Building our Laundry Room {From the Beginning!}

So you guys, I know that some of you are probably wondering when we are ever going to finish our laundry room, and well, I am too!  

Just kidding. 

We are thisclose to being finished, and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

We actually started building our laundry room months ago, so I thought I should start from the beginning and share all of the pictures and videos that I haven’t shared with you yet.

Let’s start with what our old laundry room looked like, and how we added a room on to our home for our new laundry room. 

You can see the door to our laundry room in the picture below.  Man, I wish my kitchen always looked this clean and had fresh flowers on the table at all times!!

This past fall, I took the laundry room door off because I knew that we would be turning that space into our “butler’s pantry,” which would eventually lead into our new laundry room.

For the time being, I put a little “coffee station” in there.  (Ignore the chalkboard wall that I started but never finished.  ha!)

Now brace yourselves for my very REAL LIFE laundry room pics!  

As you can see, there wasn’t a lot of space in our old laundry room.  We had the water heater in there taking up some space, and I built a make-shift station for the boys’ laundry baskets.  However, I didn’t have a good space to fold the clothes before I put them in their baskets.

I’m not even going to try and explain my “laundry system” and what all those white baskets were for! haha!  Let’s just say it was a hot mess, and I avoided going in this room as much as possible!

When we first started talking about building a new laundry room, we discussed knocking out the wall on the back of the house (behind the washer and dryer,) and making the space larger.  However, that was actually going to cost us more time and money than just creating a doorway (where the window is) that lead into a completely new room.

So we decided to not change the layout of our old new laundry room, but instead, build a completely new laundry room on the back of the house.  Our old laundry room would then be called our “butler’s pantry,” and will contain extra cabinetry and storage off our kitchen.  YAY!

As you can see in the picture below, Cy began building a room on the back of our house.  You can see my laundry room window on the brick wall which would eventually turn into a doorway. 

The one thing I really wanted in my laundry room was a huge window so I could see into our backyard and so that lots of sunshine could poor into my laundry room.  There is nothing worse than a dark laundry room!


I added the picture below to show you where our new laundry room is in perspective to the new garage we built.  These two structures were going up at the same time. 


The side doorway in our new laundry room would eventually lead to a walkway to our new garage. 


Here is the view out the laundry room window….except we have since moved the basketball goal to another spot. 


After the room was dried-in, Cy plumbed it for our sink and washer & dryer….

Once we got the shell of our new laundry room built, we were able to tear out the doorway that lead to our old laundry room….


Now, you can see how the laundry room leads to the butler’s pantry which leads to the kitchen! 

Things were starting to come together nicely, and I was love how it was turning out.

Coming up next, I will be sharing our choices for our wall treatment and flooring!

Until then, Have a blessed weekend!!







  1. Wow, looks like Cy is working very hard and also looks like you are going to have a laundry room you will really enjoy. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. You just gotta love that Cy! Traci, you think the laundry room is too small? I’ll build you a bigger one and BAM!!! We are looking at a bigger laundry room. Yes, you are one lucky girl Traci Hutcherson!!! Can’t wait to see the finished pictures.

  3. I love seeing all that you and your husband work together to do for your home. You are teaching your boys how a family works together and dreams and then makes those dreams come true! I hope (and I feel certain this is happening) that Cy is teaching those boys the “how’s and Why’s” of building and plumbing. That knowledge is Golden!! I have three girls myself, so I am always looking, and happy to see strong, good looking, and self sufficient boys ;) We may need to relocate to Kentucky :) Just kiddin’. The Lord knows what these kiddos will need in a mate, but I will say that having these extra handy skills is a real blessing!

  4. I love what vision you have for your home! You’ve taken a house that many people wouldn’t have given a second look at and it has become a star! What a blessing to have such a talented/skilled hubby – my daddy was like that and I tried to learn as much as I could from him. My husband says I’m “fearless” because when I want something done often times I will just jump in feet first and hope for the best – “most” of the time it turns out good, but I’ve had some hiccups . Y’all make such a good team, and what an experience for your children.

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