Meaningful and Affordable Graduation Gifts from Etsy!

Hey friends!

It’s May, and it’s crazy of here!  This time of year is SO BUSY!!

Don’t you think May is almost as bad as December?  With graduations, and weddings, and school events…plus Mother’s Day, and we have Sania and Eli’s birthdays this weekend!

It’s just a jam-packed month!  Is your May busy too?  What do you have going on?  Let me know in the comments. 

We have a lot of friends and family graduating from high school and college this month, so I was spending some time on Etsy looking at personalized graduation gifts, and I thought I would share a few of my favorite with you.  I was surprised how quick the turnaround was on most of these items, and I think you would be able to get most of them in time for graduations!

There were personalized water bottles, laundry bags, key chains, necklaces, journals, and more!  So many cute items!  And the best part, most of them were below $20!

Just click on the affiliate links below to check them out!  



Have a blessed day, friends!!




  1. 3 family member’s birthdays, 2 award banquets for my son’s school activities, high school graduation ceremony (my husband is school board president) tonight, a 3 hr night class every Tuesday night for myself, wedding planning events for my daughter’s wedding in October, a 5K run this Saturday, and oh yes, our basement is flooded from all the rain (not covered by insurance). Yea May! :-)

    1. Oh my goodness…….that is alot and then to have your basement flooded. Hang in there. I had a May-July like that one year with one child graduating from 8th grade, another from High School, and my 3rd from college and getting married. Plus, all the other outside events. I didn’t think I’d ever make it to August. Try to enjoy the activities, as when you are in the moment and overwhelmed with busy schedules, its easy to just go through the motions and then its over in a blink of an eye. ENJOY!!!

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