The Cottage House Flip Reveal {by Jenna Sue Design}

Y’all, there is a house flip that I have been salivating over for several months now.   The amazing  Jenna Sue from Jenna Sue Design bought a cottage house to flip and renovated from top to bottom.

Jenna Sue literally has magic in her finger tips when it comes home renovations.  I LOVE her youtube channel and never miss any of her videos. 

I messaged her on Instagram this week and asked her if I could share her cottage house flip with y’all this week, and she said “yes!”

Many of you may have already seen it, but if you haven’t, hold on to your DIY lovin’ horses!

I’m gonna wet your whistle with some of my favorite “before” and “afters” from the flip, and then you can check out the rest on her blog. 

For starters, check out this kitchen…

So dark and sooo much wood!

But now… still my cottage loving heart…..

Isn’t that dreamy?

This is my favorite bathroom transformation…I seriously cannot believe it is the same bathroom!

First, check out the before…..yep, those are pink rugs on top of that striped carpet.  Yowzaa!

And the after….makes me swoon….

Are you kidding me?!!!  I die!

There were five bedroom makeovers in this renovation, but I am going to show you my favorite one.  

Here is the before…




And the amazing after….Oh my gosh, I love this room….

How cozy and cute is this space?!

See?!  I told you it was an amazing makeover!  And those are just THREE of the rooms!  There is sooooo much more that you have to check out!

You can see the whole makeover in THIS POST, and you can watch videos of the whole process by visiting her Youtube channel.  On her youtube channel, you can also see how she completed individual projects during the renovation like how to age brass or how to DIY your own range hood.

Come back and tell me which room renovation was your favorite in this flip.  :)



  1. That kitchen is darling! I’ll have to watch her on YouTube! Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I follow Jenna Sue as well, and… your favorite bedroom was my favorite one as well !!! :) I love it so much! I also really loved the kitchen, dining room, laundry room… well, really, the whole thing. You’re right, she definitely has magic in her finger tips.

  3. I see ot eye to eye, too. I love the bathroom with that adorable mirror above the bathtube. It’s my absolutely most gorgeous room reveal (next the kitchen) in that house. Some of the rooms have a light french farmhouse look. And all in all she did a great job.

  4. The “before” looks like the cabin we rent on vacation. Hubs LOVES it and wishes our house looked like that!!! Can you imagine transforming something in 2017 with that as the “after” goal?!!??!!

  5. Wow, I can’t thank you enough for sharing this…I am now subscribed to Jenna Sue and I so appreciate insight and tips! I am hoping to one day use that tutorial on the DIY range hood!

  6. I follow Jenna’s blog too and I love everything she did with this flip. It’s absolutely amazing. She definitely has some talent for sure.

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