Car Confessional – “Insecurities and

Hey friends!

Yesterday on Instagram stories, I made a “car confessional” about some insecurities I have been having lately.  I don’t know if all of you follow me on Instagram, so I wanted to share it here on the blog too.  

I think it is something many of us struggle with, and I just wanted to be honest and hopefully be an encouragement to others as well. 




Of course, my sweet Instagram community left me  a ton of encouraging messages!  I am still trying to read through all of them.  And many shared that they struggle with the same thing.  They also sent words of advice and wisdom.




I love my instagram family so much!!

I know that you can’t read all of my private messages on Instagram, but I wish you could because they were so encouraging.  However, we can read each other comments on this post.  So if you have words that you want to share here, please do.  I want this to be a place where we can share our struggles and lift each other up!

Love you sweet friends!!






  1. You are so honest and dear, Traci. Step away from the Instagram, Maa’m! LOL
    You are so right when you say to limit social media when the feelings of dissatisfaction appear. I find that I also need to limit my exposure to traditional media (magazine subscriptions, catalogs, etc) as well. My carnal nature functions as my emotional “sweet tooth”, where I crave the things of this earth, often times obsessively. When we can take our hearts and minds away from the distraction and put them on Godly things, we notice an immediate feeling of relief, a sense of satisfaction, and self discipline. Just sitting and having a face to face conversation with a friend (or stranger) is a treat for me these days. I need a constant reminder and accounting of my priorities, Traci.

    Praying for you, gal!!

    1. Yes, Doni! Face to face relationships are SO important! I have been trying to be more intentional about that in my own life. Thank you for your prayers! xoxo Traci

  2. I teach an early morning class for high school aged kids. This subject was part of what we were talking about today. I opened class with this bit by Studio C, if you want a little chuckle about a very real problem.
    Obviously we also talked about the problems of comparing ourselves to others and how it can take joy out of our lives.
    Thank you for always keeping things 100% real for us readers. It’s why we love you and your family like we do.

    1. Hi Cassie! That video is a hoot! So true and so sad. I pray that the pendulum swings back the other way and people start to realize how precious real life relationships are. Thank you for encouraging me! xoxo Traci

  3. I know those feelings well. And have had to take those same measures of stepping back from social media.
    But I do want to say that from where I’m sitting, you have a great influence. (An enviable influence if I’m being honest.) I just love your heart and your message and look forward to seeing you in my inbox.

    Btw, I ordered Jonathan’s single when it first came out. It’s SO good!

    Love to you!

    1. Hi Sharon! Thank you for ordering Jonathan’s single! :)
      And thank you for your honesty. I know you understand the struggle of being online so much.
      I pray that I always use my “influence” to glorify HIM. Love you! xoxo Traci

  4. I was just having this discussion with a close friend and you are spot on when it comes to stepping away from social media. It can honestly wear on a person…hence one of MANY reasons I did a digital detox. Happy to say I have felt a sense of peace with just being who I am. Face-to-face interactions has been my go to…creating good memories in person truly is the best!!! Thank you Traci…I so needed to hear this. Made my day…you’re not alone in getting emotional. 😌😢

    1. Yes, Ginni! Face-to-face interactions ARE key! I have been trying to be more intentional about spending time with friends in real life, and when I do, my cup is filled to overflowing! Those little daily blessings are what matters most!

  5. Thank you for your honesty! I think this is the greatest threat of Social Media. We have to remember that people only post the very best of their lives. No one is posting the terrible hair day, the decor failure, the test they flunked at school!
    Your words are so powerful! Wisdom was so great in your words ❤️

  6. Oh Traci! You hit it right on! Believe me you are not alone in your feelings/thoughts, I can so relate. I know I feel like I fall short in my abilities, looks/appearance & even my walk with the Lord when I see what others are posting or even when out in public. I know I have to step back & focus my thoughts on my Heavenly Father. We are all perfect in His eyes & that is truly what matters. Keep on being that incredible mama that you are! I so enjoy your blog as you give me so much inspiration in not only decorating but in my daily life & faith.
    Love ya

    1. Yes, Cheryl! You are so right. We even start to compare our walks with Christ to others. Why do we do that to ourselves? Satan certainly knows how to hit us where it hurts! We just have to keep our eyes on the ONE that matters most…Jesus! Thank you for your kind words! God bless! Traci

  7. Thank you for saying all of that!! I seldom ever get on Facebook because of that very reason & have stopped getting on Instagram as much. I don’t want to live my life on or through social media. Thanks for being honest 😍

  8. Wow, I would never for a minute thought that you were sometimes feeling that way. To me, you are one of the ones that I envy, look up to, admire and inspire to be more like. That’s why I just love you Traci, being so honest and sharing your moments of insecurities and doubt about yourself and what you do, makes we love you even more! You are the first blog that I started to follow and was so impressed and inspired by your story….your blog, your family life, your thoughts, your talent for design and most important, your faith. I truly understand what you mean, just that moment of….Maybe I should do this, or maybe I should change that! BUT, don’t you change a thing and don’t let yourself feel that way! You are an amazing women, with a beautiful family and very talented! One thing I will say is….YOU just keep being YOU! Your Mother would be so proud of you! I didn’t mean to go on and on, but l wanted you to know…I’m a fan and I admire and respect you! . God Bless!!

