Notes from Home – Episode 5 {A Sledge Hammer and Marshmallows}

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Episode FIVE of Notes from Home!   Woohoo!

In this week’s episode, we are going to make a very important change to the sunken den!  One that we had to get finished before the flooring was laid.  

Speaking of flooring…remember how I showed you the flooring samples I ordered in Episode 2?

I ordered several samples of flooring online from Twenty & Oak.

The two winners in this bunch were BISCUT and NOLA.

I knew I loved both of these, but to help me decide, I went to the local installer I found on Twenty & Oak’s website, City Tile, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 

They have larger board samples of the flooring that I was interested in, and I was looking forward to seeing them.  You will see in today’s episode how we visited City Tile and was able to take the sample boards home. 

NOLA is in Palmetto Road’s “Tuscany” collection, and BISCUIT is in Palmetto Road’s “Chalmers” collection.

Taking those larger sample boards home was a HUGE help!  I was able to look at the samples in different rooms of the house at different times of day, and I was surprised at how different the flooring actually looked in those different circumstances!

Today’s flooring, especially hardwood, offers so much color variation and texture!  What may look one way online, can look different in the retail showroom. What it looks like in the retail showroom under their lights, may look different in your home’s lighting.  I highly suggest that you view your samples in all the rooms where they will be installed in both the day and the night.  

I actually thought I was going to go with NOLA, but after having the sample boards in my home, I actually decided on BISCUIT!

I called Amanda, from City Tile and told her my decision.   She and her crew came out to measure our home to see how much flooring to order.   I was so excited!!! (and a little bit nervous!  This was a HUGE decision!)


If you would like to order some FREE samples from Twenty & Oak  for yourself, you can still do so!   You can still get SIX FREE FLOORING SAMPLES with the code HEART at checkout!  Click HERE or on the picture below to choose your samples!


As the flooring was being ordered, we still had some more work to do at the house before it could be installed.  We needed to paint all of the walls and continue to fix the corner in the sunken den.

However, a couple of days before the scheduled installation, a big rain storm came through and well……

You’ll have to watch this week’s episode to see what happened!

This week’s episode is a little longer, but probably my favorite so far.  You definitely get a true picture of our crazy family during the campfire scene!  haha!  (And I will say this EVERY TIME…I am so proud of my son, Luke, for working so hard on these videos!)

I hope you enjoy today’s episode, and be sure to share with your friends and family if you do!  Thanks!  xoxo



If you live in central Tennessee, I highly recommend City Tile for your flooring needs!

City Tile and Floor Covering offers the largest selection of flooring options in Rutherford County with a comprehensive selection of brands and products for customers. We specialize in carpet, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, laminates, hard wood, rugs, standard vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles and more!

223 S. Spring Street,

Murfreesboro TN


Fax: 615-893-0632
M-F 8a-5p, Sat 9a-1p

Extended hours
by appointment


*This blog post was sponsored by Twenty & Oak.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine.



    1. It’s going to be Fabulous!!! You have a beautiful family. A shout out to Luke for all his hard work blending and editing and especially capturing all of the love in that campfire video. I especially got a kick out of Eli’s rendition of the beamy weany song. He is hilarious! Can’t wait for episode six! Xoxo Deb

  1. Cy awesome job 👏 Loved everything about this video. Got lost watching and thinking I was watching the newest show on HGTV but better 👍 keep it coming!

  2. I want to hang out with you and your family!!! You are all so stinking cute, and know how to have fun!

  3. This is one of the best so far Traci!!!!! Luke is doing an amazing job!!! Loved seeing your family around the fire and laughed so loud when I saw Cys “get up”…….our crazy family is just like yours, halarious. Thank you for adding that into the video.

    I’m happy you get to move furniture and clothing in.

  4. Another great episode! I can’t believe that Cy moved the little section of wall. What a great way for him to show his love for you! The time around the fire was awesome! I hope y’all have a fabulous time at your sisters this weekend. Stay safe!

  5. What????? You can’t leave us hanging like that. :) LOL Love the marshmallow roast, family time part of the video. Fun memories you are making. I can’t wait to see how your floor turned out. Is it “real” hardwood or other? Have fun at Cyndi’s. I know she’s getting ready for you and so excited…..I read her blog also. :)

  6. Love it all – the decisions, the process, the humor, the camaraderie, flooring choice, the fun and laughter…and the music!!! Your family is all working together on this! So fun to be included in all that you are doing! Have a wonderfully blessed weekend with all your family and Cyndi’s family!

  7. You have such a nice husband who does what you want because he knows it will please you. I could tell something went wrong at the end; I heard water. Oh no!
    Loved your son’s song and singing! Very talented!!
    By the way, I understand wanting symmetry. It does look better.

  8. Love this episodes! It is so fun to watch your family having fun together. My favorites are your daughter yelling “Dad that is inappropriate!” & the beanie weenie song!

  9. Loving this series! Do you need building permits for all of your projects? Where I live, a permit is required for everything 🙄

  10. Love that you’re sharing with us! Doing a fantastic job with the house, the videos, the kiddos, all of it! Love, love, love Jonathan’s song at the end of this episode ❤️

  11. Just found you. How do you make the installing of the doors look so easy?!?! We finished our renovation last December. The cabinets were the worst. And we are still having issues with how the doors were installed. Watching your husband install your doors I don’t understand why my contractors workers had such a problem. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  12. Love it. Going to be beautiful. Most of all I Love seeing the beauty from your hearts as a family working together and spending good old time together without cell phones etc. what a testimony. ❤️👏🏻🌹

  13. Traci!
    I’m watching this episode while my husband is laying on the floor, me thinking he’s snoozing, then all of a sudden he says, you can’t move that wall! Bahaha I didn’t even know he was listening. He so enjoyed, as I did, watching. and now, he too, can’t wait for the next episode. Your family is so much like our family. I knee smacked cracking up laughing with Cy had his shorts pulled up during the fire. My husband does the exact same thing, being goofy. We have flipped 10 homes so we so relate to what you all are doing. I am a finisher and also would come up with crazy ideas like knocking walls out. Even though it was kinda the impossible. I would see what I would want it to look like and it didn’t matter about structure. My husband would just be like ok sure. Haha To have your whole family involved is such a blessing. Treasure every minute. Cannot wait to see the next one. Btw, would love our paths to cross some day. It would be a pleasure meeting your family. Blessings to you and your family!

  14. Traci
    Oh my word. These episodes are better than renting Netflix!!
    I’m enjoying every minute of these with your family.
    Hilarious and so touching at the same time!!
    Can’t wait till Friday episode6!!

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