Simple DIY Christmas Gift Tag Ideas

Well, friends, hopefully we have all gotten most of our Christmas shopping done by now.  I just have a few little items left to buy, and then I can start wrapping. 

I actually enjoy wrapping presents.  For my kids though, I just use any type of fun Christmas paper and slap a pre-made, self-stick bow on it.  haha!

But for the gifts that I give to friends and extended family, I like to put a little extra special touch on it.  I don’t go overboard, though.  I like it super simple.

For wrapping paper, I love using brown craft paper or solid white paper.

 I love the classic look of solid colors for wrapping paper.  So when I like to use more colors, I love using solid red, green, or blue wrapping paper.  


Using solid colors gives more of a vintage look. Back in the “old days,” people didn’t have a lot of fancy wrapping paper with pictures and designs on them (like we do nowadays.)  They would  just wrap their presents in simple solid colored papers with string like jute and twine.  Then they would add embellishments they already had like real pine, twigs, bells, and handmade gift tags.

To me, it’s simply beautiful!




This brown craft paper looks great with the chalk painted wood slices.  




I love, love, love how cute these pine branches are with just little paper star on top.  Precious!



How cute is this one?!  You could cut some circles from newspaper, and turn them into ornaments hanging from a pine branch.!



I thought these Christmas tree gift tags were cute and so simple.  You could cut a rectangle out of white paper, use a black sharpie to scribble on a Christmas tree, and then put a little gold star on top.  Or if you like more color, just use a red or green sharpie marker!



I’ve been seeing people use photos on top of packages, and I think it is so pretty.  You could find wintry scenes and print them right from your computer in black and white and tape to the front of your present.   Or if you wanted to use family photos, or a photo of the person you are giving the gift to, I think that would be sweet as well!



Twine and baker’s twine are two of my favorite things to wrap around my presents.  See how cute this black and white baker’s twine is on this crisp white package?  Red and white baker’s twine would be adorbs as well. 



I found several inspiration pics of using white clay ornaments atop a package, and I want to see if I can make some of my own!  I’m going to google it and find out!

I love the single strip of burlap with the small boxwood wreath and clay gift tag on the present below.  SO CLASSY!



Pompoms are a fun addition to a present as well.  The look below is different from the other pictures I have shared, but I thought it was so cute.  I love how they used the little charm bracelet letters to label the gift. 



And lastly, I LOVE these little bottle brush trees on top of these presents!!  I think I have shared this picture on my blog before, but it is worth another mention.   Aren’t they the cutest?!



I’m going to try a few of these ideas this weekend when I make presents.   

How much gift wrapping do you have left to do?







  1. Really cute ideas. I just ran out of wrapping paper and now that I read your post I’m definitely going for some solid colors.
    Thanks for sharing & blessings to you.

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