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Happy Monday, Friends!

Today, Wayfair announced a new membership program on their site called MY WAY, and I thought I would celebrate by showing you all of the Wayfair products I have around my home.  

If you have followed me the past few years, you know I love working with Wayfair.  I even spent two weeks last December in Boston filming some content videos and doing Facebook lives with them.  It was one of the coolest things I have done while blogging. 

But the truth is, I would still love Wayfair even if I wasn’t a home blogger.  They have (hands-down) become the number one online resource for home products.  They literally have every single thing you could ever want for your home, and it’s usually a LOT less than other online sites.  

About half of the Wayfair products in my home I have acquired through partnerships with them, but the other half I bought for myself with my own money.   Every. Single. Time. that I need something for my home, I go to Wayfair FIRST.

Here are photos of some of the Wayfair products that I have, and you can shop the products at the bottom of this post. 

I used these gorgeous plates, glasses, silverware, and napkins for my outdoor entertaining post.

I also got these cute mugs and blanket from Wayfair for my the firepit area in my backyard. 

We have worn out these Adirondack chairs in our back yard!  I think I need to order more!


These boxwood wreaths and copper mules, pitcher, and tray…yep, from Wayfair!


I love my outdoor seating set!  I’ve had it for several years, and it has held up so well!!


This stool, bucket, rug, and blanket are all from Wayfair…


Last year, I got this flocked Christmas tree and LOVE IT!!  I can’t wait to get it out again this year!!!


Did you know that you can get home improvement products from Wayfair?  Yep!  That’s where I got these beautiful hexagon floor tiles!  I also got the brass handles (not pictured)  that are in my butler’s pantry now, and you can see them linked at the bottom of this post. 



I get so many questions about my curtains in my office!  The curtains, chair, table, and chandelier (see links below) are all from Wayfair.

I also got two rattan chairs from Wayfair this past year, and I love having the extra seating in my den.  (So does our cat, Journey!). :)


SEE!  I told you I love me some Wayfair!

I am so exited about their new membership called MY WAY.

Here are some of the perks…



Isn’t that great?!!  I know that MY WAY is going to save me some money this year!

What have you purchased from Wayfair?



  1. Hi, random question here- is it “ok” to mix black furniture with navy furniture? I have a table I am about to paint a navy-grayish color and I have a black with wood hutch, that I will be leaving black and it will be in one room- the kitchen. I’m wanting to incorporate more navy throughout the home but I also love my black pieces too!

    Thank you!!!!

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