Notes from Home – Episode 4 {Demo for Days!}

Happy Friday, friends!

I am sorry I’m getting this post out so late today.  My blog server has been down today, and I have just now (7:00 pm) been able to get on here and write this post. 

Last week, episode three of Notes from Home ended with Cy knocking down the last stud in the wall and the ceiling possibly dipping.  If you missed last week’s episode, click on the image below.

I’ve been DYING to share Episode 4 of Notes from Home with you! 

Most of the footage you see in this episode is from the very first week that we bought our home.  We were exhausted, overwhelmed, and sweaty from the heat!  When we were trying to figure out what to do about the ceiling, Luke caught a good glimpse of what Cy and I are really like when working together.  Nothing was scripted in that part of the video.  haha!

Cy is trying to think of how to make it work logistically, and I’m just worried about design and how it will look visually.  :)

I snapped some pictures on my phone that first week that I wanted to share with you in this post

As you can see below, we added an exposed beam to help support the ceiling.



We busted up a ton of brick steps…


We pushed the right side of the sunken den back to make it larger…



Originally, in the sunken den, the entry way steps and the hallway steps were right next to each other, and it was very awkward.

So we decided to build a platform to cover up the original steps and build new ones that were centered on the fireplace in the sunken den. 



Here is a picture of the steps that I just took a few minutes ago tonight…

Sania and our cat, Journey, enjoyed sitting on our new steps!

We also tore out the soffit in the kitchen, which made a huge mess!


In the picture below, you can see where there used to be doors that went outside to the right of the fireplace.  The owner actually boarded that door up on the other side, and you can see more of that in this week’s episode.

Cy removed that boarded up door, and you can see below how it opened up into the room that will now be Jonathan’s studio.  We are going to close up that wall with some soundproof insulation so we hopefully won’t be able to hear him recording in his studio all the time. haha!


We also put new drywall up throughout the whole space.  I have plans for a wall treatment that I will share with you soon!


We got rid of the window to the right of the fireplace.  I really hated to loose that natural light, but I didn’t like how close the window was to the fireplace and how it made each side of the fireplace look unbalanced.  I’m a symmetry gal!

Plus, we are going to be adding some huge exterior glass doors to the right of the sunken den that will be adding a ton of light to the space, so I think it will be okay. 

Now it’s time to watch Episode 4!  I hope you enjoy it! 

We have gotten such a great response from this digital series, and we are SO THANKFUL for your support!  We are going to invest in some equipment to help us make better quality videos, (which Luke is really excited about,) because we are having a blast creating these for you!  


Thanks again for all of your support!!

Love you guys!




  1. I Love watching these videos! You all are doing a Great job with the renovations! Cy, PLEASE wear your Safety Glasses!

  2. Hi Traci

    These videos rock!!! Cy is my favorite character. He’s hilarious!! I never saw anyone attach a wall or window, etc,as he goes!! Thank goodness he keeps wearing those glasses!! Looking forward already to next Friday when you announce to cy your idea!!😂 my husband And I are always doing projects around the house. It’s our hobby together. He just loves when I say “you know what I was thinking?”
    He never knows what for ide he’s going to have to work on. LOLOL
    You guys are amazing!! God bless you all and keep you safe!!

  3. Cy is so knowledgeable!!! What a job he has done! Such vision and talent. Anytime you build or reno you just have to be prepared for the unexpected. Love following this with you. Hang in there Girl!

  4. I am enjoying watching and can’t believe how gifted you all are. We will add your uncle to our prayers. Next Friday seems like a long way off!

  5. I enjoy watching and love how gifted you all are. We will add your uncle to our prayers. God bless to you all!
    Next Friday seems like a long time to wait for the next post!

  6. It’s really looking great! My heart goes out to you all because I’ve lived thru that as a child and again as an adult. When I was a little girl my parents bought my grandparents farm. They took a five room house and expanded it into a two story 4 bedroom 3 bath house that in no way resembled the little farm house my granny and papa lived in. I remember when the roof was off and it rained and my momma cried. It was hard on all of us. And we all worked and helped – that was a good thing because I learned a lot even as a child. As an adult looking back I don’t know how my parents did it because they were both employed full time elsewhere while doing this. I have tremendous respect for the sacrifices my parents made to give us that beautiful home in the country. Your children are learning a lot during this with your family too I’m certain. Remember to take time away occasionally so you all don’t become overwhelmed.
    I love watching this adventure with you and you family! So excited to see all the progress!

  7. I love watching your videos. You guys are just amazing. I wish you the very best. Can’t wait until the next video.

  8. Love Notes from Home Traci !!! My husband and I have renovated many houses and have lived in them while doing so! Yes it is very stressful but oh worth the wait!! Have an awesome time doing it with your family and you will have so many stories to tell when finished.

    Happy Renovating

  9. My iPad finally allowed me to look at all of the pictures. You know, up until you shared that Cy spent 20+ years in the banking business, I had always thought that he was a contractor due to his many building, remodeling, and creative talents. Y’all are going to have so many stories to share about going thru a major remodel and sort of living in the space at the same time. Just think, the new floors are being installed tomorrow! Time to do a happy dance! Cyndi shared that y’all will be in KY for the Labor Day weekend. I know y’all will enjoy the family time. Hang in there! God bless!

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