Life in the Valley

Happy Sunday, friends!

It’s a cold Sunday afternoon here in Kentucky, and I am sitting on the couch reflecting on what I heard in the sermon today at church.  It was such a great sermon, and I am so very thankful for the privilege to be able to attend church each week.   I can’t explain how much I love fellowshipping with other believers, except that it is like a spiritual hug that fills me up and encourages me to press on. 

Today’s sermon focused on HOPE.   I love HOPE, don’t you?

We all need it.  And we all want it. 


Unfortunately, we tend to put our hope in so many things that let us down.  Like people or things or earthly concerns.  But HOPE in Jesus never lets us down.   It is sure and constant.  “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand…”

Jesus gives us HOPE even in the “valleys” of our life.  It’s natural for us to want to stand on the mountaintops.  On the mountaintops, we think everything will be perfect, and we will be on top of the world!  

But if you look at the mountaintop, there’s not much growing up there, right?  Not much life…


Where is all the lushness and beauty?….

In the Valley…


Yep.  In the valley is where there is life and growth and beauty.  

Many of us try to avoid the valleys because that is when we are usually going through difficult times, confusing times, or lonely times.  But God is in the valley with us.  He is surrounding us with the beauty of His love, and He is growing us into His beautiful work of art.  


When we are anchored to Christ, our walks through the valleys are not in vain.  They are producing endurance in us, and endurance produces character, and character produces HOPE. 



Friends, you may be in a valley today, but you are not alone.  God is with you.  He will not leave you.  He is producing in you a newness of Life that you cannot comprehend.  Trust Him.  Lean into His Goodness.  Rest in His Peace.

To God be the Glory!




  1. Thank you for speaking to me today! It’s my turn to be in the valley and I really needed your words, your thoughts and your prayers….thank you!

  2. Thanks Traci, we have hope and blessed assurance. 🏕We do live in a house but we are in the Sierra Nevada mountains. We did live in a valley for 26 years. Joy and troubles find one everywhere. Thankfully Jesus can go everywhere. 🌲🌲🌲😊

  3. Hi, dear Traci! I enjoyed this uplifting post. I haven’t commented for a long time, but I want you to know that you remain in my thoughts and prayers. In fact, just recently the Lord brought you and your sister, Cyndi, strongly to mind, and I prayed for you both–and for your families and your blogs. Thanks for being shining lights for our amazing, hope-giving God!

  4. Much appreciated post–we all need to be reminded that the only true hope we have is in Jesus and his abundant grace toward us.

  5. Hi traci
    You’ll never know what you’d post meant to me today. I’m a very dark valley for two years and very depressed. I’m shoet my daughter disowned our family because of a controlling husband. They won’t let us see our grandsons. She has blocked us totally. I gave my all to my children and it hurts so bad.
    I turn yo God and I fail to depression and tears constantly.
    I also follow your sisters blog to which is helpful.
    Anyway maybe you could pray for me and this situation.
    Thank you for your time

    1. I want to tell you that you are not alone. My hubs and I too raised our first 4 grandchildren and then came a divorce and a remarriage, the new hubs didn’t want us near his family and we were cut off. They had 2 new kids together and we are not allowed to see them as well. It seems to be a big trend against grandparents right now. I truly feel for you and with God’s help and strength you will be able to get thru this. It’s been 8 years for us and the new grandkids refer to us as the mean grandparents. We financially supported her first set of kids and very initially so devastated. As time as gone on we are ok now as God wants us to be. Please check out this site through Facebook or on the Web! You are not alone and I will pray for you. “Grandparents denied access to grandchildren” community.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply to my hurt.
        It’s been two years and it has gotten worse. I guess I had some hope but as time goes by I have less. The whole problem has trickled down through the family. My daughter in Alabama won’t come home because she is hurt also. It’s s mess. Our family was so close and now separated.
        My whole life has been our family. I don’t know how to move on. I do well and then I get in these valleys and can’t get out. My husband is so hurt but is stronger then me.
        I pray for all us hurt parents. Nd grandparents that have no control over this horrible hurt.
        God bless.

    2. Donna, I am so sorry for your hurts. And I will definitely pray for you and your family. May God be your Peace even during these difficult times.

  6. Seriously?!? … maybe u are supposed to be a pastor!! Amazing truth that I TOTALLY needed to hear today! Love u!!!

  7. Spectacular message! Blessed by your willingness to share your love for Jesus with us! Thank you!
    You are a light to this sometimes dark world. May He continue to use you for His glory!

  8. This message came at the best time for me as our worship leader just told us that we would not be singing on the team anymore except for once a month and only if there were a certain number of singers. I have been a member of this team and thru 3 worship leaders for over 10 years! I was going to send an email to him expressing my extreme disappointment, but your words have made me stop and think and I am now just going to suck it up and make the best of it. I am still a part of the team, just not in the same capacity as before. So, thank you for writing this post. You have opened my eyes and my heart. Bless you.

  9. Character is built in the valleys! Even though it’s hard, we can look back and realize that’s when we have grown spiritually. Thanks for the reminder!
    Dawn 💕

  10. I needed to hear this today. My valley has been a seemingly endless 4+ years. Lots of learning to love Jesus but I wouldn’t mind a mountaintop view for a little bit. :) Thank you for sharing and encouraging!

  11. Great post! I appreciate our words. My word for this new year is HOPE. The Lord has already shown me so much through that word and allowed me to minister to others. Happy New Year. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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