Kentucky Home Tour – Day One

Hey friends!

Well, we have been busy getting our house ready for an inspection tomorrow.  I am cracking up at how much work we can actually get done when given a deadline!  We’ve been knocking out projects left and right.  Basically all of the projects we were going to finish “one day.”  Little things like caulking trim, refreshing things with paint, replacing old outlets…

And we are also tackling bigger projects, and by “we” I mean Cy.  :)

Our house is in the best shape it has ever been…almost like a bride on her wedding day! haha!

It’s not easy keeping the house clean for potential buyers to walk through, but it sure does feel good when I go to bed and wake up to a clean house every day!  

Over on my Instagram account this week, I decided to do a “Kentucky home tour” series in my stories.  I kind of feel like it is a look back over the years at all we have done in this house.  I think it is a fitting farewell to our sweet Kentucky home. 

I know not all you are on Instagram, so I thought I would share it over here on my blog too!

Each day, I will share a video of my Instagram stories and then links to posts and products that correspond with that day of the tour. 

I will also share links to posts about projects I talked about on the tour. 

For example, click on the picture below to see the post about when we added a front porch to our house…


This post shows the process of the mudroom and entry way….


Click below to see how we built our barn door….


Click below to see how we hung our barn door…



Here is one of my favorite pictures of our entry way.  The original links to the store where I got these items has expired, but I found the same or similar products elsewhere online and share them below the picture. 


I’ve saved all my “home tour” stories in the highlights of the front page of my Instagram page.  You can always find them there! 

I’ll be sharing more of our home tour here on the blog in the coming days!

Have a blessed day!




  1. Oh this is going to be fun to see the tours. I’m glad you also decided to show it on your blog for those of us without instagram. It already is making me sad and I don’t even know you. How can you give up such a beautiful home? You worked so hard over the years. You have done a wonderful job. I’d buy it in a minute if I lived there(I’m on the WEST coast)……BUT……’d have to leave the decor or it wouldn’t be the same. Ha Ha Do you know where you are moving yet?

  2. Well, I’m behind because I had no idea that you and your family were moving. Guess I’ll have to go back and read previous blogs and find out about this. Just love all that you all have done to your home. It is so warm and welcoming and I’m sure will sell very soon. Happy weekend!

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