Did You Know I Have a Storefront?

Hey sweet friends!

I love you guys, so much!!

THANK YOU for all of the virtual hugs and high fives for our new digital series, Notes from Home.  (Filmed and produced by the Hutcherson Crew.)



You guys are going to make this renovation SO MUCH more fun because we get to share it with you!!  So thank you for tagging along!  xoxo

In case you missed the video tour of our Tennessee home in our first episode, CLICK HERE to view. 

Luke and I will be working on editing the next episode this week, so be sure to be on the look out for it on Friday!



Today, I wanted to let you know about my little online storefront at Amazon!

I created this a few months ago, but hadn’t shared it with you yet.

It’s a work in progress,  but I’ve been adding products to my storefront, and will continue to do so.  (I can’t wait to add products for the holidays!!!)

Right now, I have my favorite products in these categories:




I will be adding  FASHION AND HOME DECOR CATEGORIES soon, so be sure to hit the “follow” button on Amazon so you can see when I add items to my store!


The kids start school on Friday, so I will be doing a little “back to school” shopping myself this week!  

When does school start in your area?





  1. I don’t think you ever stop girl 😍
    Looking forward to seeing the new storefront! Does this mean we will be able to purchase?

  2. My daughter is a teacher, we’ve been helping her get her room in order for the past week, the kids come tomorrow. It’s been fun but exhausting, the classroom she got was left full with the previous teachers stuff she didn’t want. When you move you don’t leave all the crap you don’t want I don’t understand why teachers think the next teacher wants to go through your crap. But, her room is clean now, looks cute and welcoming, even got to do a little woodworking and built her a new easel for her kids.

  3. Oh wow!!! Your kids start early. Schools in NW Oregon don’t start until the day after Labor Day always. Prayers for your kiddo’s for first day with new school and making new friends. I don’t know if I really understand your storefront and what to click on. “Follow?”

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