Our trip to Tybee and a Funny (yet not funny) Story!

Hey friends!  Cy and I got back from our little mini-vacay yesterday, and man, does it feel good to be home!  We had a great time in Tybee Island.  I snapped a few pics on my phone to share with you.

We took this picture in the glass window at the airport before we left…

It was super hard leaving this crew, especially Sania Louise.  It was the first time that both Cy and I were going to be gone from her for an extended period of time.  But I am happy to report, that she did fine! :)

We flew into Savannah on Thursday, and then took an uber to Tybee Island.  The weather was good most of the time, but we did have a few storms come through.  The worst part was the humidity.  ugh.  I bought a hat there because there was really no use in me fixing my hair.  haha!

Tybee definitely gives you a true “island” experience.  It is not as commercialized as places like Hilton Head, which is another place our family loves to visit.  However, I will have to be really honest here.  I like places like Hilton Head better.  

I love the beach, but I also like easy access to places like Starbucks, Krogers, or McDonald’s cokes. :)  Tybee did not have easy access to those type of places.  

But if you are someone who likes the true island vibe, then you would like Tybee.  

We actually left Tybee one night early and stayed Saturday night in Savannah.  I LOVED Savannah and hope to go back there soon!

Cy and I had a great time together, and had fun reminiscing over the last 20 years.  Man, time flies.  I still can’t believe we’ve been married 20 years!!  

We were very excited to get home and see the kiddos!  

They picked us up at the airport yesterday, and then we went to get an early dinner.  

When we got home, I was surprised to see that the house was not only still standing, but was actually really clean.  They had all worked together to get the house straight and clean, and there were even candles lit around the house!  So sweet!

The boys told us they wanted to go fishing for a couple of hours, so they left the house around 4:30 p.m., and I ran to the store to get a couple of things.  A couple of hours passed, and the boys weren’t home yet, but I wasn’t worried because they have been known to stay gone a little longer than they are supposed to.  

However, I didn’t like that they forgot to tell me where they were going fishing, and I had no way to get ahold of them.  Both Jonathan and Luke have broken phones, and Adam left his phone at home.  :(

Around 9:00 pm, I started getting worried.  It was almost dark, and we hadn’t heard a word from them.  I didn’t know where they were fishing, but I knew that some of the spots they like to go to can be a little dangerous.  I started texting my boys’ friends to see if they may know where they went fishing, but they didn’t know anything.  

Sania was already asleep, and Cy and I sat on the front porch waiting for them to drive down the street.  At 9:30, it was almost completely dark outside, so I went inside the house and put my shoes on.  They had been gone almost 5 hours, and I was starting to freak out!  I told Cy that I was going to drive around to some of the fishing spots to see if I could find their cars.  I was starting to wonder at what point would we call the police if we couldn’t locate them?  

Then all of a sudden, I looked out our bathroom window, and I saw two headlights coming down the road and turning into the bottom of our driveway.  I could tell it was Jonathan’s car and relief ran over me….along with some anger.  I started running from our master bedroom to the front door ready to yell at the boys for being gone so long. 

Then all of a sudden, I realized there was a small figure running in front of Jonathan’s car as he was slowly driving up the driveway.  Jonathan was honking his horn, and Luke and Adam were hootin’ and a hollerin’ with their heads hanging out the windows.  They were dying laughing. 

And then I realized that that small figure in front of Jonathan’s was my 10 year old, Eli.  

He was BUTT NAKED running up the driveway!!

He had gotten completely wet while fishing and had taken his clothes off in the car, so the boys dared him to run up our very long driveway completely naked with nothing but two bright headlights shining on his white hiney!  He was laughing and the boys were laughing, and at that moment it was REALLY hard to be mad anymore. 

BOYS!!!!  They are crazy!

Mind you, I did give them a strong talkin’ to when they got out of the car.  They had scared this mama’s heart to death, and I told them I was super close to calling the cops.  I told them never to be gone that long again without making contact with Cy or me at some point, and to ALWAYS tell us exactly where they are going fishing so we know where to look if we need to.

Anyway, I just had to share that story with you, and MAN do I wish I had gotten a video of that little naked shadow running up my driving last night to share with you! haha!

There is never a dull moment is this family, I swear!

Have a great day, friends! 






