Jonathan’s New Cover Video!

Hey Friends!

My honey and I are having fun celebrating our 20th anniversary in Tybee Island, but I wanted to hop on here and share Jonathan’s new cover video with you. 

A cover video is when a singer “covers” a song of another artist.  Jonathan chose to do his own version of a song called “I Like Me Better” by Lauv.  His goal is to try and put out a new cover video each week to help gain followers and subscribers to his youtube channel. 

My son, Luke, shot the video for Jonathan yesterday around our little guest house in our back yard.  My favorite part of the whole video is the last few seconds when it shows them together.  These two have become the best of friends as they have gotten older, and I adore their relationship!  I love how Luke supports and encourages Jonathan in his dreams.  

Here is the video on youtube….  

You can click on the “youtube” icon in the bottom right hand corner to watch it on youtube, and then you are able to “like” his video and leave a comment.  Jonathan also told me to ask my readers to subscribe to his channel and share his video.  (cutie-pa-tootie!)

P.S.  If you want to watch or share his video on Facebook, click HERE.

 Love you, friends!!!


  1. I have known from the first time I heard Jonathan’s voice he was going places! He is so talented . May God be wth him as he begins his journey. God bless you young man!

  2. Amazing… wow.. that was so good… spot on… 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 And congrats on your anniversary.. enjoy your trip… 🌹

  3. Great young man! Good job! Brothers are special friends for sure. Happy Anniversary to you!

  4. Wow!!! He sings so great. Thanks for sharing. Its so neat when siblings are true friends huh? Enjoy your anniversary get away together. God bless you all. :) PS How do you subscribe to his channel? I’m dumb when it comes to this stuff. :)

    1. To Kathy, to subscribe to anything in YouTube, you need to create an account, then there is a little red “subscribe” button under generally under the actual video that will allow you to subscribe to that channel, but you have to have an account first. Hope this helps. ~Kim

  5. I just went and converted his video to an mp3 and put it onto my phone so I can always listen to it. I have also subscribed to his channel. I am a huge music lover and love to support up and coming artists. You have an amazing family. Continued prayers for your family for all of your journeys.

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