Our New Storage Room {Reveal!}

Y’all!  We finally finished our storage room in the back of our garage!!

Let me give you a little background before I show it to you. 

We bought our 1400 sq ft ranch almost 6 years ago.  We had zero storage in our ranch for our family of six, but thankfully, we had a small “guest house” in the back of our property that became our storage building.  

Over the years as we have renovated our ranch and added an addition, but we still didn’t have much storage in our house.  So our guest house has stayed full of unpacked boxes and extra furniture. 

Well, when we decided to build our two car detached garage this year, I told Cy that I wanted to build a space on the back of the garage that will be our new storage room.  So when we were making plans, we simply added 6 extra feet on to the back of our garage, the length of the garage, for storage space. 


We were able to get all of our stuff out of the “guest house,” and now Jonathan sleeps out there and has all of his recording equipment set up there.

Moving our “stuff” from the guest house (where it has been for five years) to the new storage room was very useful.  I was able to go through each box and get rid of stuff we didn’t need anymore and re-organize the stuff we did want to keep. 

For our storage room, I really wanted to have cedar on the wall to keep bugs out and because I love the smell. :)

So I partnered with Cedar Safe for this project!

I am so excited with how it turned out and thrilled that I finally have a nice, organized space to help me find things easily.  

Jonathan helped me create a video of the process, and I think he did a great job!  I would LOVE if you would take the time to watch this video, give it a “thumbs up,” leave a comment, and even share it!  That would make my day!!

Plus, you want to be sure to watch until the end to see some bloopers that include me and Sania Louise!  ;)



What do you think?  Isn’t it great?!  Do you have space in your home that you would love lined with cedar? 
*This post was sponsored by CedarSafe but all ideas and opinions are 100% my own. 


  1. We had the popcorn ceilings plastered over in our home but didn’t bother with the closets. Of course it didn’t take long and the closet ceilings bugged me, we covered them with the cedar planks, love them!

  2. We just got a wonderful deal on metal shelving and are in the process of doing our basement over. I LOVE to decorate – right now I have a small Easter tree in the living room decorated with eggs and bunnies. I have many, many, MANY containers of Holiday decorations and just plain stuff. My hubby has three more shelves to put together and then we will be almost done. I have some piles – trash, donate and one pile for each of our sons. They have all moved out but they left their “stuff” here. I gave them fair warning. I want my house organized. I have a perfect place for cedar lining but I would need Cy up here to help.

  3. Great closet!! I’m sure it smells wonderful. Am I the only one that thinks it looks like strips of bacon on the walls? That would smell good, too. Ha! I’d love to have a cedar-lined closet. Good job, Cy & family!

  4. Loved this! I know it makes you feel so good to finally get that storage finished and organized. Cy’s personality is hilarious! He’s such a hard worker. Loved the bloopers and can’t wait to see more videos. THIS. WAS. GREAT!!

    Marilyn C.

  5. Great job. I’m going to show my husband. :) Last summer we just built a garage/shop a little bigger than yours. This would be a great idea, but I believe we need the length for the trailer we want to get someday and he just built beautiful stairs to go up into the attic to store all our junk. How many attics does a person need? We have a 3 bay garage on our house with an attic that is full. Ugh!!! I think I need to get rid of baby stuff since all my kids are grown and gone. LOL :) I told him we are cleaning out the first attic before anymore stuff is going in the new one. :) I Just started looking at your blog. Its really fun. I have been following Cyndi’s for a year now and just started looking at Courtney’s. Your mom would be proud of you all. Bless you.

  6. The house I grew up in had cedar closets so the smell reminds me of my childhood. Looks like Cy had fun doing the work! Love how your storage room turned out ❤

  7. Love your new storage. One can never have too much storage, that’s for sure. What a great product you chose. Will definitely give that some thought down the road.

  8. Wow the closet looks great.. I love the idea of cedar and no bugs!! 🐛🐜🕷Great job and loved the cute bloopers… 😂😂😂

  9. Loved the video! Cedar smells Sooo good, maybe a closet lined in cedar for us down the road? You Guys had so much fun making this video, who knew Cy was a comic! Hahahaha

  10. Great job to all of you! Appreciate Cy’s FYI on the minimal waste of the cedar planks. It looks beautiful. Enjoyed seeing the assorted family personalities. You make it real and lovingly wonderful. It would be fun to tour Jonathan’s bedroom/studio sometime. Thank you for sharing your superb skills.

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