Painted Front Doors – Part 1

Well, the weather has been unusually warm this winter, and our local weatherman keeps calling it the “winter that wasn’t.”   We have barely had any snow at all, but that is okay by me.  I am glad that we have had a mild winter and that spring is showing up a little early in these parts. 

Buttercups have begun to bloom, and I love seeing pops of bright yellow outside our car windows as we drive around town.  I am definitely getting bit by the spring bug, and I am excited to begin decorating with beautiful, bright spring colors, are you?

One of the first places I love to start decorating for spring is our front porch.  I usually add color through flowers, plant stands and decor because I love our wood doors and wouldn’t ever want to paint them.


However, if I had a metal door like we did on our last home, I would definitely have some fun painting it different colors!

I found some beautiful images online of painted front door that will definitely perk up a dull porch.  I found so many,  that I am actually going to divide them up into two posts.  :)

Since buttercups are my favorite spring flowers, lets start with YELLOW.

If you are feeling brave and bold, you can go with a school bus kind of yellow for your front door…




Or if you want some color, but want to be a little more subtle, maybe a more mustard-y version of yellow…




I had a harder time finding a really light yellow door, but I thought this one was pretty…



Another fun color to use on a front door is some type of shade of aqua or teal…turquoise















The painted door below is what we would call “Kentucky Blue” around here!  You can definitely find this color in nearby Lexington.  












Navy blue has been one of my favorite colors to decorate with this year, and the front door would be no exception.  








So which is your favorite painted door color from this post?  Do you have any of these colors on your front door?




  1. I would LOVE a bright yellow front door!
    More importantly, I love your blog and admire you and your beautiful family. I followed every step of your beautiful daughter’s arrival and prayed for you. I rejoiced with your happy ending. You are truly blessed!

  2. Kentucky Blue!!! Being from Lexington and now in Tampa I miss anything Kentucky and Blue and Basketball and horses and etc………

  3. We are in the process of putting new siding on our house and as soon as that is done we will be painting everything including the front door. We already have the paint and picked out a very pretty light yellow called Lemon Cream for our front door :)

  4. Maybe you could paint your side or back door. I would choose the “greyed” teal or the navy.

  5. We painted ours a blueberry color. With the red brick house, it just pops! It is very similar to your Kentucky blue examples.

  6. I would like to paint our door a pop of color but not sure what looks good with brown brick and tan trim. The door is currenlty black, which I like. I considered a dark teal but hubby said “umm, no” and he’s right, I’m not a teal person anyway. the yellow is pretty, but sure he would veto that too :). I’m hoping to replace it soon with a wooden door similar to yours so no matter what I paint the current one it will only be a temporary change.

  7. My front door is pumpkin orange, which I love, but the first yellow- “school bus yellow”- is definitely right up my alley, too! Can’t wait to see part 2! Thanks for such a fun post!

  8. My door is a really pretty shade of purple and I love it! By the way I thought the red stools you added to hold ferns last year made the porch come alive. I hope you will reuse those. Since you would be crazy to paint your beautiful wood doors those stools can be painted any color to satisfy your spring hue hunger. :)

  9. I love the bright yellow with grey shiplap and white trim. It’s so happy!
    We have double wood doors…distressed and wire brushed on our current home. It goes with the “Old European” feel of the home.
    Painted doors are fun though, because you have so many color options.

  10. I have been trying to talk my PC (Prince Charming) into painting our door for two years. We live in El Paso and our subdivision (Sandstone Ranch) is all brown stucco. BORING. I see a few red doors sprinkled about but most of the doors are white frames with black wrought iron. I don’t know what color we could try but sure would like to spice things up. My mom and brother live in Lexington. Kevin is a huge UT Vols fan (my alma mater) but started dating a gal this year who loves UK. He finally traded in his orange for blue last weekend to make her happy. Love that UK blue!

    1. Any man that will turn in his UT orange for KY blue is a good man. Your momma raised him right! 😉

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