My Magical Weekend with Cy in Boston!

Hey sweet friends!

I am on my second week here in Boston, and I’ll admit that I am missing my kiddos.  

But thankfully, Cy flew up here and spent the weekend with me.  

He got here Friday before lunch, so he went to Wayfair corporate with me for my facebook live event that evening at 6:00 pm.  Then we went to the annual Wayfair Christmas party for just a bit.  This is not the best picture of us, but wanted to share…(we rarely get dressed up. ha!)

There were about 6,000+ people there, so it was CRAZY!  And the average age there was between 25-35, so I felt like everyone’s Mama.  :)

But we still had fun!

Check out this Wayfair logo made of cupcakes.  yum!

Saturday was the BEST DAY EVER!  We spent time walking around Boston in the snow, and ate lunch near Fenway Park.


The snow made the whole weekend completely magical, and Cy and I felt like we were in a movie!

Boston is such a gorgeous city!  I bet we walked several miles on Saturday just enjoying the beauty. 

I put together the pictures and videos from our phones into our own “movie.”  I hope you enjoy it!  

Have a blessed day, friends!  xoxo

(P.S.  This video ends when it turns black.  I’m not sure why it didn’t cut off?  Sorry about that!  xoxo)


  1. Oh my…..that was special. Thanks for sharing with everyone. I haven’t been following you very long, just since I found Cyndi a few years ago, then later checked you out. You are beautiful and I’ve enjoyed getting to your life with your family too. Your trip with your hubby looks magical……doesn’t snow just add so much this time of year?. I am wishing for snow and now after your little video, I really am. :) But, I live in the Northwest and so far just sunny and cold with no rain or snow in sight. Enjoy the rest of your trip and I LOVE how you took time out to Thank JESUS for your great time. :) Perfect.

  2. Oh how I loved this! What a magical time you had, I love Boston (I grew up in it’s suburbs) and it warmed my heart to see you and Cy enjoying it so. <3

  3. what a fun video. boston is one of my all time favorite cities. I love it. how awesome to get a little snow there while you were there too, although the Bostonians were probably thinking it could have waited a few weeks.

  4. Oh that was lovely! I Work in Boston and live outside the city; I needed to be reminded how blessed I am having this treasure in my backyard. You and Cy looked so much in love 😍 🎄

  5. Thank you for sharing this wonderful trip you experienced. I’m glad you and your hubby got to spend this magical weekend together. Oh my goodness, it was absolutely beautiful, wasn’t it?

  6. Well , Thank You for Reminding Me How Beautiful Boston is ,Living 60mins south On Cape Cod ,it’s been Lovely to watch your video Through Fresh Eyes ,Merry Christmas

  7. It is so much fun getting away with our spouse for a special weekend! My husband and I got married in December and we always try to do a weekend or day trip for our anniversary and it is always magical at that time of year.

    Merry Christmas!

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