My Magazine Debut!

Well, y’all!  I finally made it on the front cover on a magazine! ;)

Okay, so it is only our local county magazine, but it’s a magazine, right?  {wink}

I was so honored to be chosen to for their inaugural issue, but I have to tell you something funny.  

When they were taking pictures for the article last summer (before we got Sania,) the photographer took a picture of me sitting on my couch. 

The blogger in me realized that my pillows were not “styled” or “fluffed” to look good for the picture.  I said, “Wait a minute!  Let me fix those pillows behind me!”  But the photographer said, “No.  Don’t worry about it.  I will crop those out.”

Well, I know ALL about the magic of cropping ugly stuff out of pictures, so I said “okay,” and just sat back down for the picture. 

Fast forward almost a year later when I received the magazine in my mailbox about a week ago and began reading the article.  Much to my surprise, I saw a two page spread in the middle of the magazine with me sitting on my couch, and guess what?…



I about died!  The article is about how I am a “home” blogger who focuses on home decor and DIY, and my pillows are squashed on my couch!

Now the truth of the matter is that most men who see this picture will never notice those pillows.  Am I right?  But we women….we notice. 

I was talking about this article with a sweet friend of mine, and I said “Did you see those pillows on my couch?!”

She smiled a sweet smile, and said, “Well, I thought maybe you were just trying to keep it real?”  

And then we laughed about it.

As much as it killed me to see those pillows on my couch, the truth is that is REAL LIFE.  Actually, I should have made it even MORE real life and just thrown the pillows on the floor because that is where they spend most of their time.  haha. 

Anyway, it was a super sweet article that they wrote, and I was truly honored to be selected for their inaugural issue. 

If you want to see the whole article, you should be able to see it HERE.


I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  I am so very thankful for all of those men and women who have served (and are serving) our wonderful country.  

God bless you all!





  1. I am totally cracking up about the pillows…..I would’ve been mortified. But you’re right…it’s life man. Congrats on the magazine!!!

  2. AHAHAHAHAHA that is just the funniest….thanks for making the rest of us who always have squashed or floor pillows feel right at home 😊 Congratulations on your first magazine spread, they couldn’t have chosen a nicer person!
    ps. the link has worked like a charm since you fixed it, good luck, hope you win 💃🏼

  3. You look beautiful! Those pictures are so sweet and show how your enter beauty glows. Not bad making the COVER of your first magazine debut. I have to say your deserve it all and more. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  4. Congratulations Tracy, front page of a magazine! You are a beautiful person, inside and out! I love your decor, even if there are “squashed pillows”!
    The magazine looks very interesting. Wish I could get a copy!

  5. Such a cute post. I had to smile reading this. Of course a squashed pillow is not allowed. Haha. Was the photographer a man? The picture of you is really beautiful though. Congrats.

  6. The pillows did make me laugh out loud!! Us women are fanatics about our pillows but cheers to keeping it real!!!😂😂😂😂😂 your home and you are gorgeous!!!

  7. That is hilarious about the pillows, and such a beautiful picture of you. Congratulations! Such a wonderful article about you and your family.

  8. Enjoyed seeing the magazine. Felt like I was a part of your corner of the world. Neat place to live. Keeping it real is what there needs to be more of since we are real peeps. Yep. Your coasters are cute!
    All the best and God bless,

  9. Hi Traci! Congratulations on your first magazine cover!!! I am so happy they chose you to represent their magazine. You are real and you don’t know how refreshing it is to have someone lay it on the line like you do! You are just precious along with your family. I have to say when I saw the pillows I thought there goes Traci being “real” again. How cute that you take it like you do and just laugh about it!!! Thanks for the dose of real everyday and laughter! I just love you! Have a blessed weekend! Love, Carlie

  10. We are fickle, aren’t we? Truly though, such a beautiful picture of your space, but more importantly, of YOU! You brighten the room!

  11. That is so wonderful to get chosen for a magazine article. The pictures of you are great. I had to laugh about your pillow story. I’m not sure I would have even noticed. But, I can’t decorate. :) Looking forward to reading the whole article. You look so professional.

  12. That is sooo funny about the pillows 😄 that is the way mine look everyday no matter how many times a day I fix them with 2 rambunctious boys in the house!! And, like you said, mine usually wind up on the floor too! Congratulations on the magazine cover! Love your blog 😊

  13. Love it….thanks for sharing it with us all. The pictures of you and your home are gorgeous and what cute wedges!

  14. ~PRICELESS!!! I just adore “Your Keeping it Real AND Telling it like it is”, Traci! 2 0f several reasons I continue to ENJOY and feel Blessed by Your Blog..even had to take a few minutes to read on our vacation to Europe.. Yep, it’s that Special to me. Have a GREAT DAY!!!

  15. Congratulations, Traci! It is such a lovely article about you, Cy and the boys. May it be the first of many magazine covers and articles. You have worked so hard and deserve lots of recognition. God bless you and your family.

  16. How funny! I probably wouldn’t have noticed but if I were you, it would have aggravated me too. But, pillows are rarely straight on a couch. Good for you, they picked a great subject for their first issue!

  17. Congratulations on the article and making the cover! Keeping those pillows on the couch and chairs (and fluffed no less) is a never ending battle is it not? Ugh I do it every evening as I head to bed and I bet it’s the one time of the day when the pillows all look nice.

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