How to Remove Tanning Lotion Stain from your Hands!

Hey friends!  I hope you are having a good week.  My sweet Sania has been sick since Sunday night.  :( 

We went to the doctor today and found out she has strep throat, so she started her on antibiotics today.  Please pray that it doesn’t spread to my other kiddos! 

I wanted to share a quick, non-home related, post with you.

During the summer, I definitely like to look more tan, but honestly, I do not like to be in the sun much.  I’ve never been much of a pool girl, so I tend to use sunless tanning lotion in the summer to give me a little bit of a tan. 

Only bad thing is that many sunless tanning lotions leave a horrible stain on your hands!  I’ve bought gloves before to use when I apply the lotion, but they are a pain to wear, and I’m always running out. 

One day last summer, when I didn’t have any gloves and the tanning lotion stained my hands, I grabbed my toothpaste just to see if it would help get the stain off better than soap….AND IT DID!

I couldn’t believe it!  I have been using it ever since, and I thought I would share my little trick with you in case you needed it. 

Here is what I do when applying tanning lotion:

  1.  I apply a small amount of regular lotion on my hands and rub it in to my skin.  (I think this helps the tanning lotion go on smoother and more even.)
  2. Next, I apply the sunless tanning lotions to my legs and arms.  (I usually do my legs first, clean my hands with toothpaste, and then apply the tanning lotion to my arms, and clean again with toothpaste.)
  3. Clean with Colgate with Baking Soda toothpaste.  This brand works best.  The gel kind does not work as well.
  4. Wash once with toothpaste.  If any stain remains, wash again with toothpaste.


No more stain!

(Disclaimer:  I have no idea if this trick works with ALL tanning lotions, but it has worked with all of the ones that I have used.)

I know that most tanning lotions are full of toxic chemicals, but they make some healthier options now too!

Here are some Healthy Tanning Lotions I recommend:




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  1. In your opinion, which self-tanner smells the least offensive? I don’t tan much anymore either so I use self-tanners a lot. My biggest complaint is the smell :-( I have tried so many and they all have a weird smell to me.

  2. I have found that plain baking soda will remove the tanning lotion from your hands. I wash once with soap and water to get the majority of it off and then wash a second time by adding some baking soda to the soap. It takes it right off. To make the baking soda more convenient I put it in an old parmesan cheese container. The exfoliation of the baking soda also keeps my hands really soft. I hope Sania feels better soon! Strep can be miserable.

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