  1. Traci. That was. A great story ! Poor Eli ! Im glad you and Cy had a good trip. Did you leave Jonathan in charge ?

  2. That sounds like something my youngest son would have done and probably did. Those days were so wonderful. My oldest son is thirty-eight and my other son is Thirty-three. Both of them are married oldest has two boys and my younger son has a little girl. We are so blessed!

  3. Great Story and I think I’ll look up where you went. I live on the West Coast….Oregon, so have no idea about East Coast places. Sounded fun and a beautiful place. Glad you had a good time. Nice you could leave your older kids in charge while you are gone. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your life. :)

  4. What a great story because it had a great ending. What is it with boys running naked? I’m glad you had a relaxing time at Tyber.

  5. We have 2 boys who are in their 30’s. Yes I agree boys are crazy and very interesting. I’m sure you have lots of fun and laughs at your house . Glad you and Cy could get away and the boys got home safely. Have a blessed week.

  6. I am glad you enjoyed Tybee! We have heard great things about it! We visit Savannah frequently and it is one of our favorite places! We are trying to convince our daughter to head south for college so we can follow. Have you visited Charleston? It is our favorite place on earth(:

  7. This story reminds me of my brother and dad backpacking (mountain men always) in the middle fork of the Yuba river here in the Sierra Nevada of Northern California. This rugged area is very dangerous and only after they returned safely from any of their trips, did the family hear how close they came to their demise. I backpacked all my young years but I never reported near misses to mom , I did not want her to worry. (well, except the bear stories in Yosemite)
    It was very nice of Cy to stay up with you on the front porch until the young ins made it home; Cy knows what it is like to be a young fellow, he wanted to share the concern for the children with his lovely bride!
    I am reminded to always be considerate of another persons feelings, thanks to the Lord for your boys’ safety and for sharing yor story!

  8. That story! That is one that no one will ever forget and his brothers will enjoy telling over and over and over again. Love it! This is what family is all about. Seriously understand your worrying too – when you realize you don’t know really where your child/children are is a very sobering reality – usually only takes one time though.
    So, being from SC I can tell you that Hilton Head is my all time favorite place to go, beach wise in SC. I remember when all there was there was a 2-lane road and a small bridge to get over to the island – times have changed. BUT, Hilton Head has done an excellent job trying to keep the overly commercial feel away by making everyone adhere to strict building codes, sign heights, etc. My second favorite is Edisto Island outside of Charleston. Edisto is more family centered, as in, you better take your fun because there is nothing to do there except enjoy the beach. Since it’s near Charleston you can take a day trip over and enjoy all that Charleston has to offer. All that being said, I’m partial to the 30A stretch of Florida – the emerald coast as they call it – so so beautiful!!!
    Glad you all had fun, and congratulations on your anniversary!

  9. I love Tybee and Savannah too. My two kids and I have been 4 times now and are looking forward to going in about a month. Savannah is also a favorite. I’m like you and partial to my ice cold Coke’s from McDonald’s. So we usually make a day trip or two into “Town.” Congrat’s on your anniversary. PS, my son will be 35 tomorrow and time sure flies by. I wish I could freeze time for him and my 18 year old daughter. I enjoyed your story about your trip.

  10. Oh my gosh! Yes, the male of our species is a unique breed lol. Ok, Eli, next time one of the other brother’s has to take a dare! You’re a good sport, Eli, and will probably be hearing about this escapade for years to come. Always remember you were brave enough to take the dare!

  11. HA! I raised a few boys myself, and the things they can think up! Wears me out thinking about it. I could just picture that carload coming in the lane! And I could just feel your anxiety. It is rather harrowing to think of all your kids in the same car – I don’t think I ever got over that fear, especially when they got with their cousins. They were good kids, but liked to act crazy, and then who knows what they’d think up to do, not thinking of consequences in their young minds! I sat up many nights – I could never go to bed until they were all safely home! Sure glad they’re all raised and we all lived through it! They have some crazy stories to tell their kids!

  12. Ha! Ha! Funny story. One that will probably live on (in infamy.) It sounds like a full life. I’m sure at times it’s wild & crazy. It can’t help but be with five children. I can say that because I’m one of five myself, and my husband is one of six. (Their last child was adopted.) So I know how it can be. Thank the Lord for giving you a girl! Dimples & grins.

  13. I loved Tybee. Where did you stay? Planning a return trip soon. Always looking for recommendations on places to stay. Thanks

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