    1. Oh my gosh, Pam. I feel this way DAILY! It’s a constant struggle that I have to lay at the feet of Jesus. I am always comparing myself to others and truthfully, it’s because I’m jealous. There is always someone prettier, smarter, more talented, better decorator, more funny, etc… That’s why I need to take a step back from it a little bit. Satan is using it to bring up insecurities in me. Thankfully, I do know who I am in Christ. And I know that HE loves me and that I am perfect in His site. HE is what makes me special.
      Pam, thank you for taking the time to encourage me and lift me up! YOU are the reason I love what I do and what makes me what to keeps sharing my life online. God bless you, friend! xoxo Traci

  9. What you said I was just thinking the other day! Wow…I have just started dabbling on IG and the comparison trap is real. I Thought it might be a way to pursue creativity, but the huge, perfectly decorated homes with the perfect rooms and views and doing new projects, redecorating everything every day…who lives like that!? I’m not condemning or judging anyone either, but as a 67 year old woman who has had a pretty great life there needs to be some reality checking happening. I had all boys, but if I had a daughter I might have to tell her it’s okay to live in a starter home. I just think it feeds an unrealistic expectation and it is, as you said, the little things in life that are the greatest blessings. I know I am ranting, but I have been thinking about it. You do a great job and your Christian influence reaches so many and your priorities are in proper order. That’s all that’s important.

    1. Thank you, Sherry! And you are so right about everything. Most of what we see on social media is not reality. It’s getting out of hand. I pray that the Lord helps me to honor him on this “platform” he has given me. God bless you, faithful servant. xoxo Traci

  10. I’m felling so touched with your words and I’ve tears in mmy eyes durimg I listened to you.
    I’m 43 years old and I’d the luck to grown up like you parenting your kiddos todays, too. And I’m soo glad about. You never know who long you will stay here on that beautiful planet it has soo much to offer on beauty like the the changing seasons, the nature, all the different people + animals etc. But today most of the young people unfortuanetely don’t interest in taking care of that holy gift…
    It’s very dangerous growing up with all that showing perfection not only at the internet but also in the ads + tv (reatlity) shows. Maybe it should be important to teach the kiddos what’s really important in life – like you said – from their parents AND in my mind from the school, too.
    Here in germany we’ve had a school project a couple of years ago that amongst other contents it wasn’t allowed to take the smartphones with you during the whole school day. 1st the kids + teens weren’t very pleased but after a time they used to it and the communication + helpfulness among themselves grew + stayed until the project was end. The result was that everybody will get someday lonely + insecure by focusing the smartphone + net handling regulary. For their encouragement + model function the school won correctly a special prize.

    1. Hi Tanja! Yes, I agree with everything you said. It is important to limit the amount of time we let our kids be on social media. We need to let our minds rest from all the noise. Thank you for your comment! God bless you! xoxo Traci

  11. Thank you for your car confession! I needed to hear exactly what you said. I started following bloggers when we purchased a fixer upper and I needed help in how to fix it up. And the ideas and how-to’s I found have proven to be priceless in this journey. But, somewhere along the way a shift happened. Now I often come away from SM feeling as if I should be doing more because “everyone else is.” Of course, I’m wrong because if someone shows a picture of their beautifully decorated home it doesn’t mean they also have a wonderful dinner made and all the laundry folded, etc… So, I needed to hear that being an stay-at-home, empty-nest mom of five (new to this quite house thing just this fall) is enough and it’s what matters most. Thank you!

    1. Moriah, thank you for your comment. Sweet girl, you are enough! Social media can be a good thing in small doses, but when it consumes our thoughts and time, it can be a really bad thing. Like I said, the very best things in life are not found on social media but in the little day-to-day interactions and moments. That’s what matters most. We just have to ask God DAILY to help us keep our eyes on Him.


  12. Traci – my heart hurt for you when I watched that video on IG the other night, and we ALL struggle with this I believe. BUT, our Lord made you who you are, just like he made me who I am, and truthfully I wouldn’t want it any other way. We are our own worst critics, so lighten up on yourself – do you have any idea how many people look at you/your life and strive for that perfection? As I said before, you do you! ANd you know better than anyone, a FB or IG feed are mostly staged snippets of someone’s life – absolutely not the WHOLE story. Keep doing what you do, and be real, which you always are, and those who love you love you because of that.

  13. I am 62 years old with 13 grandkids. I have never been on Instagram. 90% of social media is not good. We don’t do Facebook. Keep your mind stayed on the Lord. Keep busy with what He wants you to do daily with your time and energy. He will direct your steps and probably not to Facebook Instagram etc.

