The Beginning of My Husband’s Modeling Career!

Well, y’all! 

Today’s post on my blog is monumental.  It is the FIRST post where my husband is the main subject, AND the FIRST post where he is actually “posing” for a picture.

I still can’t believe he let me do it!!!

I know that his “guy friends” are going to probably give him a hard time, which makes me love him even more for doing it for me.

But can I just say, “Hubba, Hubba?!”

Cy is showing off his new Stitch Fix outfit!  I have been using Stitch Fix for many years, but they starting styling men boxes last year, and I recently convinced Cy to give it a try.

He works at a bank during the day, so he has dress shirts and pants to wear during the day.  Then when he comes home, he throws on his “work clothes” to do projects around the house, or athletic clothes to go running in.  

Speaking of running, have you noticed how much weight Cy has lost since last fall?!!  He has been eating healthier and running more, and has really slimmed down.  (Yes, I am jealous of how easily the weight has come off of him when I have been working like a dog to lose weight and still have a long way to go!  Men.  #ugh)


Anyway, I wanted to sign him up for Stitch Fix so that he could get some nice outfits to wear when he isn’t DIY’ing or at the bank. He has been getting monthly boxes for about 4 or 5 months, and so far, he has really liked it.  He usually finds one or two things in each box that he wants to keep, but this past month, he kept the whole box!   It had two nice shirts, two shorts, and these great pair of Sperry’s.

When you purchase everything in the box, you get a 25% discount off the total.  #deal

He wore this outfit the other night on our “date night,” and I convinced him to let me take some pictures.  I appreciate him being such a good sport!

Here are the other two items he kept from his box…

Have you tried Stitch Fix before?  

Click on the picture below to get your man’s first fix scheduled!



Click on the picture below to get YOUR first fix scheduled.


This weekend, we are going to be getting a LOT of work done in the butler’s pantry, and I can’t wait!  I’ll definitely make Cy put his “work clothes” back on for that!  haha!


Have a blessed weekend!







  1. He looks great in his new clothes. And yes he has slimmed down a lot!! Keep up the hard work Cy.
    All the best to you and your family and all your “fun” projects.

  2. Gotta love a man who’ll pose for his bride….that’s true love right there! Love your blog!

  3. What I wouldn’t give to have my hubby do this! I tell him he dresses like a teenage boy and it’s not a compliment. Old dogs …..sheesh!

    CY looks great.

  4. Cy looks great! I had noticed in a picture before and thought he had lost weight. He really looks very handsome! I know i don’t really know Cy, but from what I read about from you and watching some videos and the way he is with the kids and all the things he does at your home, that he is a good man !! A definite keeper!!!

  5. He’s a keeper for sure! And yes I have noticed the slimmer Cy. My husband has lost about 30 pounds without really trying very hard and like you I’m doing everything I can and the scales don’t budge 😡

  6. Lookin’ good! We’ve got the same thing going on here – the weight is just fallin’ off hubby and I’m working my tail off and it’s still there (my tail and the weight!) We’ve been eating healthier and exercising. What is it with men?? So frustrating. Makes me just wanna eat a bunch of brownies. LOL

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