speak English to her foster family. Her older foster sister knows English, so Sania Louise talks to her. She understands a little of what her foster mom says, but she wants to respond to her in English. It is frustrating for her to not remember how to speak Latvian. :(. And it makes me sad too.

  2. Your son is absolutely adorable . I’m getting such a kick out of watching these vlogs!! You have a beautiful family . Keep up all your good work with Sania . You have all been truly blessed .

  3. Filming and posting your little crazy europe trip to Lativa was a nice idea!
    Watching the vlogs you’ve that feeling you were part of all the experiences, too. It would be nicer if Jonathan had filmed more details of the environment of the city or of you some of the takes a very choppy.

  4. LOVE the vlogs! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Reminds me of our trips to China to get our girls. Can’t wait for the next one! 💕

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