Our Wilmore House Update!

Hey friends! 

I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday weekend!  We drove down Saturday to our friends, The Gustafsons’, beautiful home for a holiday celebration on the lake (near Gallitin, Tn.)

They hold a Fourth of July celebration every year and hundreds of peeps show up!  There is a food truck, a snow cone stand, bouncy slides, swimming, canoeing, and more!  Jonathan has sang there the past few years, and it is such a good time!


When the sun set, they shot off beautiful fireworks in the night sky.  Not gonna lie, y’all….I get emotional every time I watch the fireworks! I love this holiday and love what it represents.  We live in the BEST country in the world, and I am so grateful to our wonderful military for keeping us safe and protecting our freedoms.  

So many great memories!!!

Okay, now to today’s post…

I wanted to show you what we have done on the front porch, even though we have more to do.  Let’s go back to what the flip house looked like last fall…

The porch was not level, so we decided to build a wood porch over the concrete porch to level things out.


This is what it looks like now!

It looks so much better!  

We are going to build some new columns, power wash and paint the cinder block below, and wrap the house in board and batten.  

Here is the before…


And after…

We will probably add headboard to the porch ceiling, and we “might” create a wooden walkway to the street.  Not sure about that yet, though.  I found a old door that I am going to restore for the front door, but that won’t be done for a while.  

We have done more work to the exterior of the house like adding a skirt board and new facia boards, but I don’t have pictures of that.  Our goal is to get the exterior of the house wrapped in board and batten and “dried in” as soon as possible.

Then we will be working on the interior of the house over the next few months.  We hope to have the flip house finished by December and begin renting it out as an Airbnb by January. 

So if you ever need a place to stay in Wilmore, Kentucky (10 minutes southwest of Lexington,) you can stay here!

I want to come up with a cute name for our house.  Do y’all have any suggestions?

“The Hutch House?”

I would love to hear your ideas!


That’s it for now!  I’m headed out to the garage to continue sorting and packing!  We close on this house on MONDAY!  yikes!!


Love you guys!

xoxo, Traci




  1. Love this, Traci! So much work being done here that really can’t be seen. When you said flip house I assumed you would sell it, but an Airbnb sounds fun :). Some names for thought: Hutcherson’s Heart; It’s so Bakulchis; Hutch Haven; The Five; Pretty Pleased; Hello Hutch…
    As for selling and moving, O M Goodness – do y’ all ever SLOW DOWN? Hope you get everything packed and are good to go by Monday!! I’m praying for ya!

  2. Lookin’ so good! Remodeling takes patience and time, doesn’t it? Our house has been going through renovations for months. We’re putting down hard wood floors – a room at a time. Hubby does it for a living but coming home every weekend to do it is another thing. It is tiring work and I try not to push him on finishing fast. We have one room (our bedroom) left to do. I’m being patient! On the flip house, how about “the bunny hutch?” ha ha! I was trying to come up with something that was a take off from the tv show Starsky and Hutch. LOL

  3. Hmmm.

    The Wilma (short for Wilmore and a play on The Flinstones.)
    The Hut (short for Hutcherson/Hutch)
    The Wilmore Hut
    I’m sure y’all will come up with something cute. XOXO

  4. Not sure my first comment worked…

    The Wilma House (Short for Wilmore and play on Flinstones)
    The Hut ( short for Hutcherson/Hutch)
    The Wilmore Hut…

    I’m sure y’all will come up with something cute. xoxo

  5. This is speculation ONLY!!! but I am having fun guessing. You are moving to Tenn. You had planned to sell the flip house but will now keep and rent as a bnb because when you come back to visit it will give you a place to stay. LOL
    Looking forward to all the details when you can tell us. Big hugs for such a major decision. It’s never easy leaving a home we have cared for with blood sweat and tears. Hope the closing goes well.

  6. Thanks for sharing the flip house!! It’s turning out very nice!! I can’t wait to see it completed outside and inside! You are so sweet for making me feel like I am part of your family!! You and your sister are like my family members also!!! Love you! xoxo

  7. Heart and soul. I like the idea of using the word heart to go along with your online presence. And we all know y’all have poured your heart and soul into it!

  8. Heart and soul. I like the idea of using the word heart to go along with your online presence. And we all know y’all have poured your heart and soul into it! Or the heart of the matter

  9. Would love to stay there sometime if I ever get out of Oregon going your way. Can’t believe all you guys have going on right now. How are the kids doing about moving? Do they have to change schools? Will you be further from Cyndi and her family? Best to you all.

  10. Hutcherson’s Star
    that came to mind when one of the above comments mentioned Starsky and Hutch!

  11. Hey Traci,
    Fabulous job as usual! I grew up in Bowling Green, live in Alabama and have been renovating a beach house in PCB FOREVER!! That being said, I’ve affectionately dubbed the beach house “Bluegrass Bungalow”. What about the same for your flip?
    You can take the girl out of Kentucky but never, ever will you take the Kentucky out of the girl!!
    Jeanne Taylor

  12. Yes, please let me know when it goes On Air B&B. We have a daughter at Asbury and would LOVE to stay there!!!!

  13. First of all, Gallitin looks like a blast! We might need to camp there in the future!
    Woohoo! Progress in the making on your fliphouse.. “The Joy-filled Cottage”. or “Heart Haven”♥️
    Thrilled for your next adventure..I know you all will knock it out of the Park!

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