Closing on Our Kentucky Home {This is hard.}

Friends, we are closed on our Kentucky home today.  I never thought I would hear myself say those words.

This. Is. Hard.

Thankfully, we do not have to be out of our home today, but we have the week to get packed up.  After the closing, I took the kids to the dentist, and then I went home to start packing things up room by room.  

Not gonna lie, I was fighting back tears today.  Trying to be strong in front of the kids, but I really felt like bawling.  Not because I am regretting the decision to sell our house.  I’m not.  I have a peace about the new adventure ahead of us.  I’m just super sentimental about all of the WONDERFUL memories we have had in this home.  

We have worked so hard over the past nine years to transform our little ranch into our Kentucky farmhouse.  We have renovated or built every room in this house.  Oh, if these walls could talk!  Every single inch of this house holds a different memory, and I treasure EVERY single one.

The boys were so little when we moved here…

(Jonathan-11, Luke-9, Adam-7, and Eli-4)

Now they are young men…

(Jonathan-20, Luke-17, Adam-15, and Eli-12)

And this is the place where we first brought home our sweet little girl…

It was her very first forever home with her forever family.  Preparing her bedroom was one of my most precious memories in this home.  I spent so many hours in that room praying for that sweet little girl!  It was the first time she had her very own bedroom, and she loved it so much!  

By the way, this little girl is turning into a young lady, and she blesses our socks off every day!  She was a BIG HELPER this past weekend with the yard sale, and she even made some money at her lemonade stand.  I am so proud of her!

As I look back over the last 8 years in this home, I am filled with gratitude to my Heavenly Father!  I have been blessed more than I deserve.  He has blessed us beyond what we could have ever hope for or imagined.  Not because of the “things” we have in this house, but because of the people and memories in it.   

These are my people, and I ADORE THEM!


We are a crazy crew.  Never a dull moment in the Hutcherson Household!  They make my life so FULL!!!  

So even though closing on our house today was very difficult…my heart is more grateful than sad.  I know the Lord has my family in His hands, and we can trust Him. 

This next phase of our life is going to be a good one!  I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for each of us!

And of course, I will be sharing it all right here with YOU!  

STAY TUNED to learn more about our new home this week!






  1. I can imagine it is hard…I would feel the same way!!! We have lived in this home for almost 28 years and I am a little open to moving someday! Praying that the Lord will give you comfort and peace as you start a new chapter!

  2. “Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God will PERSONALLY go ahead of you. He will be with you and he will NEITHER fail you NOR abandon you.” Deut. 31:8 .
    Isn’t that just the BEST?!! He’s has already gone ahead to your new home and will be there with you all! Isn’t that just like a Good Father? You breathe in and relax knowing the Lord is with you and actually ahead of you in this. Do what you can each day, work diligently, and it will get packed and done. YOU GOT THIS and so does GOD!

  3. Oh, I don’t envy you a move but with it comes an exciting new chapter of life. Can’t wait to see what windows open for you and your family as you close the door one last time to this home that has served you well. Best thing is you can take your memories with you!! Best of luck getting packed up and following God’s light for your life.

  4. Wow, I remember when you purchased that house. You are such a blessing and I can’t wait to see what God has in your future.

  5. Traci I will say that I was so surprised when you said your house was for sale, but knowing y’all, good things are in store. Leaving a home with memories is always hard, at least I used to think so. I learned about 16 years ago that a house is just a structure, but the people in it make it a home. Excited to see the new house and see what y’all have up your sleeves – I’m sure there are lots of projects ahead.

  6. Everything you wrote about in this post… I clearly remember ..following along on your journey …… How precious for all of you that journey has been !!! Not to mention all the decor tips i stole along the way … lolol… ( I mean copied from you !! lolol) :) … Thank you so much for sharing your journey… Always love your “real life” day to day.. posts!!! Excited for the next chapter !!! AND BTW… you are leaving us hanging like that ????!!! :)

  7. Traci, I have no doubt that there are so many exciting days ahead for you and the family. All of the memories made in that house will be in your heart forever! To help you not cry, especially in front of the kids, as you are packing, focus on all of the fun y’all are going to have making the new house the Hutcherson home, where so many new memories will be made. God bless y’all! (I can’t wait for you to reveal where your new home is! I have a guess 😉.)

  8. I remember when you purchased this house. It has been so much fun watching you turn this place into a home. God Bless you and your family on this next adventure.

  9. I don’t know how your did it but I’m glad you have a peace and are looking forward to the next steps in your families adventure. Please share. :) Did I miss it? Are you still in Kentucky? Nashville?

  10. The wheels on the car go round and round and have been for a long time traveling to Nashville. That has been a wild ride for your family and you did just fine. Well, the wheels on the car are preparing to go round and round again delivering your family to their new home and once again you will do just fine. Your the Hutcherson family, loyal members of God’s Squad!!!!!! Enjoy your ride to God’s next destination for your new wild and wonderful life. Peace!!

  11. I can’t believe how long I have been following your blog your children are all beautiful and I’m looking forward to your next home God bless.

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