Goodness of God

Happy Sunday!

I wanted to share a song with you that I have had on “repeat” lately in my car.  It’s a song that makes it hard for me to keep my hands on the steering wheel because I want to lift them in praise.  And it is a song that almost always puts a lump in my throat and makes my eyes fill up with tears. 

It’s called “Goodness of God” by Bethel. 

It’s so simple and so beautiful.  It reminds me of how good God has been to me my entire life.  Not because of the things I have had or haven’t had in my life.   Not because of the trials or lack of trials I have had in my life.

But because He has loved me with a love that I do not deserve.  Because He has freely given me the gift of salvation and eternal life.  Because knowing Him is the greatest gift in my life.

The Goodness of God comes in the form of an indescribable peace that He puts in my heart that NO PERSON or CIRCUMSTANCE  can ever take away.  So “with every breath that I am able…I will sing of the Goodness of God.”

I wanted to share this song with you, and I pray that as you listen to it today that you will feel and know God’s GREAT LOVE for YOU!!!






  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I love it! I sent it to my sister. Her husband had a stroke this week and they are such believers. I know she will love it!

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