Our New Laundry Room Faucet for our Vintage Concrete Sink

Hey friends!

I’m currently sitting at “Kid’s Place” working on my computer while the kids get out “all their energies.”  It is CRAZY hard for me to be able to work on my computer during the summer, so sometimes I have to come to places like this to work while they play.  #desperatetimescausefordesperatemeasures

Anywhoo, I wanted to show you the new faucet we put in above our vintage concrete sink. 

I absolutely LOVE this little faucet!  Isn’t she cute?

We found this faucet at Lowe’s.  It’s called the Kingston Brass Magellan Oil-Rubbed Bronze 2-Handle High-Arc Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet, and is less than $100.  


I knew that I wanted the vintage looking “hot” and “cold” knobs on my faucet, and these are perfect.  Cy finished the plumbing, so this is now a fully functioning sink.  It’s great to have a place for the boys to clean their fishing equipment, their dirty shoes, and all the other dirty stuff they create daily!  ha!

Cy built a box under the sink to cover up all of the plumbing, but we haven’t painted it yet.  Once we paint it, it will blend right in with the wall behind it. 

But for now, we are just enjoying our new sink!


My next laundry room post will be a tutorial on how we built our cabinets!  

See you then!  



*This post was sponsored by Lowe’s.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine.  


  1. Cy does a beautiful job. So handy..Love the look of the sink…It is perfect for all the kids at your house. Waiting for the next set of pics to see whats going on. Keep looking up! Patty

  2. I agree, the faucet looks great. My practical side would want a spray hose tho for that size sink. I love the whole look of the room. Wish I had done black window frames after seeing yours.

  3. Love that sink! Hope the faucet works out for you, we had a similar one same brand, lasted about 6 months before it started leaking at the sink connection. Had a plumber look at it and he said it was just junk and couldn’t be repaired. Had to install a new one, different brand. Maybe we just got a faulty one. I agree about having a sprayer, couldn’t do without one. Looks great, can’t wait to see the finished room.

  4. I know this post is about your sink, but I’m looking the “shiplap” walls and ceiling :) because I’m getting ready to put that on my master bathroom ceiling .
    Love this sink – and I have major laundry room envy!!!

  5. Hot and cold cross handles have always been a favorite of mine. Great choice! We had a wall sink and cross handles in our old laundry room..loved it. Sadly, there is no place for a sink in my current laundry room.😔Maybe at some point we can put one in the garage.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Yes boys can find the dirt. You and Cy have created the perfect laundry room for ,may I say it, stinky boy stuff. Boys are dear and certainly loved and entertaining. I remember when one of my boys played football. I would hose the pads off in the driveway spray with Lysol then hang in the sun to dry. I wanted to dedicate salad tongs to athletic clothes but never did. The other of my darlings played basket ball. This required a brave mom as well pick up quick and throw in washer. Have a blessed week. Enjoy your kids and house

  7. PS Sometimes when I comment, I just feel honored to be replying to Jonathan’s mom. He’s a celebrity to me. :) LOL

  8. How did the drain pipe fit underneath your sink? I have the EXACT same sink. The metal frame is hitting directly where the drain pipe comes out at the wall about 16.5 inches from the ground. Did you have a plumber re-route plumbing? I would love to see a picture from underneath the sink, including the piping coming from the sink and the drain area underneath.

  9. I have the exact same sink. The original drain pipe coming from my wall hits the metal frame to the sink. Did a plumber have to move the drain pipe in your wall down a little? I would love to see pictures of the underside of the sink, including ALL piping under there. I am trying to figure this out and my plumbing skills are just okay.

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