10 Favorite Laundry Rooms

Today, I am going to share my 10 favorite laundry rooms with you.  I had hoped to share my own laundry room reveal, but we still have a few finishing touches before I do.  I’m actually in my car with Cy and Adam on our way to Nashville to hear Jonathan sing tonight at 3rd and Lindsley!  We are so excited! :)

(side note:  We are homeschooling Adam this year, in case you were wondering why he keeps showing up in my Insta-stories. haha!)

Anyway, on the way down to Nashville, we saw something right in the middle of our lane on the interstate, and it was a tiny gray kitten.  We didn’t hit her, but we were afraid another car would, so we carefully turned around and went back and found her.  She was creeping down the edge of the grass on the interstate.  She came right up to Cy, and she is now in the car with us. We stopped at the next exit and got her some food and milk, and a bottle of hand sanitizer for us! :)  This poor baby is skin and bones!  She’ll be going back home with us, and will be an outdoor cat, like our other one, Sassy.  I’m hoping that Sassy takes her in.

Anyway, that was an unexpected surprise!  I asked for help picking out her name on my instastories, particularly a name that had something to do with where we found her, and my favorites so far are Laney, Ryder, Journey, and Gypsy.

We are going to get her checked by a vet when we get home.  I’ll keep you update! :)

Now to the laundry room inspiration!






























Have a blessed weekend!!



  1. Love the one with the clothespins for lost socks ~ just 3 clothespins. Now, that’s optimism!

  2. Your little kitten is gorgeous! My husband is retired Navy and when we were stationed in Mississippi we found one of the sweetest kittens any one could be blessed to have as a pet. He literally stuck his head out from the blades of grass on the highway as I was taking our daughter to a friends house one evening. I brought him home and he moved all over the place with us and was the best cat ever. He passed away this summer and my heart still aches from missing him. I hope you are blessed with a loving kitten in the one you have found or I should say the one that found you. I am thinking of you all tonight and have Jonathon in my prayers. I had told my husband earlier this week that if my health was better we could take the weekend and drive up to Nashville to see Jonathon. Maybe after my surgery, my back will let me do some of the things we are missing out on. I girl can dream and hope. God knows what I need! Have a blast tonight!

    1. I am not a huge cat person, Carlie, but I’ve grown to like them because my husband does. I actually LOVE kittens, I just wish they could stay kittens. But our sweet new cat is extra special and was just meant to be in our family! :) I’m sorry you recently lost your cat. :(
      Would love it if you could ever come up and hear Jonathan sing! I’m sure there will be a chance in the future! xoxo

  3. I’d name that kitten,LUCKY or Mercy, you gave it a real chance in life to live,thrive & keep on purrring! God Bless, !

  4. Oh my! What a precious kitten. I would name her Myles.

    I have a great “trick” to use before introducing cats to each other. Try putting a dab of vanilla flavoring on the nose of each one a few minutes before they meet. They will smell alike .

  5. Love all the laundry rooms you posted, but can’t wait to see yours. I know it’s going to be amazing! AND…I’m so excited about your precious little kitten! The picture of it is so sweet, what a beautiful color. We found our cat also, actually he found us and have never regretted it for a minute. I love all the names you mentioned, but I did love the one Mary Burke mentioned…LUCKY, because this is one lucky kitten to be rescued by a wonderful and loving family! God Bless!

    1. Yes, Lucky was one of my favorite names too! We went with Journey, since we found her on our Journey to Nashville, and it was Adam’s favorite name. Journey is particularly fond of Adam. :)

  6. Awe…The kitten is very cute and very lucky that you spotted her! How about Rhoda since you found her on your road trip? Wish we lived closer to hear Jonathan sing in person, he’s amazing! God bless you all!

    1. Rhoda is a great name! Too cute! yesterday, we chose the name Journey since we were on our journey to Nashville, and we are on an exciting music journey with our son. ;)

  7. The name Laney really appealed to me, she is adorable!
    An little tip:
    When you introduce her to your other kitty, rub her fur with a cloth and put it in Sassy’s space for a time, this shouldvget Sassy used to her scent and it will help make the introduction go smoothly. Do your kitties have a shed or shelter or garage to sleep in? Also, I have “chipped” my little rescues, just in case they stray or just in case your Sassy runs her off, she can make it home!
    I appreciate and love people like you! How was the show? I am sure having your son performing is a huge thrill!

    1. Hi Denise! thanks for all of the great advice! :) We discovered last night that “Journey” (her new name) has a broken or dislocated leg. :(. She is not in any pain at all, so it may be an old injury. We will get her checked out when we get home.
      Jonathan’s show went great! He was a little nervous, but did a great job. We had a ton of fun. :)

  8. What a cute kitty – and I’m like you Traci – I’m not fond of cats – and we have had them – but they were always outdoor kitties :). My allergies will not allow indoor pets of any kind – no dogs, no birds, no cats. I guess I could have fish :). I grew up on a farm and we had several outdoor cats that lived in our barn, they actually wouldn’t come in our house as I can remember on very cold winter in SC and my mom trying to get them to at least sleep in our laundry room but they weren’t interested at all. Cute name you picked!
    Love all the laundry rooms, and I like some others have top loaders BUT, I do see some inspiration in the pics and eventually want to do some work on my laundry room. It’s okay now, I have a closet and exposed shelves. I’d like to remove everything, including the closet, and replace with cabinets, and I too would like somewhere to fold things other than the top of my dryer. Anyway, I have a master bath reno going on right now so the laundry room will have to wait but I’m collecting my inspiration pics on pinterest and houzz. I too am excited to see yours completed, although I have a feeling it will continue to evolve as you use it.

  9. oh….I love kitties. I like the name you picked. My favorite out of the names you mentioned. :) So far from the front cover picture, your laundry room looks amazing. I’m glad Jonathan’s music event went well.

  10. Hi Traci, please don’t let that baby be an outdoor kitty. I grew up on a farm, and I can’t tell you how many cats we lost to predators, being hit on the road, etc. Please let her be adopted by a family who will keep her safe indoors. As a matter of fact, I would take her! I breed Siberian cats (or used to….this is our last litter) and they are very doglike, so I have a lot of experience now with indoor kitties.. I would take this kitty in a heartbeat! Let me know. =) Blessings, Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you for your sweet offer. I would probably take you up on it, but my husband and kids are smitten with Journie. :). We are planning on keeping her inside, but our dog isn’t quite used to her yet. :)

  11. I love your space and also the windows. It is a great laundry room.
    I used top load washers for 56 years and if I were buying today I would also purchase a top load.

  12. Is it possible to have laundry room envy? Well, I do. A window? Bliss! Room to BREATHE? Heaven! And a place to fold clothes? Speechless!
    My “laundry room” is a pass through from the garage to the main living areas. Long & narrow, no window, & as dysfunctional as they come. But I have a plan, & this baby will soon come to fruition. It won’t win any beauty awards, but will at least become a room I will enjoy (?!) being in!

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