My Fall Kitchen Tour

It’s my favorite time of year…FALL!!  

(Okay, so “technically” it doesn’t start for a couple more weeks, but for me, it always starts on September 1st.)

I am always chompin’ at the bit for fall to arrive, even if the Kentucky temperatures aren’t joining my party.  Today it was in the low 90’s!!  Say what?!  The hot weather definitely takes a little bit of the fun away from me sipping on my Pumpkin Spice Latte…but it sure isn’t stopping me, y’all!

FALL OR BUST!!   haha!

Growing up, I always knew that fall had arrived when Mom would make a big ol’ pot of chili or vegetable soup.  The smell of that bubbly pot of goodness would spread throughout the house and knock me in the face as soon as I walked in the front door from school.  Ahhhhh…those smells can take me back in time in a heartbeat. 

I also remember the cozy feeling I would get on the weekends when Dad was laid back in his recliner, and I would doze off on the couch for an afternoon nap to the sound of the announcers calling the football games and the smells of mom baking an apple pie.  Goodness y’all!  Life doesn’t get any better than that!

The sights and smells that come from the kitchen in the fall are the best!

Today I am sharing with you some touches of fall that I have added to my little Kentucky kitchen.  :)  I am participating in the Seasons of Home tour with some of my very sweet blog friends, and you can check out their beautiful fall kitchens by clicking on the thumbnail pictures at the bottom of this post.   (I can’t wait to stop by each home on the tour later as I sip on my pumpkin spice latte!)

So let’s get started!  Welcome to my kitchen!

We are a family of seven, so I love having this big DIY Zinc Top table in our kitchen.  (Which NEVER looks this clean, by the way! haha!!)

Not only is this table great to enjoy a family meal around, but it also makes a great space for the kiddos to spread out and do their homework on.  

Most table runners from a store are too short to fit down the middle of our table, so I opted for this pretty black and white throw from Home Goods on my table instead.

The throw blanket in the middle of the table made a great spot for me to show off a beautiful yellow mum, some mini pumpkins, and a store bought apple pie.  {wink}

I can actually make a mean apple pie, (it’s my mom’s recipe,) but there was no time for that when I was trying to keep the kitchen clean to take pictures for this tour.  My kiddos kept saying, “Mom, when do we get to eat that apple pie?”

“It’s not to eat kiddos!  It’s a prop.”  I reminded them.  heehee

But don’t worry, they will be digging into that pie today, for sure!

To the right of our kitchen table, on the wall leading into our butler’s pantry, I hung this wall mounted butcher paper holder and drew a little sign to welcome fall into our home!

To the left of our kitchen table is our kitchen sink.  Because of all of the natural colors in this space, it already holds the warmth of the fall season without adding much decor.

So I just placed a few mini pumpkins around to add some pops of color!



There used to be a window above our kitchen sink, but we had to close it in when we added our new front porch and entry way a few years ago, so I planked up the window and added an architectural piece in it’s place.

Now back to the kitchen table…

You can see it in the mirror on the other side of my kitchen…

I got a great deal on this mirror at Home Goods.  It was a grey metal and was only $39.99.  I took it home and painted the frame black and hung it over this side console table from Wayfair.

Because my kitchen is small, I needed a piece of furniture that was long and narrow, but could provide extra storage.  I just changed out the hardware on it to fit more my style. 

With just a few touches of orange on this piece, my kitchen is officially celebrating this fall season!

Now it’s time to warm up that pie for my kiddos!  haha!

Thank you for stopping by!  If you are new here, I would love for you to comment and introduce yourself!!  I love meeting new friends!

Tell me what your favorite things is about the fall season!

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    1. Thank Chloe! We had to cover up that window when we added on our front porch. It’s been a nonfunctioning window for a couple of years and an eye sore. I finally found that architectural piece at Hobby Lobby and hung it there. I really like how it looks now. :).

  1. I was wondering how you made a pie and if the other side of your kitchen would be a mess. I had to laugh when you said it was a store-bought pie! My favorite kind of pie to get! I love your architectural details and checked out your console on Wayfair. Eactly the size I need for my bathroom!! Your kitchen looks so inviting and homey. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the fall memories of growing up like you describe. Mom’s fresh baked apple pie, leaves in the yard to rake and jump in and even to burn in the grove (love the smell of burning leaves). My Mom and Dad taking a nap in their chairs after lunch with butternut squash, potatoes from the garden and the last of fresh tomatoes. And yes Friday nights at our house were spent going to girls basketball, popular in the Midwest.

    Thanks for all the links to other fall ideas. I looked at all of them and got some great ideas.

  3. Love it, especially the architectural piece. I’m making chili tonight even though it’s in the 80’s. You sure are talented! God Bless.

  4. Tracee, I so enjoy “touring” your home. I, too, love the fall season. I was ready to decorate, but at 99 degrees, I found it a little hard, but soon as it rained and temps cooled down I was at it. I enjoy mums, pumpkins and fall colors. Thanks for sharing.

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