  14. Totally can relate to this on FB, as well. A couple years ago, I decided to cut back my time on social media and put my time into memorizing the book of 2 Timothy. The 10-20 minutes at a time I was spending scrolling through FB or whatever, was spent memorizing the Word. I can’t tell you what a blessing that was to me. Focusing on scripture instead of where I was falling short (in my mind based on the comparison game) was life changing. This was a good reminder that I need to get back to that.
    Thanks for being transparent! The struggle is real. :)

    1. What a great idea, Penny! YES! It would be amazing what we could do and learn if we took the time we spent on social media and did something more productive. Social media is such a catch 22 for me because it is my job. I cannot stand thinking that someone might be watching me on Instagram stories instead of reading God’s word. UGH! I pray every day that the Lord would help me use my “platform” to honor and glorify Him.
      thank you again for your comment! xoxo Traci

  15. Traci, I thank you for your spirit of encouragement. I check in on your blog daily and ALWAYS leave with a smile! My favorite posts are always about you and your family. You always manage to help keep my life straight when I see the mother you are and how you fill your children! Never doubt the impact YOU have on people! Blessings to you sweet one, and your family!

  16. You made me cry. I’ve been struggling with this very thing for awhile now. I don’t do facebook, instagram or any of that, because I know what it could do to me, but I do follow you, Cyndi and another blogger. I’ve never moved to more, because of this very issue. I get that feeling when I read yours and see your talent with decorating your beautiful home and I don’t want to feel that way. BUT…..not being creative and able to decorate or even know what I really like to get started has been a strong hold of mine for as long as I can remember and I’m older than you. I’ve asked the Lord to lift it and make me content with what I have, but its hard. I want to be able to love being in my home and excited to decorate it etc. When I have to, its so hard, its not fun or enjoyable and nothing seems to come together for me, how I’d like and then I feel stuck. All this to say, I couldn’t’ believe when I listened to your video and you were having the same thoughts. YOU….thinking someone else decorates better? I don’t think so. Your style is so great. Anyway, not to go on, but I believe you are right. We need to limit social media, pray for the youth of today and ask God to help us focus on things above and not on things of this earth. We need to love ourselves to love others and that is what God sees. Thank you for reminding me I am worthy and made who I am for a purpose. I tell people a lot that someone may have your same gifting or do the same things and you compare yourself to how they do it, but God chose you and NO one does that gift like you do. I love how open and transparent you are and know that todays blog post is helping many, many woman and I’m sure you struggled with wondering if you should share it. You are a great wife and mom, from what I read, and I’m sure you are also a great friend to many. May God bless you richly today.

    1. Kathy!
      Thank you for your kind and honest comment. Yes, we all deal with different insecurities, and the devil definitely knows are “soft spots” and where to hit us. God is still teaching me to accept the gifts I have and use them for his glory, and not compare my gifts to others. We have to embrace who we are, and God will most certainly use YOU and I both, just in different ways! God bless you, sister! xoxo Traci

  17. Precious Traci, You are such a blessing to all who share your life, in whatever capacity that may be!
    I have no idea what a “story” even is on instagram (lol), as I don’t use any social media. I do read my email (is that considered social media?!!)–consisting of some blogs, some devotionals, contact with friends or business mail–and if my email gets too big because I haven’t read it, I just delete the whole thing!!!
    I continue to learn not to sweat the small stuff, which for me personally, the small stuff is my attitude about things.
    When I find myself feeling “less than”, I know for me its nothing but plain ol jealousy, and the devil can use that in more ways than one!
    I am guessing that social media is important to your job of blogging, and your internet presence etc., so it is a necessary part of your job. So you cannot just tune out and stay off. So just know that you glorify God with your presence on there!
    When I get to wrapped up in “me”, I start singing my favorite little chorus:
    Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
    Look full in His wonderful face;
    And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
    In the light of His glory and grace.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! That is one of my favorite songs as well! I used to sing it in FCA when in High School, and it is so TRUE! When we keep our eyes on JESUS, it puts everything in perspective and helps us see ourselves as He sees us. God bless you!!

  18. Traci…..I don’t know if you are familiar with Joyce Meyer, but I have been led recently to listen to her and it is changing my heart (including my insecure heart)….But, she talked on this sort of thing your’re speaking of recently.. This lady oh wow knows how to encourage…she deals with stuff just like we all do and she is just very real/humble. So, I encourage you to go to Joyce Meyer ministries and listen to her if you haven’t already…she’s recently been talking about confidence/ insecurites/ loving our selves…The world and it’s people have such an influence over us but, you know that the more the Holy Spirit is dwelling in us and filling us to overflowing the less this junk affect us…the less we care and the less we LET it affect us…We’re human and it’s going to happen. It’s just so good to be reminded of who we belong to and what in this life really matters. Traci! You’re doing so much good in this world. But, boy don’t we know Satan loves to make us think we just aren’t doing enough or doing it right. And, I do feel so sorry for our youth in this day and age. Ugh. We need to be praying all the time for them. Enjoy your day….I love your blog …Haven’t been on here lately but you’re not forgotten.

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