Decorating with Color: Blush Pink

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Today, I am teaming up with my sister, Cyndi, who blogs at Grace & Beauty!  Cyndi and I started I blogs at the same time, and it is funny how we have both grown our blogs around things that we are passionate about.  I love all things HOME, and she loves all things FASHION.  She comes to me when she needs help decorating her house, and I go to her when I need help with my wardrobe.  Plus, I get to borrow lots of her jewelry which I love!  I just wish we wore the same size in clothes and shoes.  Let’s just say that she is a little more petite than me.  {wink}

Fashion and Home Decor actually have a lot in common!  Trends you see on the runway almost always end up showing up in home decor.  So today, my sister and I are going to talk about a color that we are seeing a lot in both…blush pink!

Sound like fun?!  After reading this post, click the link at the bottom of the post to hop on over to my sister’s blog! 

Now, let’s talk pink!  

Believe it or not, I now have this color in my home because of my new daughter!  Before that, I was drowning in a sea of reds, blues, and tans…because of my four sweet boys. :)

I had so much fun decorating our daughter’s room, and I added touches of pink in the antique door, the rug, and the curtains.

I also added a matching blush pink rug in our guest bathroom that is right outside our daughter’s room.  

The rest of our bathroom is white and gray, so a little bit of pink gives it a feminine touch without being too “girly” for my boys. :)

There are a lot of shades of pink with which you can decorate, but the shade that is most on trend right now is Blush Pink. 



When finding these inspiration pictures on the internet, it became very obvious that blush pink looks best when paired with colors like black, white, or gray. 



I love how the simple pink shower curtain softens the entire look of the bathroom below. 



I found several pictures of blush pink vanities in bathrooms, but this one was my favorite because of the farmhouse feel.


 Here is another beautiful piece of furniture painted a darker shade of pink.  I love how they left the legs unpainted on this piece, and aren’t those glass knobs adorable?



This. Bed.  I want to jump right in it!  The majority of the bedding is white, but the touches of pink pillows and a pink blanket make it absolutely delightful!  I also noticed a little pink painted dresser by the bed. 




 Of course, we know how adorable pink is in a little girl’s bedroom, but I love how it was paired with the bold color of black in the room below.  



Here is an elegant bedroom that shows perfectly how beautiful blush pink is when paired with grays and blacks. 



And check out this beautiful bedroom of my friend Haneen!  If you took away the pink pillows and blanket, it would change the entire look and feel of the space.  The pink definitely softens the look and makes her bedding feel lighter. 



The only pink in the picture below is the curtains.  And they look gorgeous paired with shades of brown and white. 



Brown is another color that looks great with pink.  Don’t ya love how they painted the inside of the closet pink? 



If you don’t want to commit to large amounts of pink in your home, then a couple of throw pillows is the best way to go like in the picture below. 




This cozy nook added touches of pink on the ceiling, the window treatment, the ottoman, and the pillows and throw…perfection! 



And don’t forget that blush pink can be added on the exterior of your home as well.  I LOVE this pink porch swing.  It’s so sweet and nostalgic. 



And of course, you could always paint one of your doors pink as well.   This shade of pink is perfect!




Now it is time to hop on over to my sister’s blog to find out ways to add blush pink to your wardrobe! 




  1. I love your daughter’s room! I painted my master bath & ceiling pink in my last house and I miss it so.
    You are just as cute as your sister!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love, love, love it!! After I read your blogs I just want to go home and decorate!! (Yes I am reading this while at work – YIKES!!) You are so inspiring! Keep up the great work. Although my style isn’t the “farmhouse” look, I love it and have started incorporating a little bit more of it in my bold colors and chunky, bold, whimsical décor. I also love your sister’s blog and have been following it for a while now. So awesome that you two can highlight each other! Have a super fantastic Thursday!!

  3. I love blush! These are beautiful rooms, and they have given me so much inspiration. I want to turn my college age son’s bedroom into my office soon. I live in a household of boys, so I can’t wait to have one girly room of my own!

  4. I’ve never thought about pink in this way!! I just demo’ed a pink cultured marble bathroom!! Lol!! But these subtle additions of people nk are so much more beautiful! Thanks for sharing!! Ps- being the only female in my home, I completely understand how much fun it was to decorate a little girls room! Congratulations!!

  5. Love your post. Cyndi is so fortunate to have you close for help. I need you. :) Love your stories about your family and the post here about the boys and Sania and also her school award. I loved hearing all of what you each have learned through the process. God is Good. Bless you for your adoption.

  6. All of these photos are gorgeous! I especially love the pink inside of the closet! Do you think that my husband would let me get away with that? Haha! I love this color series so much, and what a fun collaboration it is with your sister!

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