Installing the Vintage Concrete Sink in our Laundry Room!

Hey friends!  Happy Hump Day!

Several months ago, (when it was still cold here in Kentucky,) Jonathan, Sania, and I drove to North Carolina and back in ONE DAY to get this beautiful concrete sink.

Yes. To me, it’s beautiful. :). I love concrete!

I had been looking for a sink like this for a long time, and when I finally found one in decent shape, I just had to go get it!

Jonathan filmed and edited this video to show you how we did it!  I would love it if you could subscribe to my youtube channel and be sure to give my video a thumbs up and leave me a comment. :)




  1. Sink looks beautiful! Can’t wait to see the completed room. But I must ask…was that adorable little pooch that was trying to help a Cavalier?

    1. I didn’t have safety glasses on, but I did have my reading glasses on 95% of the time, I swear. :). I just didn’t like Jonathan filming me with them on when I was talking to the camera, and then I forgot to put them back on in that one clip. I’ll be sure to make that more noticeable in my next video. xoxo Traci

  2. My parents have this sink in the basement if their home (built in the early ’60s). I must be sure to save it for myself if the home is ever sold.

  3. How did you find it? I remember having one as a kid in our house. They were great. I only see the fiberglass or plastic ones anymore…and YUK.

  4. OMG I love that sink! Confession >> After watching the video, I went to craigslist (my fav shopping method too) and searched for a concrete sink! Now I WANT ONE!! We are about to embark on our renovation soon! I can’t wait!

  5. I know this project was years ago, but I have a question about the drain…did you have to figure out whether or not it was still good before putting it to use? My plumber says if the drain is bad its almost impossible to fix. Thanks for any advice you have!

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