How to Get Back on Track and STOP Stress Eating!

Hey friends!

I hope you are having a GREAT week so far!

I have been extremely busy attending school orientation meetings, finding birth certificates in mounds of boxes in our garage, and making trips to the health department for immunization records.   And that’s just the school stuff!  haha!

I’ve also been super busy over at our new home.  We are still renovating the den/kitchen area and prepping for subfloor for new flooring!  I cannot wait to get new flooring in that space!

This summer has been a doozy, y’all!  To say that I have been a little “stressed” would be an understatement.  And I don’t know about you, but I am a stress eater.  :( 

Between selling our house, working on the flip house, moving to Tennessee, and renovating our new home, I have been eating everything in sight (and so has Cy!). I tend to always gain weight in the summer anyway because I love the ice cream and traveling and eating out.  With this move, “eating out” has become the norm. 

Why am I telling you this?  Well, because I am going to get back on track starting next Monday with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss.  If you have followed me anytime at all, you know how much I love this program.  It changed my life two years ago and helped me break the cycle of unhealthy eating. 

And even though I haven’t been eating healthy lately, I still don’t eat as bad as I did two years ago!  I learned so much through the FW2FL, and it’s time for me to get back on the train and start taking better care of my health again. 

I shared these stories on Instagram a couple of nights ago…



The FW2FL has made even more improvements to their program since I joined two years ago, and they are one of the fastest growing programs on the market.  

They now have LIVE daily workouts that you can follow right on your computer, or watch anytime during the day.  They also have a new and improved daily meal plan for you to follow!  I am SO excited about that!

The reason I am sharing this post today is because I just found out that they are hosting an LIVE information meeting about the FW2FL tomorrow!  I don’t think they have ever done this before, and I think it will answer a lot of your questions!

When I posted on Instagram stories the other night, I had a lot of you ask me questions about the program.  Some of the answers I knew, and some I did not.  So I was excited to find out about this informational meeting tomorrow!

I’m actually going to attend the live event because I want to learn about all of the new stuff they are doing this round!

If YOU are interested in learning more about the FASTer Way before registering for the August 5 round, join this LIVE information event TOMORROW. At the info event you will participate in a live workout, learn how an online program actually works, see delicious recipes, hear the answers to your FAQs, view success stories from real clients just like you, and MORE. 


The next 6 week round of the FW2FL starts on Monday, August 5th!  

That week is a “prep week” to help you learn about the program before you officially start on the following Monday.  I have already registered for that round, so let me know if you decide to do it too. 

If you already know you want to join this coming round, you can join by clicking the button below:





  1. Thank you for sharing about FW2FL! I registered for the live session but can’t seem to see what time it starts … do you know?

  2. I missed the live event 😕. Did you mention if you sign up for continuous monthly membership or can we just do the 6 week start up? I’m interested in trying it but I’m not ready to commit to $100/mo.

  3. Traci,

    I enjoy your blog and have followed you and your sister for several years now.
    I am considering FW2FL after the first of the year. Are you a coach? Can you recommend one? I am 50+ and work full time, I prefer a more “seasoned” coach, not a 23 year old! Lol
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Hi Donna! So glad you are consider the FASTer way! I am not a coach, but have participating almost 3 years.
      Earlier this year, my coaches were Jennifer and Lacey, but I believe they are young. I don’t know their exact ages, but they were very supportive. I am not sure of a “seasoned” coach, but I am sure you could just email and ask them? I am 49, so I totally understand. I try to do all of the workouts, but sometimes I have to modify them for my knees or back. They have low impact versions as well. I hope that helps a little! xoxo

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