Three Simple Christmas Gift Ideas!

Hey sweet friends!

I hope you are following me on my instastories this week because I am having a wonderful time in Boston.  Each night, I am hosting a Facebook live event on Wayfair’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.  They are giving away amazing prizes and deals, and sharing holiday inspiration as well. 

The first night, Jess and I shared several different slow cookers that are great for this time of year.  You can click HERE to see that video, and click HERE to check out all the products from that episode.


The second night, Emmy and I showed simples ways to decorate your home with faux garland.  You can see that video HERE, and see the complete product list for that episode HERE.

Last night, Meghan and I showed everyone three easy gift ideas, and I wanted to share them with you here in a post as well!

All of these ideas require no wrapping and are very affordable. 


Gift Idea #1 was an oven mitt with cooking utensils in it. 

Gift Idea #2 was a cheese board tray with knives and some treats on top.

Gift Idea #3 was a “spa” basket that included a robe, candle, diffuser, towel, and mug with tea.


You can watch that video HERE.

And find all the products mentioned in that episode HERE.

Besides the holiday idea every night, we are also giveaway a Wayfair Gift Card AND announcing a Wayfair “Deal of the Day.”

The Wayfair gift card amount tonight will be $250!! So be sure to stop by and enter. 

And the “deal of the day” today are these beautiful Eddie Bauer flannel throws!  I gotta have me one of those!

They are 55% off!


(this deal will end at midnight tonight)


Tonight will be another fun live event, and you can join us at 6:00 pm EST on Wayfair’s Facebook or Instagram accounts.  If you stop by, please say high in the comments!  It will make me feel good to see my friends watching. :)

Oh!! And guess who’s coming to Boston tomorrow?!


I can’t wait to see him and spend time in Boston with him!

Have a blessed day, friends! 


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  1. Hi Traci ! Wow, look at you go ! What I’ve noticed is just how comfortable you are. You come off quite relaxed . I’m sure you’ve had to muster up your confidence and prayer but truly you’re a natural. Good for you . Enjoy this incredible experience and your visit this weekend !

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