Wipe Your Feet, Please!

Hey y’all!

Spring and Summer always drive me a little batty around my house because it seems that dirt makes it’s way a little easier into my house.  No matter how many times I tell my boys to take off their shoes or wipe them off at the door, little dirty footprints end up on my floor.  #gottalove’em

So having a door mat at every entrance into my house is a MUST!  And if you have to have door mats, why not make them pretty, right?


I just bought this mat, and LOVE it!  



I’m on the hunt for one for my front door, so I’ve been looking online.  I thought I would share some of my favorite with you! 



How do you keep dirt from coming in your house?

Have a blessed day!




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  1. Cute mats! One thing I do to (help) keep the floors clean is to remember to vacuum and dust mop the garage also. That seems to keep more of the fine dirt OUT!

  2. I am searching for a mat that says, ” My Wife she has the cleaning blues, so please remove your little
    shoes!!!!!! (: (:

  3. I have a very large mat, with a smaller one on top, at both my front door, back door and garage entry. It really seems to help. AND, muddy shoes, socks, etc. aren’t welcome :). I love some of these you have shown.

  4. I have used Stanley Steemer door mats for years and love them. You can order them online or if you have Stanley Steemer service in your area, I think they will deliver them to you. They aren’t decorative, but they really do the job and they come in several colors. I bought two for my daughter-in-law (3 kids) and she loves them too. The dirt falls through the mat to the surface beneath so the mat doesn’t get filled with dirt and debris. I keep a small rug under the mat to catch the dirt and just shake out the rug as well as the mat. They have a lifetime warranty and will be replaced free when they begin to show wear.

  5. We have more sand than grass in our yard, so I feel your pain. At our front door I have a mat I purchased at Home Depot that does great, but I also have a very large rubber mat at the top of our front steps that does a great job with trapping sand. It’s not pretty, but I’m more interested in keeping the sand out. The Stanley Steamer mats are phenomenal!

  6. I buy the door mats at IKEA ($9.99) and with my Cricut I make a stencil and paint my own design. It’s a fun project and I get a mat that no one else has.

  7. Are you saying you want to replace the current front door mat you have that says “Hello”? I think it looks great. Where are you planning on putting your new mat that says “Home Sweet Home”?

  8. Shoes are not worn inside our house. They are taken off before you come in, and put on just as you’re going out. Period.

  9. Well, I had my day of dirty little feet but rarely anymore. The kids are grown and the Grans are here occassionally and leave a few little prints but it’s quite alright. :o)) I have a BIG front door mat from Frontgate and a smaller one at our back porch door. Happy week!

  10. Where I live in Alberta, Canada it is generally accepted that shoes are off at the door. Sometimes a visitor will ask if they can keep their shoes on or will bring indoor shoes.

  11. Where did you get the “Hello” mat in the picture you posted? I am looking for one just that size to put in front of our double front doors. Thanks :)

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