Painting our Laundry room

Hey friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I snapped this picture after church yesterday when the boys gave their Father’s Day gift to Cy….a fishing pole!

And then I just sat there and looked at it.  That’s my crazy family, and I’m still amazed that we are a family of seven!  And I am in awe of how the Lord brought our daughter into our family from the other side of the world.  It’s mind blowing how she feels like she has ALWAYS been mine.   She is a Hutcherson through and through!   #adoptionisabeautifulthing

Today, I wanted to jump on and share with you a video we created a few months ago when we painted the exterior of our laundry room.  Jonathan filmed and edited it. :)

We used Valspar Duramax exterior paint and had it color matched at Lowe’s to Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.  I’ve used this color inside my house as well, and I’m getting ready to use it in my office makeover.  It’s my fav.

{P.S.  This video was filmed right when I started the FASTerWaytoFatLoss program, and I remember wearing dark colors to hopefully not make me look so large on camera.  I remember how out of shape and tired I felt.  But the good news is that when I watched this video this week, I thought, “Oh, that’s the old me!”  :) What a great feeling to be headed in a NEW direction toward wellness.  yay!!}

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*We partnered with Lowe’s for some of our laundry room makeover.  All opinions and ideas are 100% ours! :)


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  1. Good job! Y’all make it look so EASY. I’ll admit that I tried a paint sprayer and I couldn’t ever get it to work right. It was also a Wagner from Lowe’s – it spit and sputtered and made a big mess that I had to sand – I hate to sand. If you have any tips on using a sprayer I’d be interested.
    Also, FYI – your email link isn’t bringing up this post – it’s bringing up your faster way to fat loss – last post before and after pics.

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