Cy and Jonathan’s Trip to Haiti {& YaYa’s House!}

I can’t believe it has almost been a month since my husband, Cy, and my son, Jonathan went to Haiti to work with Lifeline ministries and help several orphanages in the area.  

It was the first time my boys have ever been on a mission trip out of the country, so I am so glad they were able to go together! I also loved knowing they were going with one of my best friend’s husband, Kevin Palmer.  They initially thought they would be helping in three different orphanages, but they spent all three days working at an orphanage called, Village d’Esperance instead.  


Even though it is run by one of the sweetest ladies on the planet, Merianne, Village d’Esperance is a home for orphans that is in need of a lot of help.  Merianne (the kids call her YaYa,) is doing her ABSOLUTE BEST to try and take care of these children.   

She and her husband started this orphan home in 2009, but sadly, five years later, Merianne’s husband passed away, and she is now trying to take of these children on her own.  We found out that Marianne actually sold her van this past month to help cover the expenses of caring for these sweet children.  #thatislove

There are 16 children in her care, and they have so many needs…from diapers, to food, to education, and more.  It broke Cy and Jonathan’s heart, and they worked tirelessly in Haiti to make their living conditions better any way they could.


But they carried that passion/desire to help back with them to the states, and our family, the Palmer family, and some other sweet new friends that have adopted from Village d’Esperance, have teamed up together to do whatever we can to help bear Merianne’s burden of caring for these children.

  Share each other’s troubles and problems, and so obey our Lord’s command.  Galations 6:2


So on Tuesday, we kicked off a diaper drive to help Merianne with that expense.  It’s called “MAY we Help?”

Merianne has to purchase about 600 diapers a month, and diapers are almost twice as expensive as they are here in America, so we felt that this was a great way to start helping her. 

If you feel led to help in any way… financially, through prayer, or just help by spreading the word, we would be so appreciative!  Any money raised above the need for diapers would go toward other expenses like rent, water, food and other supplies.  

While in Haiti, Cy sent me a picture of his paint-covered hand with a sweet baby Haitian boy’s hand in it, and I cried.  What an honor it is to serve (and help) God’s most precious creation, His children!   

I put together a video of my instastories from Tuesday if you missed them.  (You will be able to tell that I am pretty excited about helping these precious little children, and Merianne, in this way!). :)

If you would like to learn more about adopting a child from Haiti, contact  Meredith at


  1. What type of landfill do they have there? How do they handle the throw-away diapers? Does the throw-away create another problem, maybe they burn such as. The picture looked like she could use cloths pins. My goodness how thankful I am for the Grace of God. Hers is certainly a ministry of love and care..

  2. Wow, what an undertaking this woman has, but God bless her for having the heart of Jesus!
    We have NO idea how fortunate we are to have roofs over our head, food in our belly, clothing, clean water….it’s overwhelming to see these sweet faces and wonder what the future holds for them.

  3. I must be having a bad day because I cannot find the link! Can you please point me in the right direction?

  4. Sorry for the previous email. I went back up the post and clicked on the green “financially” word and it redirected me to another page. I assumed you had added a link somewhere in the video and I just couldn’t fine it. But, I good now. Thanks again!

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