I have a favorite song right now. 

It’s Still by Hillary Scott. 

I love it for two reasons.  

One, because the words and music are absolutely beautiful.  I love Hillary’s voice.

But secondly because it reminds me of when we were in the middle of Sania’s adoption and things were not going so well.  We were trying to continue our adoption after it had ended, and we were struggling with how long it was taking to get things done. 


Sania was not in a good place in Latvia, and we wanted to fly over on a plane and rescue her immediately, but we couldn’t.  We felt so helpless, and we desperately wanted to fight for her. 

And then I read the scripture, Exodus 14:14….



It was such a great reminder that the Lord was fighting for her every day.  He was moving mountains that we couldn’t see.  But the second half of that scripture is the hardest. 

Be Still. 

I struggle with being still in every area of my life, but especially when it comes to trusting God and letting Him fight my battles.  But that is what He calls us to do.   

That is why I love this song so much.  It reminds me to be still and rest in the peace of knowing that God is in control. 

I pray that this song blesses you as well today. 





  1. Amen! The struggle is real, Traci! Thank you for this reflection and reminder to “let go and let God”. Have a blessed Sunday with your family!

  2. Traci, thank you so much!! My husband and I really needed to hear this today, as we are going through many trials!! (((Hugs)))

  3. So amazing how God reminds us to lay our burdens down at His feet. Why do we persist upon fighting battles that we don’t have too. It’s like us fighting a house fire with our garden hose when there’s Firefighter standing next to us. . Her song Thy Will, is bone chilling. Xoxo thank you for this

  4. This goes hand in hand with the scripture that tells us to “be still and know.” We’re all often tooooo busy and the noise drowns HIM out. Blessings!

  5. What a beautiful reminder of who our God is, and of how much He loves us. Enough to part our troubled waters, move mountains standing in our way, and sacrifice His son to redeem us. Thank you for sharing the song and your sweet testimony.

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