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Hey sweet friends!

I’m still getting used to the kiddos being home everyday, and trying to find time to work on my computer has been hard. :) However, I am hoping to start sharing our laundry room makeover with you.  I have a ton of photos and videos that we took from the beginning of our makeover that I am still trying to put together in some posts.

Right now, I am searching online and in stores for those little “decorating touches” for our laundry room, and I wanted to share with you today my love for vintage or industrial laundry baskets. 

Since my folding area is on a different wall than my dryer, I need a laundry basket on wheels that I can put my dry clothes in and roll them over to my folding area.  Here are some of my favorite inspiration pics…

I love this monogrammed grain sack lining in this french wire rolling hamper.

Miss Mustard Seed


Pottery Barn used to sell these, but they don’t carry them anymore, or I would have probably bought one.  Does anyone know where I can get one?  

(Pottery Barn – no longer available)


I also love these industrial canvas laundry baskets.  At first, I thought I wanted one of these for my laundry room, but I think I’m digging the wire baskets more right now. 



Here is another example of a rolling canvas basket…



I also like these smaller wire baskets like Jenna Sue had in her laundry room. 



One more beautiful laundry room… 

Twelve on Main


I’m still trying to decide on exactly which laundry cart I want, but I will be most likely be ordering one of the ones below. 

Need some new laundry baskets for your home?  Click on the affiliate links below to get the look!





  1. I love the rolling carts too. I found a vintage one at an estate sale a couple years ago. I love it! It’s similar to the first pic in the bottom row of your selection. We are working on our laundry room too, it’s been a slow process… old house lots of delays!

  2. Yowza! I have never seen these before and I love them! I don’t need anything like that, as my laundry room is actually a closet. :) But…if we ever move, I am fantasizing about the rooms you showed…they are nicer than my kitchen! lol

  3. Decor Steals feautures them at times but I can’t remember if they are lined or not. Joss and Main might have similar ones too.

  4. I love the wire ones – but with a liner. I had one several years ago and washed the liner – long story but it shrunk and wouldn’t fit – so I used the basket without the liner – snagged my clothes :(. So, choose wisely.

  5. I would suggest one of the elevated ones, so you don’t have to bend over to take items out of the basket.

  6. The raised baskets would be nice so you don’t have to bend over to remove the clean/dirty laundry from the basket. Love the wheeled baskets!

  7. I fold mine As it comes out of the dryer and stack it on top of the dryer to take and put away. I try to do this immediately upon it buzzing so very few wrinkles. I can’t imagine all the extra work putting it in a basket and then taking it out of the basket, folding it then taking it to where it goes! No wonder so many women hate doing laundry!
    I do like the look of the wire baskets but the one I selected was available at Amazon for $167! I can buy more clothes and do laundry less often with that $😁

  8. Traci, I’d buy one with a raised basket. I’m a few years older than you. Trust me, you don’t want to hsve to nearly reach to the floor.

  9. Traci. Have you tried a pottery barn outlet? Although some of the linked one are also very cute I like the one from world market it reminds me when we lived in an apartment and had to transport the clothes from the wash to the dryer to the apt. The good old days. I hope you find or make exactly what you want

  10. I’ve had my Steel rolling basket for about 8 years now and it still makes me smile every time I do laundry! Not great for wet stuff tho! Only drawback!

  11. Looking forward to seeing your new laundry room! As for the basket choices you showed, I’d like either the one in the top right corner or the one in the middle on the bottom row. I’d suggest getting a rolling cart/basket that your don’t have to bend over or stoop to retrieve clothes while folding. :) Have you looked at carts they have in laundromats? Heavy-duty, industrial, rubber-coated edge so it doesn’t scratch your cabinets/walls. Here’s a link to one I like:

    Good luck! I’m sure your laundry room is spectacular like the rest of your beautiful home!

  12. When I was young we had the exact sink in our laundry area that you found. Our laundry cart was a canvas lined little cart type , at waist height. I think you should look for one of those. It was really convenient because you didn’t have to bend down so much, it made many trips between the wash area and the clotheslines.

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