Savoring our Summer Nights

It is hard to believe that summer is starting to wind down.  The kids are back in school, and here in Kentucky, the weather has been cooler.  We’ve been getting excited about the upcoming fall season full of pumpkins and sweaters and hot chocolate, but until then, we are savoring what is left of our summer nights.

Our favorite thing to do as a family is to make s’mores by a campfire in our backyard.

It’s a quick easy treat to put together and perfect for relaxing in our backyard.   We love throwing a big quilt on the grass, kicking our shoes off, and passing out the treats.

S’mores is especially one of Sania Louise’s favorite treats.  In Latvia, S’mores are known as an “American dessert,” and they actually make it a little differently than we do.  This is an America tradition that we have loved watching Sania enjoy!

She is in her element when she is outside.  She has always loved the outdoors!!  I’ve noticed with her sensory processing disorder that the outdoors does a lot to calm her down and “fill her senses.”

Cy and I love to spend time outdoors together too.  I told you that we recently celebrated our 20 anniversary at the beach, but truth be known, I wish we had gone to the mountains.  :)  Maybe next year…

The best thing about moments like these is the memories they create.  When my kids are all grown up and gone, I know their best memories will be the ones we spent outside together camping, playing in the yard, or sitting by the campfire.

Our dog, Bentley, loves being outdoors with us too, although he didn’t like that he didn’t get to roast marshmallows.  ;)

Luckily for Bentley, Eli caved and gave him a little taste of the graham crackers.

We had so much fun chilling in our backyard, and I cannot wait to do it again!   You better believe that I keep extra marshmallows on hand this time of year to be ready in a moments notice to start up a fire and begin roasting!  I’ll do anything for memories like these…

Did you know?

  • Grass is visually and environmentally important for our communities.
    Green lawns are both beautiful and functional. Grass areas are naturally calming and stress relieving, and the visual appeal contributes to improved mental health and greater community pride. In urban areas, grass is particularly important for absorbing noise, providing a healthy link with nature and deterring littering.
  • Grass can reduce your carbon footprint.
    We frequently hear about the value of planting trees to capture carbon and produce oxygen, but grass also provides the same benefits. When you responsibly manage your lawn. your grass absorbs and stores away carbon, therefore reducing your carbon footprint. According to the academic professionals with Grass Seed USA, a lawn of just 50 square feet releases enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four.
  • Grass has a natural cooling effect.
    On hot days, grass is much cooler than cement, asphalt and dirt, which trap heat. A Mississippi State University study showed that when the temperature of a sidewalk is 100°F, the temperature of the lawn next to it will remain around 75°F.


*This post was sponsored by We Seed America.    All opinions and ideas are 100% mine. 


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